Hillingdon Council and Charville ward – A Repairs update

Lake Farm protest Nov 13 CD and Ilyas with bannerYesterday, I returned to the Charville Lane estate to follow up on some issues I had reported to the council last month.

I am glad to report that the overgrown skip on Romney Road that I reported that was concerning a pensioner has been removed and that the housing repairs that were requested for a young lady on Hoppner Road have been scheduled – Well done to the Council team for that.

However, the petition that was submitted to clear up the rubbish and flytipping in the alleys and garage spaces around Hoppner Road, Romney Road and Raeburn Road does not appear to have been acted on and I have not had a further reply after the initial acknowledgement letter of receipt from the Democratic Services team.

Local residents who signed the petition were concerned that their children could be harmed by some of the items left there and as a result are not allowing them outside to play in what they consider a dangerous environment.

Images of the build up have now been emailed to the council and the three ward councillors with a follow up letter from myself requesting further information – Images below

Hoppner Alley 3Overgrown alleyway H2

Hoppner Alley 2

Evidence of drug taking in the alleyways – An empty ‘hippy crack’ canister

Hoppner Alley 4Build up of rubbish outside the garages

I have also received further reports of poor street maintenance in the area, as evidenced when out leafleting in Blacklands Drive and Meadow View Road.

Blackland Drive 1As can be seen in the photo above, nothing has been done to keep weed growth in check and it is now coming through and damaging the paving slabs. Treating the weed growth is relatively inexpensive but by allowing it to run wild like this the damage created to the pathways will require expensive repair unless something is done fairly quickly. It also makes the area look unsightly and run down which is not good for residents morale and makes people less likely to try and keep our streets tidy.

Meadow View Road 1

I have submitted the images and location to the maintenance team by email with the three ward councillors copied in. (Attempts to report via the on line system on the Council website were once again met with an error message – It would appear Council leader Ray Puddifoot has done nothing about this since I brought it to his attention over a month ago)

I had a number of pleasant conversations on my way around the ward but am increasingly concerned that local residents are not seeing much of their elected councillors. Some did not know who they were, but I was also advised by those that did that the only information they receive on a regular basis apart from the Hillingdon People magazine (Which they were not impressed by) is from UKIP and that I am the only regular face who turns up to discuss their issues. You have to ask – What are they doing for their £10.5k allowances each year?

Something to ponder on the next time you go to the ballot box to elect your local representative

Lazy Labour

Are you concerned about maintenance of your roads and footpaths? If so. please contact me via the website and we will bring this to the attention of our local Council.


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