Labour – Putting party politics ahead of local people

Blackland Drive 1In a recent post, I highlighted issues in the Charville ward in Hayes that had been brought to my attention by local residents. These had been relayed to the local councillors to look in to, which elicited the following response from Labour’s John Oswell


I did’nt realise that you lived in Charville ward and that you are a representative there, just who do you represent?, if you look carefully I think you might just find that the ward has three elected Councillors and guess what, you are not one of them.
Can I suggest that you leave Charville matters to elected ward Councillors who actually are all very active on ward issues and that is without any help from you, I might add,
Cllr. John Oswell. 

John-OswellThis is the first response I have had from Cllr Oswell (left) to several issues that had been forwarded on to him (Although he may wish to check any future replies for punctuation and spelling)  – I have had confirmed receipts of previous emails from both Cllr East (Lab) and Cllr Fyfe (Con). It is interesting too that the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, supposedly the opposition to the ruling Conservative Council, has replied in a similar way to Council Leader Ray Puddifoot when responding to reports of issues in the ward. Maybe they don’t like the cosy Lab-Con duopoly being challenged by a party that is active and actually cares for the residents away from the political scene?

I decided that this email needed a response, which was sent earlier and can be viewed below –
Good evening John
Thanks for getting back to me – This is the first time I have heard from you despite copying you in to emails regarding issues in your ward that I thought might warrant your attention as the elected representative (I have had acknowledgements of receipt on various matters from the other 2 Charville councillors previously)
To clarify, UKIP have ward representatives in place in key areas who stood in last years elections – That is the purpose of an opposition party, to assist any local people who come to us with problems they have not been able to resolve via other avenues and to hold those in position to account. Labour are not the ruling party on Hillingdon Council as they did not get elected to power, by your rationale would they then not be entitled to mount an opposition to things they disagree with and assist local residents with problems?
In my own case, I was a Charville resident for a number of years and not only met my wife in the ward but also ran a local business selling and repairing mobile phones where I became a recognisable face in the area. This is why I still receive regular contact from residents when they have an issue – Many have relayed to me that they do not know who their ward councillors are and trust me to follow up on their problems, hence why I copy you and Cllr’s Fyfe and East in to complaints so you can investigate. The fact that the first contact I have had from you is to speak to me like an unruly schoolchild rather than address their concerns does not cover you in glory.
I would suggest that if you are as active as you say then those residents would be aware of who you are and would be contacting you directly rather than approaching UKIP Hillingdon to get things sorted out.
Having said that, I have solid links to Charville and have never stood for election outside of the ward in local elections and the constituency in Parliamentaries because I identify with the community and the area. Your own record shows that you were a councillor in Pinkwell, a candidate for Yiewsley in last year’s local elections (Where you failed to get elected in one of Labour’s main targets) and then the candidate for Charville in the by-election where you scraped in by 21 votes (Which many Tories blame myself and UKIP for).
This suggests a history of switching areas to try and win a seat rather than working with your local community for their betterment – Especially as your home address is in a solid Conservative area yet you have never stood for election there. Sometimes, having the right logo on the ballot paper can win you a seat irrespective of your own personal merits but in those cases many get found out in the long run. Still, there are a number of Labour ‘safe seats’ you have not stood for yet so I am sure you will be OK.
I have no problems working with councillors from other parties when it is in the interests of the residents and have put our activists out in support of campaigns run by your local MP when UKIP feel that it is in the public good (eg Lake Farm, Heathrow Third Runway) – I will be attending the meeting tomorrow night regarding the green belt issue at Hayes Park and have publicly advertised it via our website and social media despite it being organised by John McDonnell MP as I believe it is the right thing to do. The well being of the people of Hayes comes first irrespective of party political allegiance – It may be worth you contemplating that when sending such replies to emails sent in good faith in future.
Charville overgrown grass Gainsborough

Update – 28th July – The Council maintenance team have logged the report and have advised that they will be taking action.

Reference for Meadow View Road is S/R 4531347, for Blacklands Drive S/R 4531337.

No need for thanks, Cllr Oswell.

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