Parliament 2015

English Patriot will be featuring posts from guest writers in the New Year offering a different perspective on world and domestic events. Here is the first of our guest writers, John Planter, with his take on the current state of UK Politics…………………


Inspired by an excellent original article by American Judge Anna von Reitz observing events in America.

Acknowledgement to where some of her words have been shamelessly borrowed 

Parliament from the Thames

You can see why Parliament acts as it does. From their perspective they are a permanent ruling class London club with members that change now and again.

It is the rest of the country, us, you and me, the serfs who are responsible – we are the cause and the solution to the Parliament problem. It is us, we have forgotten who we are and what our powers are and what powers we delegated to Parliament and how we can also take back any power delegated to them. This also applies to the councils, and the Monarch – the Monarch represents people who represent Monarch.


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The lunatics who run the asylum

This week has seen austerity measures imposed by the Coalition Government the like of which have not been seen for over sixty years. Cuts to the armed forces, half a million public sector jobs to go, cuts in the welfare state – This is all a direct result, we are told, of the disastrous spending splurge under the last Labour government. Chancellor George Osbourne has stated that ‘we are all in this together’, and has urged for us  to stick together to get the country back on track.

A rallying call to patriots?


This is all fairly standard rhetoric from a Conservative chancellor when the country is in the mire – I seem to remember similar words being uttered when Thatcher came to power and had to pick up the ruins of the economy after the ‘Winter of Discontent’ which brought down Callaghan’s Labour government in the seventies.

The difference then was that although many disagreed with the measures taken, I think most believed in the sincerity of the politicians at the helm.We had a real sense of community, and pride in our country’s standing in the world.  This time round, I am not so sure, and I will point out part of my reasoning behind this.


The Destruction of our national identity


When time permits, I take part in gatherings in London with a group of patriots from an organisation called March for England. MFE are a non-political organisation, who celebrate English culture and attend events such as Armed Forces Day, Remembrance parades, 7/7 memorials and St George’s Day.

They have also been present at joint events to protest against the erosion of our culture, such as the handing in of petitions against Sharia Law in the UK and at the annual Al Quds march.

During these events, we are often confronted by organisations such as The Socialist Workers Party, Unite against Fascism (A real contradiction in terms!) and Anjem Choudhary’s MAC (Muslims against the Crusades, a very nasty group of Islamic Extremists who are an offshoot of several banned groups and frequently abuse our troops at homecoming parades).


What has this got to do with destruction of our national identity?


You would think that these groups are just a collection of small minority interests, and hold no real sway in how this country is run, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, this is not quite the case.

Unite against Fascism (The UAF) were supposedly formed to counter the racist threat of the BNP, and are now to be seen regularly opposing The English Defence League (EDL) up and down the country. If you read their mission statement, it all seems quite straightforward – After all, no sane person in our society today discriminates against another person because of the colour of their skin or their religion. Even their main target these days, the EDL, state on their site that they oppose Islamic Extremism, not Muslims in general.


Martin Smith

This is a video of one of the main organisers of the UAF, Martin Smith, at a Socialist Workers Party conference a couple of years ago!

 To describe either the Union Flag or the Cross of St George as ‘a sign of oppression’ is something I actually find quite insulting – I somehow think that the people of Europe didn’t quite share this view back in 1944 when the British Army were evicting the Nazi’s from their countries!

It is also interesting to see the list of speakers at the end of the video who were in attendance – Some quite big hitters there, including our local MP for Hayes & Harlington, John McDonnell. Last time I looked, wasn’t he a Labour MP, not a Socialist Workers Party member?

Still, there is one thing in the video that he disagrees with the odious Mr Smith about – Our very own MP has been on record as supporting the IRA mainland bombing campaign, whilst Smith says that no-one in their right mind supports terrorist atrocities.

Since this video was filmed, it is also worth pointing out that Martin Smith has been convicted of assaulting a Police Officer during the protest against the BNP appearance on BBC Question Time, and UAF leaders Rhetta Moran and Weyman Bennett are under Police Investigation for conspiracy to incite violent disorder – Hardly the behaviour of law abiding citizens who are trying to stamp out the scourge of racism!

Signatories to the UAF


So why do I think that this fringe organisation has any real influence in the destruction of our national identity?

Why do I think that this has any relevance to George Osbourne’s statement about us ‘all being in this together?’

Well, if you look down the list of Signatories to the UAF founding statement it includes following prominent members of our society who will be at the forefront of turning this country and our borough around……

David Cameron MP – Prime Minister

Ken Livingstone – Front runner in the London Mayoral Campaign

55 other MP’s across the old 3 political parties

Brendan Barber – General Secretary of the TUC

Prominent Union leaders – Dave Prentis,Mark Serwotka,Andy Gilchrist,Bob Crow – To name a few

8 MEP’s including Glenys Kinnock

With this in mind, how can we ‘all be in this together’ when so many people who are supposed to be turning things around are involved with an organisation that condemns our flag and encourages us to be ashamed of our heritage?

What is your view on this? Do you think that the ConDems are using our patriotism against us to justify cuts, when secretly they want to dismantle our national identity? Let us know YOUR views!


Guest speakers announced for The National Conference

With forty eight hours to go until our national conference at Nottingham, Operations Officer Steve Uncles has announced the list of guest speakers for Saturday.

Jon Gaunt – Outspoken talk show host and author, Jon has received several Sony awards for his radio shows.

Never one to shy away from controversy, his forthright style has earned a legion of fans who have followed him from BBC Local Radio, through national radio station Talksport and on line broadcaster SunTalk.

Currently commenting on the news on Sky, Jon has also been a regular columnist with The Sun and is a best selling author. His autobiography, Undaunted, is a moving account of triumph over adversity.

Professor Colin Copus – Professor of Local Politics at De Montfort University, Dr Copus is a leading authority on English national identity and English policy issues.

Published books include Leading the Localities – Executive Mayors in English Local Governance, and Party Politics and Local Government.


Nikki Sinclaire MEP – Member of European Parliament for the West Midlands, Nikki is an outspoken critic of the EU, and campaigns for more power for local people in her constituency.

Peter Davies – The Mayor of Doncaster, and that most unusual of people – A straight talking politician! Peter is the English Democrats first directly elected executive mayor.

It is not too late to book for the conference – Please contact