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English Patriot will be featuring posts from guest writers in the New Year offering a different perspective on world and domestic events. Here is the first of our guest writers, John Planter, with his take on the current state of UK Politics…………………


Inspired by an excellent original article by American Judge Anna von Reitz observing events in America.

Acknowledgement to where some of her words have been shamelessly borrowed 

Parliament from the Thames

You can see why Parliament acts as it does. From their perspective they are a permanent ruling class London club with members that change now and again.

It is the rest of the country, us, you and me, the serfs who are responsible – we are the cause and the solution to the Parliament problem. It is us, we have forgotten who we are and what our powers are and what powers we delegated to Parliament and how we can also take back any power delegated to them. This also applies to the councils, and the Monarch – the Monarch represents people who represent Monarch.


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Welfare Reform bill – My reply to John McDonnell MP

Dear John

I saw your eye catching response to the Welfare Reform Bill in Parliament on line (Below)

You raise some very valid points but as usual fail to identify the root causes of the issues in our area.

As UKIP’s Hayes & Harlington spokesman and effectively the opposition party in the constituency, here is my reply to your speech.

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Time for a sensible debate on immigration

With the end of transitional controls on Romania and Bulgaria on 1st January and the subsequent unrestricted opening of our borders to their citizens under EU regulations, the subject of mass, uncontrolled immigration has emerged as one of the main topics that people in this country are concerned about.

3 Pinocchios

UKIP has been raising the subject for some time now, with our stance being purely about control of numbers to stop the massive strains being put on inadequate infrastructure in this country. This has led to numerous ‘smears’ from the old establishment political parties, from Cameron’s ‘closet racists’ to Clegg’s ‘unpatriotic isolationists’.

More recently, we have been subject to a casual smear in the Guardian by local Labour MP, John McDonnell.

Why John McDonnell is missing the point

On 20th January in The Guardian’s ‘comment is free’ section, Mr McDonnell accused UKIP of ‘bigotry against migrants’ (See link below)

For an MP in a working class area to use this kind of terminology is worrying, as it is predominantly the working class who are affected by the huge numbers currently arriving in England.

Social Housing

Homes in HayesWe have over 9000 people on the affordable housing waiting list in Hillingdon, some of whom no doubt he will be trying to assist to gain a place to live. With this in mind, how can loading yet more people in to the area when we are short of housing already be a sensible move? This is not bigotry, it is pure common sense – If your bath was full, you would not leave the taps running!

It also fuels the ‘housing bubble’ , with lack of supply pushing house prices up and having a huge knock on effect in private rental prices. This is further distorted where the council have to get involved to house a certain number of ‘Category A on need’ clients to hit targets and no longer have the stock to do so – Private landlords then charge premium rates knowing they have the upper hand in negotiations, with the council having to use your tax money in the shape of housing benefits to enable those category A clients to pay their rent.

With net migration running at nearly 200,000 per year, (With over 500,000 actually coming to the UK in 2013 according to the Office for National Statistics), we simply don’t have the housing available to be sustainable.

Labour recently put a leaflet through my door stating that they would get at least 200,000 houses built per year – In government between 1997 and 2010, they built an average of 24,299 per year (Source – Department for Communities and Local Government). Even if they do manage to build 200,00 a year, it won’t dent the lists (Presuming the prices are reasonable) – It also begs the question as to where the money will come from?

This situation has also seen the rise of the ‘beds in sheds’ phenomenon, with many immigrants having no alternative but to live in substandard and sometimes dangerous conditions. Most would have been better off in their own countries, but open door migration policies have allowed gangmasters to exploit them with promises of a better life in England. A friend of mine and local resident presented you with a dossier on this in your constituency 18 months ago as reported by The Gazette, yet the situation shows no sign of resolution.

The only sensible step is to stem the flood of people coming in whilst the current shortages are addressed.

