Jobs to go at Hillingdon Council?

Much has been made in the local press about the possibility of job losses at the Civic Centre, but no-one seems to know what is happening. Will there be job losses? Will they be on the front line, or will they be where in my opinion they should be, in the back office administration? How much money does Hillingdon council need to save, and how are they going to save it?

One thing is for certain – We won’t get a straight answer from the current leader of Hillingdon council. I wrote in to the local Gazette this week, who kindly printed my letter, asking Councillor Puddifoot to come clean over what the council plan in terms of job losses. He has consistently stated in interviews that there will be no need for wholesale cuts due to the council being prudent with our tax money, most recently in the Gazette on 4th August when he said that rumours of mass redundancies were ‘nonsense’. Yet in the same paper on 18th August, one of the director’s has been made redundant and it has been confirmed by the Unison union that 57 staff were being consulted about their futures as their roles have been ‘scrapped’.

So, what is really going on Councillor Puddifoot? Will our local services stay intact as you have promised, or is this just more rhetoric in the way that the ‘nonsense’ of staff redundancies appears to be?

The people of Hillingdon pay your wages, now is the time to be truthful with us – If the reality is that cuts are coming, please have the courtesy to tell us.

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