Crime is under control? Pull the other one…..

Hillingdon Council have long talked tough on defeating anti-social behaviour and crime in the area. Indeed, the most recent copy of Hillingdon People, the council propaganda sheet, spoke glowingly of how anti social behaviour and petty crime is on the wane in the locality.

With this in mind, let us look at the events of the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, on The Willow Tree Estate in Yeading, the resident’s association had a meeting where the local press were excluded, to get to grips with the problems inherent in their area, including drugs,gun crime and antisocial behaviour.

Last week saw the Gazette reporting on the ASBO issued to 16 year old Coucou Kasongo by Uxbridge Magistrates court – His defence wanted reporting restrictions imposed, but for once the judge saw sense in allowing locals to be alerted to his continuing criminal behaviour, and his strange penchant for wearing a bullet proof vest in order to ‘give him more confidence in certain situations’.

Then we had the Crimewatch report on the attempted rape of a young woman outside the Point West Building in April shown last week – The attacker, described as approximately 5ft 4in in height,in his late 20’s to early 30’s, and of slim build and Somalian appearance, has yet to be apprehended.

I went through a General Election campaign hearing local politicians saying how crime in the area was under control, and ‘due to their untiring efforts’ etc etc…..Sorry to trouble you gentlemen, but I have lived in this area for the last 40 years, and I have never known the level of criminality and vandalism to be so bad, and for so few Police to actually be out on the beat discouraging crime (Although there are plenty of PCSO’s floating about who cost money and deter precisely no-one!)

Don’t expect things to get better any time soon with this poor excuse for a government we have at the moment – Cutbacks will ensure that we have still fewer Officers on the frontline, and even weaker sentences handed out as a deterrent because we wouldn’t want to upset anyone’s human rights, would we Mr Cameron?

That is the same Mr Cameron, should I add, who campaigned for 2 years in opposition to scrap the European Human Rights Act (1998) and replace it with a ‘British’ bill of rights, only to scrap that particular promise in the first fortnight of his government, no doubt using Nick Clegg as his ‘get out of jail free’ card to blame this U-Turn on.

One of the first duties of any elected government, be it local or national, is to safeguard the rule of law in their jurisdiction. Looking at both levels, the ‘Party of Law and Order’ ie The Conservatives, have failed miserably – Maybe it is time for a new direction, and time to look at how we are governed at both levels.

If you are looking for change, The English Democrats are here listening.

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