Jobs for unskilled and semi-skilled workers

David Cameron 2We have over 20% of our 18-25 year olds out of work, yet we have more unskilled workers coming in to this country to compete with them in the jobs that often give youngsters their first foot up the ladder.

David Cameron’s answer has been to defend this by stating that our youngsters are ‘lacking in aspiration’ and ‘not up to the job’  – That is real bigotry, Mr McDonnell, not a principled objection to more oversupply in the unskilled jobs market.

Indeed, you are the Parliamentary representative for the Rail and Maritime Trade Union (RMT) who recently ran a series of protests about what they refer to as ‘social dumping’ – The undercutting of British workers by cheap overseas labour (Link below)

It would appear that Comrade Crow agrees with us about the exploitation of foreign workers and the effects on his members – Does that make him a bigot?


Our branch recently assisted you with the protest about the building of a school on green belt land at Lake Farm Country Park. (Below, with my colleague Ilyas – Did you ask him about bigotry on the day, John?)

Lake Farm protest Nov 13 CD and Ilyas with banner

Whitehall school 1Whilst I am in full agreement that the school should be built on a brownfield site, the underlying reason why there are new schools needed at all is because of the massive surge in immigration and the subsequent rise in birth rate that drives the demand. In 2010, council leader Ray Puddifoot admitted this in the Gazette and said ‘it falls to us’ to provide the new schools.

The Office for National Statistics has released figures in the last week that show 26% of births in the UK are now to foreign born mothers. Moreover, birth rates amongst certain migrant groups are significantly higher than those of British born women from all backgrounds.

In 2011, the average for British born mothers was 1.84 children – The average for those from Afghanistan was 4.25 whilst to Somali born mothers it was 4.19. The Somali figure is particularly relevant in Hillingdon because we have a significant Somali community here, especially in your constituency.

Polish mothers had the highest overall numbers of children born to any ethnic group, with 20,495 being born in 2011 – Again, very relevant in Hillingdon because of the large numbers of Poles living here.

Because of this, it is no surprise that new schools are having to be built at great expense to the taxpayer, when we were closing schools such as Townmead in the nineties because of lack of demand

It is also a concern that many will not have English as a first language, thus disadvantaging them in the classroom and requiring additional support in terms of specialist teachers. This has a knock on effect with all children’s education in these schools and will potentially hold them back when they enter the world of work – Perhaps to be confronted by another wave of unskilled migrant workers, perpetuating the cycle?


Time to debate the issues

Uxbridge street stall Oct 2013 with MS MG and Ilyas

There are many other reasons why uncontrolled immigration is harming both our communities and the economy – Destruction of green belt for housing, increased crime through lack of border checks and strain on the NHS to name just a few.


Properly controlled, immigration can be beneficial to our country as has been seen in the past, but the last 10-15 years is completely unsustainable based on numbers as I have pointed out in this piece.


I would be happy to debate with John McDonnell on this if he so chooses – Indeed, his Guardian piece claims that he would welcome more debate outside of the ‘sterile’ atmosphere of the House of Commons.


UKIP will be running a series of free public meetings across Hillingdon in the near future featuring a number of issues affecting our borough – Immigration will be one of the issues discussed no doubt, along with the EU, economy, law and order, HS2 and The Third Runway at Heathrow amongst others.

Rather than asking people to travel to Westminster for a ‘People’s Parliament’, UKIP are made up of ordinary people from all sections of our community who wish to discuss and debate the real issues with real local residents where they live.

Nigel Farage in Beaconsfield Jan 2014

A recent meeting in neighbouring South Bucks saw over 400 people turn out to see party leader Nigel Farage MEP in Beaconsfield (Above), where a show of hands saw less than a quarter of the audience as UKIP members and a lively Q&A was had.

We hope to see you soon for a grown up debate in similar fashion.

