UKIP the only Defender of Social Tenants

The following is a guest post from UKIP London Chairman David Coburn

Frank Field, Labour MP and Cameron’s housing advisor, has said that nearly half of new social housing tenants in some parts of the Capital were born abroad.

Migration Watch, the respected campaign group, showed that foreign nationals account for 45% of new social housing tenancies in Ealing and 43% in Haringey last year.

Frank Field has challenged Grant Shapps the Housing Minister on ONS figures showing that 20% of all social housing in London is taken by foreign nationals, nearly double the government’s figures for new lets.

This situation cannot continue

UKIP believes Londoners should receive housing priority not foreign nationals who have not contributed to the public purse to the same extent, if at all.

Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem open door EU immigration policies have created severe housing problems by pushing up prices and rents for ordinary Londoners.

Londoners are sick of Labour’s unfair, crackpot, unworkable, politically correct, allegedly egalitarian housing priorities, when what they want are affordable homes and fair lists.

The Conservatives care little for the working man and woman in social housing. They are much more interested in pleasing their property developer supporters by reducing the number of social houses developers are obliged to provide in order to obtain planning permission. A Conservative think tank close to Cameron has recently been discussing policies which almost amount to social cleansing and incidentally give the Conservatives more secure seats.

UKIP will give social housing a priority to Londoners not foreign nationals. Problem families who disrupt their neighbours should lose their tenancies.

UKIP will encourage social tenants who can afford to buy their homes to do so on the condition that ALL monies received should be used to build affordable social housing and not for any other purpose.

This will encourage social housing tenants to enter the property market and will free up funds to build even more social housing on brown field sites. This will create a virtuous circle and provide much needed jobs and boost the economy.

UKIP want practical and fair housing policies for the hard working social tenant. We want more social housing and we want to encourage social tenants to own their own homes providing more money for social housing expansion.

UKIP is the only defender of the social tenant.

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