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A hard hitting guest post from John Planter……


This will be a land fit for returning heroes….

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How hollow that must sound to those who were young people coming out of the services at the end of a war in the late 1940’s.
These people in their 80’s and 90’s who look around today and see the degeneration of the political class, the complete absence of any integrity and the abandoning of any pretence that ordinary people have any relevance in what passes for Parliamentary business since at least 1997.

Despite Blair shoe horning sycophants into the Lords for the purpose of less opposition the actions of the current New Labour Government of Cameron are too much even for them to stomach.
The Lords have sent back to the commons various flawed and invalid legislation many times only to see New Labour (team Blair or team Cameron) use “Parliamentary privilege” for monetary bills.

All bills going through both houses are monetary bills, for they cannot be anything else.

Because of my year of birth I was privileged to know a few of these people who served in different branches of the services in that last great European war. And when they spoke of those times I and those of my age listened and asked questions.
Very few who saw frontline service spoke very much about their times and usually it was with others who had also served.
From any historical conflict right up to the present day the same ‘aura’ can be seen when veterans speak, only someone who has been there and done it truly understands. For the rest of us it is a case of “there but for the grace of God go I”.

I knew an ex RN gunner who served on destroyers, and had two ships shot out from under him AND survived the terrible artic convoys to Russia. He volunteered for the fleet air arm and found himself instead behind a naval gun.

I met more than a few including family relatives who carried an Enfield rifle from the Normandy beaches to Germany. They saw front line sanctioned murder, execution of prisoners and friendly fire from the skies.

I have a friend whose father was an RAF pilot, he flew British and American aircraft and lost around half the lads who were assigned to him. Those like him had to return home under fire with damaged aircraft and what was left of crew  who had been in the way of 20mm cannon fire.

It was to these people HM Government turned to rebuild a country. Along with visionaries like William Beveridge

They built and exported, they created the NHS and social security, they created an education system better than what had gone before. They did many things and those few who are in their late 80’s and 90’s see shallow New Labour political pygmies  present a “budget” like the one of 16th March 2016.

The people who were bombed and lived in manufactured for the emergency housing purpose pre-fabs built council homes when they could, for families and community. Now they are witnessing this.

This “budget” has followed previous New Labour patterns since 2010. Take from those who can’t afford it and give to those who don’t need it.

The country that was rebuilt in the late 1940’s that had so much promise has been hijacked by thieves and opportunist profiteers. They have turned a land being constructed fit for heroes and their families into an all you can eat free for all buffet given to corporate interests from state budgets.

It was team Cameron New Labour that closed Remploy, something created to give employment to disabled ex service people. Like our current ex servicemen the descendants of former servicemen are considered collateral damage and disposable to corporate interests.$category%20p$9

What they are stealing from vulnerable people in the region of £55 is what the DWP Minister was once exposed as claiming from the taxpayer on expenses…for breakfast.

Just how terminally ill does someone have to be?$category%20p$2

Some within team Cameron New Labour have discovered they may have a little bit of old fashioned morals$category%20p$1

Meanwhile the democide for corporate paid for results continues.

It has been reported that since New Labour introduced (forced through the Lords) welfare and NHS reform there has been around 35 suicides and deaths a week directly caused by corporate decisions and actions. This started around 2007.

The results of the other Jewel in the New Labour crown NHS reform are just as apparent, flawed, dangerous, and need like welfare reform to be scrapped.

Those who rebuilt this country in the 1940’s who see what has been done and sold, then sold again ask

“why did we bother”?

They refer to the war cemeteries and ask

“what for?”

They who knew what a great country this was planned to be have been known to be reduced to tears at the actions of the current permanent political class.

It is long overdue to put this New Labour corporate friendly experiment from 1997 to today where it belongs, in the museum of insane laboratory experiments.

For there should never be another one like it

Some of the thoughts of those who fought to free Europe in the 1940’s witnessing the behaviour of Europhiles in Parliament are not really for general publication but, really should be burned into the souls of every single overpaid MP claiming to be representative of constituents.

John Planter

March 2016 EU Parliament

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