The truth about mass,uncontrolled immigration

Neil Hamilton wrote the following article, which was published in the Sunday Express on 7th July, summing up a number of problems with uncontrolled mass immigration.  I reproduce his article in full:

Neil Hamilton

A series of government reports last week exposed the horrifying break-up of traditional Britain.  The latest census revealed that immigrants account for 25 per cent of the population of our largest cities.  Nearly a third of residents of these cities are members of a non-white ethnic minority and almost one in 10 homes has not a single person speaking English as a first language.  Department for Education figures reveal three in 10 primary school pupils are from ethnic minorities.  More than one million children do not speak English as their first language at home.  In large parts of London native English-speakers are in the minority.  A Home Office report, Social And Public Service Impacts Of International Migration At The Local Level, said that every year since 1998 net migration has been above 100,000, peaking at 255,000 in 2010.

We have never known anything like this in the history of these islands.  With the exception of wartime, more people immigrated to the UK in a single year, 2010, than from 1066 to 1950. Between 2004-2011 the number of Poles living in the UK leapt from 69,000 to 687,000.  The report concluded that half of Britons report strain on schools, hospitals, transport, housing and employment as a result of mass immigration.  While acknowledging the hugely important work carried out by foreign doctors and nurses, researchers revealed the pressure exerted on the NHS. 
In a single year 73 per cent of TB cases and almost 60 per cent of newly diagnosed HIV cases involved people born outside the UK.

And 80 per cent of hepatitis B-infected UK blood donors were born abroad. Experts questioned by the Home Office agreed the “high birth rates of some migrant groups produce additional demands on midwifery, maternity and health visiting services”.  Health staff said that appointments and visits could take twice as long where patients had poor English, putting significant pressure on other areas.  In housing, large numbers of low-skilled migrants wanting private rented property are driving up prices. In the jobs market hundreds of thousands of immigrants chasing low-skilled jobs have driven pay down to minimum wage levels. With a million young people aged 16-24 out of work this is madness.

The last Labour government encouraged mass immigration “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity” according to Tony Blair’s adviser Andrew Neather. They also calculated it would boost the number of Labour voters.  The scale of migration has been so great that irreversible changes have been made to large swathes of the country. Ethnic division is a reality and the problem is getting worse, with 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians potentially to add to the mix next year.  Although much of the blame lies with Labour ministers, including Ed Miliband, the Tories are little better.  What could David Cameron have been thinking when he said last week that he wants to expand the EU as far as Kazakhstan and the Urals?  If you liked opening our borders to every Romanian and Bulgarian you’ll just love the Kazakhs, Moldavians and Azerbaijanis. Not to mention 75 million Turks, whose application to join the EU he also enthusiastically supports.

Boris Johnson at Talk London event

Unfortunately Cameron isn’t the only swivel-eyed loon in the Conservative Party. A few days ago Boris Johnson backed the call by a Tory backbench MP for an amnesty for up to a million illegal immigrants.  In the next 15 years the UK population will grow by over seven million to 70 million. Five million of that will be due to immigration.  No wonder Tory planning minister Nick Boles is so manic about the need to concrete over three million acres of England.  We must build a new home every seven minutes for new migrants. England is with Holland the most crowded country in Europe, excluding city states. We have 400 people per sq km compared with 252 in Germany and 114 in France.

We have been lied to by Conservative, Labour and Liberal politicians throughout my lifetime as to the scale and effect of immigration.  Their stock riposte to those speaking out was to accuse us of being racist.  It is now clear we were right. The debate was always about space, not race…and the preservation of England’s cultural identity.

A reply to Mary Beard

 UKIP Party leader Nigel Farage appeared on BBC Question Time on Thursday 17th January, which on that particular night was being filmed in Lincoln.

One of the issues being discussed was mass immigration and a local lady from Boston, Rachel Bull, put forward her point of view on how mass immigration was affecting her home town (See below)

On the panel with Nigel was Cambridge University academic and TV presenter Mary Beard, most famous for her BBC 2 show about the Romans. Ms Beard put forward her view that ‘public services can cope’ with a further influx of migrants from Eastern Europe and that there are ‘myths’ surrounding immigration in her counter argument to the personal experiences of Ms Bull.

