The Ryder Cup opening ceremony

Today marked the first day of the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament, where the cream of the USA takes on the top European players.

The opening ceremony was apparently a quite emotional affair, as commented on by my English Democrat colleague Fred Bishop. His evaluation follows…..

Ryder Cup

It was great to see the people of Wales use the Ryder cup to celebrate and promote their nation to an audience of 600 million. My only sadness was the realisation that England is denied the same opportunity. It was so hurtful to have to endure the sight of a small country of less than 4 million represented and promoted by their own first minister whilst England alone is without representation.

It must be very rewarding to be able to celebrate national pride and lustily sing your own national anthem. There is only one country that cannot because there is no anthem and national pride is crushed as it may offend those that do have that privilege.

One day we may hear the strains of Jerusalem ringing out at English events, but I fear that it will only be after we have followed the example of Wales and Scotland by putting our own nationals in charge of our own country.

I didn’t hear either God Save the Queen or Britain mentioned once. Only England is in Britain and then it is mostly our ruling classes who seem to think that there is something in it for them.

A blaze of Welshness that only highlighted the position of England’s 50 million second class citizens.

It only helped highlight the fact that Britain ends at England’s borders.

Every instance like this only serves to embitter we English and that is the one positive thing that we English can draw from exhibitions like this.

The Welsh first minister’s first words were in his native welsh tongue to inspire his fellow Welshmen our English MP’s can’t even bring themselves to mention the name of their country. It is ‘Britain’, ‘our country’ or ‘the regions’.

One has to ask why we bother with Britain when you consider that England is the only member. Why not scrap Britain rather than scrap England?

England is represented by British politicians who consider themselves ‘Anything But English’.

Strong words from Fred, but you have to ask yourself – If it is ‘patriotic’ to be Welsh, Scottish or an Ulsterman, then why do our ruling elite regard expressing your Englishness such a sin? Maybe Mr Cameron could answer, but he ‘has a lot of Scottish Blood running in these veins’.

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