Our Guest Writers

To get a broader perspective on English issues, the English Patriot site will be introducing a series of guest writers throughout 2016.

Their posts are their own personal viewpoint and do not necessarily represent the views of either the site owner or UKIP.

You can meet them here –


Marian Escafell

Maid Marion

Native of Yorkshire now living down South. Old enough to remember manners and class, young enough to get out and do something about the state of our country.

Typical plain speaking Yorkie with a love of the English countryside and a hatred of all things ‘left wing’ and ‘progressive’.







Hilltop Watchman

EU flag swastikas









John Planter
Native of Warwickshire

Old enough to remember Wilson, Heath, and Callaghan

Occasional commentator when so inclined and other issues allow upon the degeneration of the great country of my childhood under the current permanent political class unable to relocate to reality from some imaginary center ground.

Observing the same straining upon the commode of ignorance does have some amusing moments alas they are few and far between.