Charville Ward by-election result – 27/11/2014


Labour – John Oswell – 950

Conservative – Mary O’Connor – 929

UKIP – Cliff Dixon – 464

TUSC – Wally Kennedy – 40

LibDem – Paul McKeown – 37

A solid result that confirms UKIP as the third party in Hillingdon. Conservative and Labour flooded the area with activists and councillors, whilst we relied on a small team of volunteers and still took almost 20% of the vote.

It is noticeable that after the count, defeated Tory candidate Mary O’Connor told The Gazette, “It was close enough but no comeback, and that’s life, but I suppose the one thing was that the UKIP vote fell away,”

On the turnout, our vote only declined by a few percentage points in the face of a massive campaign – A sure sign that the local Conservative party are seriously concerned about the rise of UKIP and that they see us as a real challenge to the old establishment two party state in the area