Paris attacks – The solution?

eiffel_tower_france_paris_219697The following is the first post from one of our new 2016 guest writers, Hilltop Watchman.

It is a tongue in cheek look at the problems surrounding Islamist extremism in France with a message for those who would appease terrorism. Any similarity to the situation in Israel and Gaza is purely intentional.


Following the operations in Paris by several lone wolf militants with mental problems, and the brutal and disproportionate responses by the French authorities, it is clear that it is French Islamophobia that has resulted in feelings of desperation within the Islamic community

Indeed French society is so apartheid, that Muslims now feel excluded in the No-Go, bainlieu concentration camps that surround Paris, a stain on Gallic society that hearkens back to the collaborative days under Nazi occupation.

It is clear that French colonialist oppression is creating a powder keg environment where young men in particular, who immigrated to France to immerse themselves in the cradle of European culture, see no hope for the future, their hopes and dreams so dashed, that militancy is their only outlet. Their disappointment can only be imagined.

The actions of the racist French Occupying Forces especially operations in the Parisian bainlieus, likewise in the “jungle” refugee camp that is surrounded by French settlements in Calais together with French settled hostility is another factor.


What are these poor, young, fit, well clothed, military trained men expected to do? They need an outlet, jobs, schools, mosques, strong Imams providing moral leadership. There are only so many cars to be burned, Greenpeace are concerned at the pollution caused by burning tyres.

It is high time for International action by the United Nations against French settler treatment of these poor people who came in peace to add to the rich diversity of French Culture. In particular we should be clamping down on incitement in settler churches and town halls, with rogue mayors rooted out.

In a spirit of neighbourliness, inclusivity, diversity respect and hope: I propose that France be divided as roughly shown by the attached illustration, with a narrow corridor to allow French settlers access to the centre of Paris which will be divided as follows.


The entire outer ring will become the capital of Gallislam, including the West Bank of the Seine. The remaining small area will be accessible to French colonial settlers via several UN controlled checkpoints.

No displays of French culture or history will be permitted and definitely no praying or worship in any of the remaining churches, but particularly in Notre Dame, as this would be seen as inflaming an already tense situation. All French relics and culture in the New Gallislamic areas will be demolished to accommodate the Gallislaminians to give them a sense of belonging. No protests by French settlers will be allowed.

In the interests of the Peace Process, French settlers will be removed from key Muslim cities such as Marseilles, Lyon, Calais, the Parisian outer ring, and others along the previously Islamic Mediterranean coast and the Rhône-Saone corridor.

The Camargue will be designated as disputed territory where nomadic tribes will be allowed to roam and build villages for their children, with French settlements either demolished or subject to a no-expansion diktat.

On the subject of the French settlers, they will be allowed to live on a narrow strip of land abutting the Atlantic coast, with no vineyards allowed and a total ban on pig farming and products, as Shariah forbids both pork and alcohol, as again, this could be seen as provocative to the Peace Process with the Gallislaminians.

The province known as La Manche will become a UN buffer zone administered by an expanded UNWRA, and the Channel Tunnel to the imperialist British EU Regions will be taken under international control.

As suggested by the British politician, Theresa May, a gun ban will be enforced on French settlers in order to preempt any attacks. EU and UN monitors will be posted to ensure compliance. Naturally, this won’t apply to the Gallislaminians due to their protected status.

This is just a brief outline, but any minor details such as land swaps, border locations and security for remaining French Settlers, airports, farms, can be sorted out later.

There can be no consideration of historical or cultural links to the land, as otherwise no progress will be made and peace will be elusive.

Finally, in order to encourage the French Settlers to the negotiating table, all produce by settlers remaining to the east of the green line must be labeled as “Produce de Sèttlement de la Blancs”, likewise any vehicles manufactured in this area should be renamed ” Citroen Occupé” or similar to designate its origin and to give consumers a choice.

The situation is now becoming ever more dangerous, as having almost run out of Jews to blame, who serve as a convenient buffer, direct tensions are now rising between the Gallislamian and French Settler communities, making the Peace Process even more urgent.

I am sure that the French Settlers will greatly appreciate this meaningful solution to this intractable situation and I do hope this helps in bringing Peace to this troubled region and if successful should be easily applicable to the occupied territories of Britistan to the north.

Hilltop Watchman

General Secretary of the Kenton Liberation Organisation GC.

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