Snooper Stop on line security

snooper-stop-logoWe have never had as much access to information on line as we have now – but the downside is that companies have never had so much access to our personal data!


Do you feel followed by ads?
They are just the tip of an iceberg…
Trackers and ad-networks follow your browsing habits on all your devices and across all websites you visit. The resulting personality profile reveals very private and even intimate information about you, which is often used to your disadvantage.
Snooperstop prevents this data collection effectively and with Plug & Play simplicity.
You are in control of your data again, and are fully protected from getting tracked and being profiled.

Enter Snooper Stop – a German manufactured plug in device that protects your privacy on line, stops pop up ads and makes you invisible to those looking to mine your private information.

Snooper Stop is the world’s first ‘plug & play’ privacy solution for all your
Web-connected devices.


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