English Culture – Alive and kicking

We have many traditions in this country that are still respected around the world. Talk to tourists in London, and they flock to our Royal palaces, classic museums, landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, the list goes on.

Along with my English Democrat colleague, Ben Weald, we decided to leaflet outside the Albert Hall on Last Night of the Proms recently – After all, what better than the strains of Elgar to inspire a feeling of patriotism?

Much to our surprise, rather than a crowd arriving purely of English, Scots and Welsh, we were confronted with a mixed audience comprising people from our own island, Germans, Scandinavians and Japanese! A German couple that I spoke with said that they were really looking forward to sampling the atmosphere, whilst clutching a Union Jack!

We tend to overlook or take for granted the rich history of our country. I was impressed that our continental cousins wanted to learn more about our traditions, and soak in our culture. What a difference to our national leaders, who try to downplay our status in the world, rubbish our customs in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ and rush like lemmings to give away what little sovereignty we have left to unelected Brussels Eurocrats.

Standing outside this fine old building, steeped in the history of our land, I allowed myself a little smile – Whatever our Politicians try to push upon us at home, the culture of England is still with us, and respected overseas. We just need a little nudge sometimes to remember what a proud old nation we live in.

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