Ms Beard quoted from a report published by Boston Council and her response can be seen on the video below

Living in an area that has seen a large amount of immigration over the last thirty years, I posted a link to an article from a national newspaper the following day on my political Facebook page and stated that “Mary Beard is typical of the establishment,preferring statistics over eye witness accounts” – This automatically re-posts to my English Patriot Twitter Feed. To my surprise, Ms Beard actually picked up on this and all credit to her for mounting a defence to her point of view in a conversation spanning a few days on the social networking site.

Unfortunately, Twitter is a very difficult medium to have a proper debate on what Mary herself calls a ‘very complicated issue’ with the limitation of 140 characters, so in this post I will outline why I think she is wrong both from statistics and personal experience.

Before I start, I would like to retract the accusation that Ms Beard is typical of the establishment because unlike many she was prepared to debate her point with good grace and in the face of some determined resistance from myself to her line of logic. She has also received some pretty strong abuse over it from some quarters – Whilst I disagree with her point of view, personal insults do nobody any favours and the mass immigration debate needs to be had without unnecessary unpleasantness. After all, how many of us who have laid down the argument against from a logical point of view in terms of numbers and infrastructure capacity been abused as ‘racists’ over the last twenty years?

Mary Beard

Above – Mary Beard on BBC Question Time (Photograph courtesy of the BBC)


I am a great believer in the ultimate truth of quoting statistics – The stat’s you get out are only as good as the information you put in. Ms Beard quoted from statistics put out by Boston Borough Council about how they could ‘cope’.

Firstly, you have to ask yourself the following question – How many councils will admit that they can’t cope? In these days of increased media scrutiny, admitting that you can’t cope is tantamount to asking the electorate to give you a good kicking at the next election, especially if your council is made up of predominently the same party who are in power nationally.

Now let’s look at some statistics from other organisations that would refute the argument that is being put forward.

Firstly, there is a report that has come in from a body of the government’s own MP’s on the ‘Fresh Start’ Group in January which states that a quarter of the EU nationals living in the UK are not working. That is above the national average for UK born citizens from all backgrounds, and being EU nationals they are entitled to benefits from a system that our own government is trying to rein in. This flies in the face of Ms Beard’s assertion that the migrants in Lincolnshire are not a drain on the public purse unless they are bucking a national trend.

Even if they are, then they are an isolated case in the overall picture.

Then we have the following figures from the ONS (Office of National Statistics). Taken from 2009, a quarter of all births across the UK were to foreign born mothers – In Newham, East London, 75.7 % of births were accredited to this source. This puts an immense strain on the NHS and will ultimately fuel pressure on school places and then housing. In my own home borough of Hillingdon, the population has grown by 30,000 in ten years – More than three times the government’s own estimated growth figures.

In the last two years, the number of people on the affordable housing waiting list has reached nearly nine thousand (The last printed council figure quoted in the Gazette in September 2011 was 7586) , whilst the council are now looking at building on green belt land to satisfy predicted demand for primary school places.



Our National Health Service has been put under tremendous pressure by the amount of migrants using it. Alongside the increase in usage of maternity services, £45,000 per day is spent on translation services as uncovered by a Freedom of Information request submitted by Tory MP Nick De Bois reported in the Express in July of last year.

Taxpayers suffering from cancer in England have also been denied life saving drugs such as Abiroterone and Herceptin due to cost, yet the European Court of Human Rights has insisted that migrants should be treated for HIV/AIDS on the NHS – A move supported by the government as it will  ‘Reduce the risk of Britons being infected’. I think better border controls are probably a less expensive way of stopping Britons becoming infected, but that is just my point of view.

We have also seen in recent years the resurgence of diseases such as TB that had been successfully eradicated from our country in the seventies and eighties by innoculation programmes  – Another direct result of uncontrolled immigration where health checks are not carried out due to non-existent border controls.

