Turkey and the EU – Some worrying allegations

Kurd demo 1With the current Migrant crisis in full flow and many using Turkey as a transit point, the EU have sent cash to the Turkish Government and are looking to fast track the country to full EU membership status. Indeed, Prime Minister David Cameron is on record as stating that he wants Turkey admitted to the EU at the earliest opportunity.

Allegations have surfaced recently that the Turkish Government under Erdogan are trading with ISIS for oil and are using the ongoing action in Syria as an excuse to persecute the Kurds under cover of supposedly attacking the terrorist organisation.

Last Saturday, British Kurds took to the streets outside The Houses of Parliament to highlight the attacks they say are being carried out on their families in Kurdistan by the Turkish Government. I went along to listen to them and hear what they had to say about the situation – below is a transcript of one of the leaflets they handed to me…..


Kurd demo 2

After the election loss of the AKP government in the 7 June 2015, President Erdogan’s coup began to be implemented. The agents of war were ordered to do their dirty work in order to preserve the power of the AKP Government and the sultanate of Erdogan. Alongside the general air of suppression in the country, martial law and curfews are being declared in Kurdistan. This is still ongoing.
Attacks have intensified against everyone who has expressed a desire for the peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. Under instructions from Erdogan, state security forces have launched lethal attacks against the people.
The curfews in Kurdish districts Sur, Cizre and Silopi, where tens of thousands of members of the state security forces have laid siege on the people, have been ongoing for especially the past 45 days.
Heavy weaponry, tanks and artillery are being used to attack residential areas in Kurdistan.
Snipers are targeting people in their homes. The lives of everyone living in these towns are under threat.
1 million 300 thousand people were affected from the curfew which was declared 59 times in 7 different Kurdish cities connected to 17 districts.
Even worse than all of this, state security forces have openly targeted and killed civilians. In the last 7 months, more than 400 civilians, including children, have lost their lives as a result of bombings and shootings by the state security services.
In the last 4 months, state security forces have killed 266 civilians in the country, most of them in Kurdistan. 62 of these were children and 37 were women.
Politicians, human rights activists, journalists, students and mayors have been imprisoned. In the last few months, 30 mayors have been imprisoned in Kurdistan.
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Hundreds of thousands of people are being threatened with death and are being made to forcibly flee their homes.
Alongside the regions in which martial law and curfews are being officially declared, the rest of Kurdistan is practically run under martial law. This shows that the massacring will continue.
There is a need for international solidarity in order to stop Erdogan and the AKP government from committing crimes against civilians that are deemed illegal even in wartime.
It is an integral responsibility of the EU to call for a stop to Turkey’s massacre in Kurdistan.
In a blatant act of vengeance the Turkish state is attacking the Kurds who are in the front line against the barbaric ISIS, so why are members of the anti-ISIS coalition and EU remaining silent?
Democratic Unity of Community Associations.

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With the ongoing situation in Syria and the above allegations about the current Turkish regime (Backed up by photographs I was shown too horrendous to be put on this site) then I would expect the EU to look very seriously at admitting Turkey with its current government in place.

There appears to be a large body of evidence that Human Rights atrocities are being carried out against a people who have so far been the most effective ground fighting force against the evil of the Islamic State extremists.

The silence of both the EU and also the ‘left’ of British Politics about this situation needs to change and questions need to be asked. After all, the ‘left’ have been very vocal about so called human rights atrocities carried out by the State of Israel, begging the question of where are they when women and children are being killed in other parts of the world?

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