Introducing Peter Whittle – UKIP mayoral candidate

I received the following press release earlier today from Peter Whittle, one of the UKIP candidates for London Mayor.

Peter has been a very good friend to our branch in Hillingdon – I am happy to post it here and offer my best wishes for a successful campaign…..


For Immediate Release, Friday August 29th 2014
 Peter Whittle London Calling19-01
Today I’m launching the website for my campaign to stand as the UKIP candidate for London Mayor:
The site will allow us to measure which issues are the most important to Londoners. It carries features which allow people to pledge support or just find out more about UKIP in London.

Peterr Whittle 1The media sometimes claim that London and UKIP don’t go together. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our vote in London has increased rapidly. A third of a million Londoners voted for us in this year’s general election.
I saw for myself, standing as parliamentary candidate in Eltham, how more and more people are turning to us – people who voted both Labour and Conservative before.
We have the chance now to make a huge breakthrough. And I believe I am the right man to lead that charge.
I’m a Londoner born and bred. And I can’t imagine my life without London.
This is a truly extraordinary city. The richness of its history and culture, the sheer variety it offers to anybody who wants to be part of it, is inexhaustible.
But it faces huge challenges.
Over the past decade, over 600,000 Londoners have left. There is a chronic housing shortage. The costs of buying has meant ownership is now inconceivable for thousands of young people. Overcrowding has led to serious strains on London’s schools, hospitals and social services.
I believe firmly that these pressures must be eased. This can only be done with a proper, fair and ethical immigration system. Only then can we really plan properly for the future
I believe too that priority in social housing must be given to local people. This is simply a matter of being fair.
I don’t want Londoners to leave London.
I also believe that we should not look at London purely as an economic market place. The fact that 80 billionaires now live in London should not be the benchmark from which to judge its success.
A city has a soul, a spirit – it is made up not just of the present, but of what has gone before, and what has yet to come.
London’s economic success has been allowed to overshadow everything else. More and more of its spaces are being ‘monetised’. Too often leaders in London put money, development and property before the real needs of Londoners.
I want new Londoners to know about the city they are joining – it’s history, its laws, its customs. Only that way can we keep the spirit of London alive for future generations.  It is not just all about money.
Peter Whittle
tel 020 7340 6059

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