March of the superstate

Regular visitors to this site will know that The English Democrats are trying to change the way local politics are administered, to make our councillors more accountable to local people.

Unfortunately, it is not just at a local level that the people are ignored, but also at the other end of the scale – Our national elected leaders are also impotent in the face of the march of the European Superstate, the EU project.

Since Ted Heath decided to join what was then the Common Market in the early 70’s, no-one has had a chance to voice their opinion on our ever greater integration in to the ‘European project’. In 1975, the electorate got their one chance to speak on the matter, when the idea of an open trade marketplace was put to the people, a loose alliance of trading partners with no barriers in the way of commerce between members – An eminently sensible idea, which the people of the UK endorsed. Unfortunately, the ‘free trade association’ was missold by the Politicians, whose real goal was ever closer political union between the member states. Nobody under 50 has ever had a say on our continued membership ever since, and those over 50 were lied to about the real aims of the project.

During the course of the weekend at our party conference in Nottingham, we listened to speakers who are determined to alter this obvious abuse of our democracy.

On Saturday, media personality Jon Gaunt spoke to the conference about The EU Referendum Campaign, a coalition of groups from across the political spectrum who are dedicated to forcing a referendum on our continued membership of the EU. Their campaign can be viewed at , where you can sign the petition to give the people of England a voice on our country’s future.

Sunday saw further talks by UKIP MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Mike Nattrass, and independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire. Both sit in the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, and see daily the way that our country is dictated to by people who have no mandate from our people to oversee our everyday lives.

Unlike our own MP’s, an MEP cannot submit a motion on behalf of their electorate on matters that concern them – Motions can only be put before the chamber by the 27 members of the EU Commission. We have just one representative on the commission, Baroness Ashcroft – A woman who has risen to her position via a series of quangos and a peerage, and has never had to face a public vote in her political career!

We now have the ridiculous situation whereby 75% of our laws are passed by people who are totally unaccountable to the people they claim to serve – What’s more, these laws are mooted by just 27 people in the whole of the EU, an even worse situation than we have at local level!

Nikki Sinclaire is also running a petition to change this injustice, which can be viewed at

Whether you agree with the EU or not, it is an insult to our democratic rights that we have never had a say on the matter. To this end, whether you are for or against, I advise you to sign both of the petitions, and give the people of England a voice.

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