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English Patriot will be featuring posts from guest writers in the New Year offering a different perspective on world and domestic events. Here is the first of our guest writers, John Planter, with his take on the current state of UK Politics…………………


Inspired by an excellent original article by American Judge Anna von Reitz observing events in America.

Acknowledgement to where some of her words have been shamelessly borrowed 

Parliament from the Thames

You can see why Parliament acts as it does. From their perspective they are a permanent ruling class London club with members that change now and again.

It is the rest of the country, us, you and me, the serfs who are responsible – we are the cause and the solution to the Parliament problem. It is us, we have forgotten who we are and what our powers are and what powers we delegated to Parliament and how we can also take back any power delegated to them. This also applies to the councils, and the Monarch – the Monarch represents people who represent Monarch.


Parliament are in effect just offering us ‘government services that we already own’ yet many of these services have been tendered out to foreign interests for profit. Parliament have been redefining what those services are that we own without any consent at all and how much they are going to charge for them and how they are going to ‘represent’ those whom own these national ‘services’,the people of this country.

Just imagine that servants have taken over a grand estate, pretended that the lawful heirs are ‘missing’ and wreaked all sorts of destruction, run the Master’s credit cards up to the hilt, failed to do basic maintenance, charged a hundred times more than reasonable for basic services and worst of all, enslaved and made the actual heirs miserable.

That is the situation we have here. The government of Britain past and present is responsible, has acted in Breach of Trust, and deserves to go down in flames for it. They might have pleaded ‘wartime necessity’ during WWII, but at no time since then has there been any rational excuse for any of this abuse of the rest of us and the violation of our contracts.  

This has all only been possible because the British People trusted the British Monarch to perform the duty as their Monarch and defend the Crown, Constitution and country. It is now clear that that trust was tragically misplaced or misappropriated and that the British Monarch has instead being held captive by various legislation while Parliament has attacked and victimized the institutions of this country and the English people. 

EDP pictures 028The blame for the current situation lies squarely on the shoulders of Parliament past and present. The Monarch as head of state should have been able to act to stop various devices introduced by Parliament to weaken this country. The lie of the Common Market, Maastricht, Lisbon, the ‘reform agenda’ which turned out to be a dismantling of state safety nets and corporate free for all. The Monarch may well be asked why all these Constitutional acts of vandalism had the hand of the Monarch sign them. It is highly likely the Monarch had been as betrayed and compromised as much as the rest of us.

How can one country have two Governments?

As the current United Kingdom is under question because of separate Government in Scotland and regional assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland, a question has arisen. A question Parliament cannot hide from. Due to devolution is England now a separate nation with respect to the repeal of Act of Union 1707?

As Scotland now has home rule rather than under one Parliament and one Monarch the Act of Union 1707 is now under question as to its existing legitimacy.  The 1997 election campaigns as recalled had no mention of breaking up Britain into nations and regions before voting day, did they? But this is what happened. 

For all parts of England then the path since 1997 could be summed up as blatant fraud. For Wales and Northern Ireland a halfway house, for Scotland a Government remotely occupied by London.

Parliament have enslaved us, their own people, on the altar of Brussels. We are an occupied state where the claimant of the title Queens First Minister is nothing more than a Provincial Governor allowed certain levels of movement but no more.  This can be seen by the regular embarrassment of the current Provincial Governor continuing to make empty promises to the people of this country but is only able to make good upon them under the sufferance of foreign powers. Parliament has handed Sovereignty over to the EU in stages. Who gave them permission to do that?

The people of this country have been the victims of various acts of outrage for many years. Today there is much subdued anger among the general population. The subject can vary from the fantasy that austerity is needed, to the national disgrace of an explosion of foodbanks, or the latest act of national shame – a vote to engage military personnel to attack another nation, Syria. The excuse offered to justify attacking Syria? Regime change.

Regime change along with removal of dictators is badly needed, the Joint Chiefs of Staff should take a peek at what is currently calling itself a Parliament. Why do we have national austerity and flooding in the North of England with accusation of no planning for this expected flooding while Parliament ring fence a foreign aid budget which includes flood defences for other nations?

Why are staff from the NHS having to raise funds by releasing songs for the Christmas charts?

Why are those who are ill, unemployed or disabled still treated as deviants who have to be tested to the point of great harm or worse just in case they may be a ‘scrounger’?

