If you have children,an illness, or are elderly – You need to see this

In the late 70’s, a gentleman by the name of Joel Barnett developed a system whereby additional funding was transferred from England to Scotland to upgrade their services, which at the time were not as good as those in England. That system, ‘The Barnett Formula’, is still in place today, even though the architect of it has stated that it is unfair and needs to be reformed.

I will not go in to a lecture on how it works and why it should be scrapped, but the following video explains everything, and why anyone living in Hillingdon needs to know about the Barnett Formula and how it affects them…


When you have finished watching this, go to the Hillingdon Council website and look at the ‘over £500 list of expenditure’, and ask yourself – ‘Would my community charge be spent this way if I was in Usk rather than Uxbridge, or Raith rather than Ruislip?’

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