Then we have the ridiculous situation where women from countries such as Ireland and Poland where abortion is banned can come to the UK to have the procedure carried out and then hop back on the plane leaving the NHS to pick up the tab.


Olympic stadiumThe Olympic Games in London last year was supposed to be a pick me up to the local economy in the face of austerity. Large amounts of public funding were put in to building the stadia and facilities to host the games, not least on the showpiece stadium in Stratford.

Yet figures from The Olympic Delivery Agency showed that of over six thousand jobs on the construction of the main site, less than a thousand went to UK born construction workers. Moreover, much of the public money going in to pay wages was sent overseas to fund the families of the migrant workers rather than being spent in the local community, thus depriving the area of additional job creation.

It is a pattern that has been repeated frequently in the last ten years, with migrant workers living five and six to a house sharing the bills and thus being able to easily undercut skilled tradesmen already here with mortgages to pay and families to keep. I have friends locally in trades including plumbing,plastering and electrical who tell me that they are earning less now than they were fifteen years ago whilst their overheads both in their working and personal lives have increased dramatically.

But it is not just in the construction trade that this has happened. My friend Kevin spent thousands of pounds of his own money on passing the HGV class 1 qualification so he could drive large lorries. He is now one of just two English drivers left within his company as the management have employed far cheaper Eastern European drivers who have not had to go through the rigorous training that he did and can drive on our roads with a basic tractor license from their own countries. Kevin now gets the difficult jobs as his Polish colleagues are unable to manoeuvre the large vehicles around the tighter streets on his route, whilst overtime and pay rises are out of the question. Road safety is also secondary to the EU free movement of workers regulations in cases such as this.

Something that also needs to be brought in to the equation and cannot be covered by statistics is the ‘black economy’, where cheap migrant labour is imported and the workers live in sub standard and often illegal accommodation. I have seen this for myself locally when I stayed over at a flat above a previous employers shop in neighbouring Southall.

Getting up early in the morning, I viewed numerous people leaving what appeared to be extensions on the back of houses from my vantage point in the first floor flat and getting in to the back of white vans. When I asked my friend Hardeep the next day what was going on, he advised me that this is a regular occurence and that the people I had seen were going out to work on the building sites in the area. Many of these workers are not registered and paid ‘cash in hand’, thus avoiding tax and keeping their employers overheads down – Employers who can then undercut other firms who are tendering legitimately for the same work.

This practice not only damages the economy, it also exploits the migrant workers who in many cases have come looking to better the lives of themselves and their families. This practice has also spread and created a situation in my own borough of Hillingdon where it is referred to as ‘beds in sheds’, a phenomenon that caused a local man to document information and pass it to me showing how planning has been abused to further the spread of this particular problem. The file has also been passed to one of the local MP’s and the council, who have claimed that they can’t track what is happening – A clear case of burying their heads in the sand on an issue that affects local communities, the environment, the employment market and also the wellbeing of those being abused in the labour market in this way.


Estate agent board

One of the areas where the effects of mass immigration in my locality are most keenly felt is in the availability of housing.

When the Conservative government of the day brought in right to buy of the council housing stock, they made the fundamental mistake of not taking the money raised and re-investing in new stock for the next generation. This has now been compounded by open-door immigration – With Heathrow Airport in the borough, we are often on the front line of any new influx.

The figures are pretty damning – The English Housing Survey as reported by Migrationwatch states that around 20% of all the social housing stock in London is occupied by foreign nationals.

Another survey based around ONS statistics from 2008 that Migrationwatch published shows the percentage of population living in social housing broken down in to ethnic groupings – Whilst UK born residents are shown at 17%, our EU partners Portugal have a 40% rate of dependency on social housing in the survey, whilst Turkey (Whom Prime Minister David Cameron wants to join the EU) have a 49% dependency – Somali born residents are quoted at a massive 80%. That final figure is particularly relevant to us in Hillingdon as we have a fast growing Somali community, most notably in Hayes and the south of the borough. Unfortunately, as picked up on by The Mail last month, such surveys in the future may be meaningless as councils are increasingly leaving out the nationalities of those they place in social housing as it is ‘politically sensitive’.