Why while all this is going on and ordinary everyday people become more squeezed did Parliament accept a 10% pay rise?

EU ParliamentWe know in our hearts that the current permanent political class are not the answer, they are the problem. We know that Parliament past and present is not representative of the people of this country. We know that many of the current problems of the Mid East were born in London and Washington and that the current Parliament (with some Labour exceptions) wants to add to the mess with more violence in Syria.

We have everything to reject in this country in respect of Parliament and everything to gain from replacing it with something that works for us, the people of this country, foremost. Did we have a problem with people who happened to be Muslim before 2003? Not really. Did Parliament after ignoring the will of the people go and alienate parts of the world that happened to be majority Muslim? Yes they did. Due to the actions of Parliament do people across the Muslim world have every right to feel aggrieved with this country?  It was all done, and still is, in ‘our name’.

We know the Iraq war has a big question mark over it as to how ‘legal’ it was and have witnessed Parliament make two attempts to make the Mid East worse by attacking Syria. To their credit the Labour party stopped this stupidity at the first attempt, the Labour party and membership tried to stop it at the second attempt but the Blairites were in the mood for blood and voted with the Tories.

Where was your voice?

Permanent political class, serving a foreign power, is this what you want for your future?

So what of the future?

Is it the broken husk of what used to be a Conservative party, infiltrated at the top by those who seek to emulate Blair although they are but a shadow of Blair’s ability to cause problems and then avoid the fall out. A Provincial Governor exposed as not having advanced beyond a second rate backroom ‘fixer’ and accused of illegal immoral acts with dead Sus scrofa domesticus?

Another well known ‘fixer’, Jimmy Saville, is accused of the same kind of interests; he like Brittan and Janner conveniently passed on before they could face their accusers. The current Provincial Governor leading the Conservatives has been accused of covering up others accused of illegal immoral interests after an appearance on daytime television with Philip Schofield.

Is it the Labour party which has seen a massive influx of membership under Jeremy Corbyn? Corbyn and his team must have been doing something right to achieve what they did with the recent leadership election. Or it could be something to do with moving away from a one party state by stating he opposed austerity,the destruction of social security and the NHS and called for no more wars?

The Liberals?

They will take some time to recover from allowing themselves to be blamed by the current Provincial Governor for most of the ills of the Coalition Government. If they are forgiven by the people of this country for what they allowed to happen while in coalition is another matter.


UKIP were riding quite a wave before the election so what stopped them turning popularity into results? Was it an unhelpful media, was it dirty tricks, an outdated electoral system or was it something UKIP have yet failed to acknowledge (At least publicly)?

UKIP was in possession (so this writer understands) of some serious well thought out policies of state. From the protection of military service and ex-service people, defence, industry and trade and following the advice of the BMA and removing most of the negative corporate friendly elements of welfare and NHS reform.

UKIP failed miserably to promote these policies if they exist and this must fall at the feet of those running the election campaign at the time – those who it is whispered were all ex Conservatives!

If current politics were a patient being examined by a surgeon for blood poisoning the symptoms would all lead back to one source. The patient needs a blood transfusion.

Parliament needs new blood, not the Blairites, nor the Conservative or Liberal sheep who bleat and vote whichever way the party whips suggests would be good for their career. Like the patient with blood poisoning the diagnosis is the same, new blood or decay and at some point death of the host.

That leaves us with Labour under Corbyn or UKIP under Farage as serious contenders and Labour are by far in the better position to achieve power than UKIP at the moment. Labour has yet to remove the Blair virus, UKIP has to get its act together in short order to be the opposition to Labour.

The prospect of these two politicians, Corbyn and Farage, both passionate about their respective views and visions being an actual Prime Minister and official opposition are in fact quite appealing.

Tony Benn said he was leaving Parliament to spend more time in politics, his son recently made a speech applauded by the problems currently sitting in Parliament that ignored and ridiculed the national membership of his own party. They will never learn. Under Corbyn and Farage this country may well have something not witnessed for many decades, actual politics instead of second rate theatricals.

For many, including myself, the jury is out. Farage or Corbyn?

For the moment at least, Corbyn is in pole position as a serious contender to challenge the very comfortable status quo. Will UKIP be able to rise to the occasion and displace him?


Happy New Year

John Planter

December 2015

The views expressed in this piece are those of the author alone and do not represent the policy or opinion of any political party

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