Shark Proof screen protection


Traditional screen protection for mobile devices and tablets can be fiddly to fit and is specific to one device only.

For retailers, this also gives you issues providing protection for the latest devices and being left with excess stock when a product goes end of life.

With the new Nanotechnology screen protection from Sharkproof, you can have invisible protection that fits any device you purchase up to 10.1″ in size!


Shark Proof has a number of advantages over traditional glass or plastic screen protectors –


* One size fits all screens up to 10.1″ so no need to stock multiple products to cover different devices, Unusual device – no problem!


* Unlike traditional screen protectors, Shark Proof is anti-microbial so protects your phone against germs too!


* Shark proof is Oleophobic, which means it resists smudges and smears


* very simple to apply – no more difficulty lining up your protection, especially on curved screens like Samsung Edge devices.


* Because of the liquid nanotech, there are no bubbles under the protector to eradicate.


* Invisible protection – when applied, you can’t see any difference to your device


* Reduces glare in bright sunlight


* Splash resistant


* Reduces EMF Radiation