But enough of the statistics, which I have already stated earlier can be interpreted in many ways and are not always accurate – What of the reality on the ground, the real stories that affect people such as Rachel Bull?

My own family has been moved around various accomodation in Hillingdon in the private rented sector. Because both my wife and myself work, we are not considered a priority for Hillingdon Council and because of the high price of property we can’t afford a mortgage. Saving up for a large deposit is definitely a no go as the private rents are increasing at such a rate that over half of our income goes just to pay rent before other bills are taken in to consideration.

What is particularly galling is that many times we have been moved it has been down to the council needing property for their ‘category A on need’ clients and out-bidding us on our existing property. Before we met, my wife was moved out of a property in Hayes at the end of her lease as the landlord was being paid more by the council to take a Somalian family, I was evicted from Yeading to make way for Kosovan refugees and since we met and married we have been moved from Hayes End Drive to make way for an Asian family and from our last house as the landlord wanted to put foreign students in. This is not the fault of the immigrants, but of the ridiculous system that the council uses to allocate on ‘need’.

A prime example that I have seen at first hand is the situation of one of my best friends. When his girlfriend became accidentally pregnant, they started to look for a property they could live in together. Despite his wages being insufficient for a mortgage, the council would do nothing.

The flat they found that they could afford was cold and damp,leading to their young son becoming ill and needing major surgery – Still Hillingdon Council would do nothing until they got a letter from the surgeon who carried out his life saving operation stating that unless they housed the family in decent accomodation he would hold the council responsible for the childs death. (Amazing how the thought of litigation can focus the mind of the most stubborn Council!)

They were in emergency housing for TEN YEARS, whilst all around them migrants were coming on to the estate and being re-homed within months. When they finally got the permanent home they had waited for,it was in a sorry state and we all pitched in to help them renovate it.

Living opposite them in a council property are a migrant family who my friend talks with. They have not worked since entering the UK, and the wife recently had their seventh child. The husband excitedly told my friend that the council are moving them soon as the house has become ‘too small’ for his growing family. They also have a late model people carrier sat on their drive that my firend, who works and pays tax, would struggle to afford!

With the EU demanding that the borders are opened fully to Bulgarian and Romanian migrants from 1st January next year, this is a situation that can only get worse as housing availability dwindles and prices rise – Indeed, this has not only fuelled the ‘beds in sheds’ debacle but neighbouring Southall now has people sleeping rough in groups in parts of the town.


Above – Migrants picking out clothing from bags left outside a charity shop in Harlington last year

Mass Immigration – A problem for us all

I hope that Mary Beard now gets some idea of what ordinary people are seeing as their towns and cities are transformed from the communities we knew barely twenty years ago.

Ultimately, nobody benefits from this in the long term – Locals are crowded out and see their standard of living drop, the migrants that work are frequently exploited and end up with a poor standard of life whilst as taxpayers we all see the amount we pay to both local and central government go up as a direct result of the pressures that have been laid out in this post.

Until we leave the EU, regain control of our borders and introduce an Australian style points system that limits the numbers coming to those that our communities can absorb and with skills that benefit all, then the subject of mass uncontrolled immigration will continue to be a contentious issue at the top of the political agenda.

More importantly, as numbers grow, it will be an issue that spreads to university towns such as Cambridge and, as Mary will find out, becomes a problem affecting us all.

End Game

This item was passed on to me by a friend and is reproduced with the kind permission of the author, John Planter.


