English Charities

There are many charities working to improve the lives of the disadvantaged, the needy and the suffering in England today whilst others strive to preserve our heritage for future generations.

Below are some of the charities that are doing great work in our country, please take the time to visit their sites and help if you can.

The Royal British Legion


The longest established charity for our ex-servicement, now in it’s ninetieth year. The Legion organise numerous events and support many of our heroes from all eras through tireless campaigning.


Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital


The world famous Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital in London have saved countless lives down the years, and are pioneers in new forms of surgery and medicine that help our chronically ill youngsters


Vulcan to the Sky

The mighty Avro Vulcan was our defender during the dark days of the Cold War. Sharing her 60th anniversary with HM the Queen, the final flying Vulcan (XH558) was retired from flight in 2015 and will now form part of an ambitious project to educate and inspire future generations of English engineers.



MacMillan Cancer Research

The leading charity fighting against this cruel disease, Macmillan have assisted families across the country who have been affected by Cancer

You can access their site via the link below

MacMillan Cancer Research


The Animal Sanctuary UK

Providing a shelter for abandoned and neglected animals, Animal Sanctuary UK exists entirely on private donations.

You can find out more at their website –


Sony Z3 pictures and videos 135


English Heritage

English Heritage do sterling work maintaining and renovating historical sites across the country for future generations to enjoy


Great Barn internal shot


UK Homes 4 Heroes


Assisting our ex servicemen on the ground and helping them to find a roof over the heads, UK Homes 4 Heroes do great work on the streets to rehome veterans with nowhere to go






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