Council Spending – Value for money?

I have not been very impressed with the new coalition government so far, but one thing I do applaud them for is the new legislation that states that the local council has to declare to the public what they are spending our money on.

I spent some time this afternoon going through the August list for Hillingdon on the website,

There is some interesting information on here – Such as a £7000 payment to Starbucks (UK) Ltd, and a payment of £5859.34 to The GMB union and another £12890.41 payment to UNISON.

£7000 on coffee? I know that it aids alertness (Especially in the mornings), but that kind of spending would wake up Rip Van Winkle! As for paying nearly £18000 to trade unions – I thought that the brothers paid for their membership , not the taxpayer?

Massive amounts are also spent on residential care for the elderly – This I do applaud the council for, as our senior citizens have paid their dues and deserve the best care that can be afforded for them. However, in Scotland this expense is paid for by central rather than local government, out of  taxation funded by the English via ‘The Barnett Formula’.

If Ray Puddifoot and his cabinet really do mean what they say when they claim to be getting the best value for our money, then they should challenge the coalition to release central funds for English pensioners in the way that they do for their Scottish counterparts – Along with establishing a ‘kitty’ for the employees to pay for their own coffee and union subscriptions!

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