It is one of a number of items I have received recently from people concerned about the state of our country who are coming to the conclusion that there is only one choice going  forward for England via the ballot box

EU Parliament

The year is 2013 – The coalition have been in power for half of the duration they expect to be in power, the economy is a mess due to a workshy chancellor, the armed forces are a shadow of their former self, the Police privatisation programme is on course, the dismantling of the social security system and NHS is well under way under the guidance of people who seem determined to wreak havoc upon anyone and anything, and the holder of the office of PM is promising yet another referendum about membership of the European suicide pact called the EU.


Most people remember the cast iron guarantee he gave last time, the current indications are a referendum MAY be offered IF the Tories win the next election, so really nothing is being offered at all is it Mr Cameron!


Now let’s take an alternative view.Last night I was listening to the radio, some Labour MP that sounded like her words were coming from a plug in USB drive was almost verging on hysteria when the prospect of leaving the European suicide pact was mentioned.In sharp contrast there was a voice of sanity to answer the scare tactics, that voice belongs to one Nigel Farage of UKIP.

At this point I must for clarity state there may have been representatives from the other two parties in the studio, but as they and their views have been made irrelevant by the actions of their parties in coalition we shall discount them.


No to HS2 meeting - Nigel 2Mr Farage made some very succinct points, what no one except Mr Farage seemed remotely concerned with is the fact the European suicide pact now requires this country to open up its borders, housing, employment and benefit system to a prospective 29 MILLION people from Romania and Bulgaria, yet this writer happens to know of a few of those nationalities here already, working and claiming benefits, taking school and housing allocations and it is alleged adding to the crime figures.


This really is the end game – Unless UKIP can become a big enough force to put a brake on the future Milliband Govt ,our country as we know it is history. Thanks to New Labour we have a problem with militant Islamists on our streets, unknown numbers of eastern Europeans in the country, 40,000 dangerous criminals loose and we cannot deport known jihadists due to European suicide pact laws, yet what are Mr Cameron and his coalition tearing themselves apart over?


Homosexual marriage!


I sometime wonder if I have time slipped and am living in one of the worst Monty Python sketches in an endless loop.


Our current crop of 649 (with a few exceptions) self-serving , ignorant and downright dangerous career  politicians (I refuse to call them Parliamentarians) have recently agreed to give themselves a whopping pay rise and a decent pension while denying the same to everyone else. Those out of work or long term sick and/or disabled, along with the majority of low paid are facing a 1% pay rise but a real cut in real terms in real life.

 Parliament from the Thames

Our current dangerous career politicians should be sorting out the mess created by New Labour and bringing the criminals who flourished within it to justice, instead they are squeezing the pips from those who are the backbone of this country,those who cannot possibly afford to pay more.

The majority of these  649 people are the real feckless, scrounging, sponging, workshy, incompetent, cheating freeloaders who have created a Chernobyl in England’s capital city.


The most toxic city in the UK is the City of Westminster, it contains  some of the most arrogant, vile, deceitful, dishonest and hateful group of people ever to walk the corridors of power in recent times, they plot various ways to rob, torment and kill the population of this country.


As said previously, there are some notable exceptions, but not that many.


It is fairly certain that there will be a Labour Government next time around. To drag them back onto the path of normality and contain those within who still cling to New Labour ideas and the European suicide pact, it is now a matter of national interest, security, and survival to do your duty and ensure Mr Farage is in a strong position to reign in Labour. UKIP are the only party big enough to do this and none of us can afford to indulge vote splitting smaller parties anymore, this really is our last chance.


Make UKIP strong enough to say no to Labour when it is in the interest of our country and our people because if they cannot then we are finished.Any future you had planned for your children will be in the hands of the European suicide pact and your children will be competing for schools, housing, and employment with anyone from Europe or any country the European suicide pact decide can come here and demand what is your birthright.


You do not have to wear uniform, nor take up arms, or accept ration cards – All you have to do is vote UKIP

UKIP stall Feltham by election 2011

Strong words indeed from Mr Planter, and an attitude I am seeing increasingly as the three old political parties destroy our way of life and become ever more distant from us, the people.


It is time to send them a message and build for the future of  our children via a vote for UKIP