Enoch, I am a British Indian

The much anticipated book from Sarinder Joshua Daroch is now available to order (See below)


I received the below message earlier, which I am happy to reproduce here.



The much awaited book, ‘Enoch I am a British Indian’ is now available to order from the publisher directly. 

The book will be appearing on Amazon in the next few weeks, however that sales channel will be primarily for the general public. I have sent a number of emails relating to the nature of this book so I am sure most of you will be familiar with it by now,  the cost of the book is £8.99.
PUBLISHER DETAILS: The Choir Press, 01452 500016. The very first copies will be ready by mid next week and will be sent out around Thursday or Friday. 
Please read the information outlined below to to ascertain what the book is about and the nature of its content.
Thank you
Sarinder Joshua Duroch

Gravesend Author Sarinder Joshua Duroch has written his new book, ‘Enoch I am a British Indian’ has just been released and is available to order from the publisher, The Choir Press is based in Gloucester, 01452 500016. The book will become available on Amazon in the next few weeks. In the meantime the publisher will fulfill orders. 


This book has captured international attention, and questions many issues surrounding our EU membership and makes comparisons with Commonwealth immigration and the present EU open door immigration that Britain currently has to endure.


The book examines the failure of multiculturalism and focuses on a unified, patriotic culture as a more positive method of social integration that encompasses a greater sense of belonging to the United Kingdom through an increase in patriotic attitudes, thus creating more cohesion and national pride among our communities.


The author, Sarinder Joshua Duroch focuses on Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers of Blood speech of the sixties and looks at the impact that it has relating to present day immigration, he analyses segments of the speech and relates it to his socialisation process here in Britain. As a British national from Glasgow, Duroch looks at the sectarian divide among indigenous communities and also relates issues like caste discrimination that was imported into the UK from the Indian subcontinent, he examines practices, which are not conducive to the British way of life and makes comparisons between social contrasts that pose a hindrance to social integration.


The book re-ignites the immigration debate in the UK and focuses upon the trends of immigration that have had such a huge impact on the UK. He reaches a common bond with Enoch Powell on certain issues, in particular on the issue of British sovereignty and the EU.


Duroch also looks at the dilution of ethnicity and nationality that has been created by multiculturalism, thus causing confusion to the sense of national belonging among third and fourth generation British nationals.


Personal identity, patriotism and nationalism are highlighted by Duroch, as a British Indian with his vision for Britain and Enoch Powell’s vision for Britain.

The strange world of Cameron & Milliband – Hypocrisy,stupidity or opportunism?

After another busy week in the world of politics, I still can’t decide whether our ‘elite’ in the House of Commons are hypocrites, deluded or just think we are so dim that they can get away with saying what they think we want to hear and won’t remember what they have actually done before.

Ed Milliband and the Labour Party on Immigration

First up this week was Labour leader ‘Red Ed’ Milliband talking about immigration.

Fresh from his Damascus conversion on celebrating Englishness a few weeks before (Although still not prepared to give the English their own parliament and therefore equality with the rest of the Union), Mr Milliband confessed that ‘Labour had got it wrong’ on immigration and were now willing to listen to people’s concerns.

Strangely enough, the Blair/Brown Labour governments were not willing to listen for THIRTEEN YEARS when in power – Governments that both Mr Milliband and his older brother were cabinet members of in the later years of those administrations. Indeed, a senior aid was quoted as saying that they were ‘rubbing the right’s noses in diversity’ when the question was raised before, neglecting to mention that those affected most by the open door policy on their day to day lives were the very working class English that the Labour party was set up to represent!

During those thirteen years, the population of the UK rose by nearly three million people according to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) and the government got it spectacularly wrong on the numbers that would come here when the doors were opened to Eastern European countries that had just joined The European Union (EU)

Any attempt to discuss the real issues surrounding mass immigration, notably the strain on services and lack of housing to cope, were dismissed by the ‘left’ wing political parties as being the rantings of ‘racists’ – Remember Gordon Brown during the 2010 General Election branding Rochdale housewife Gillian Duffy a ‘bigoted woman’ for daring to mention the issue?

After Mr Milliband’s speech, Labour’s Immigration spokesman Chris Bryant MP was invited on to the BBC Politics Show to explain what was going on as can be seen in the clip below. I don’t often praise the BBC, but putting him in the same studio as journalist and author Peter Hitchens in a debate on immigration was a very nice touch

Why the change of heart, Ed?


So, do you suppose that this is Mr Milliband’s second Damascene conversion in under a month or a politician playing to the crowd to gain votes?

I strongly suspect it to be the latter – After all, The Conservatives promised to cut immigration to the tens of thousands per year as part of their General Election manifesto two years ago and we have just been presented with the figures for 2010-2011 that showed net immigration at a massive high of 250,000 people, a clear open goal for a party with a commitment to slashing immigration to aim at.

I am also suspicious that this is purely a ruse because the Labour Party remain committed to the EU project, part of which means that you can’t limit immigration from member states. Indeed, the tentacles of the EU have wrapped themselves around our ability to police our own borders and edicts from Brussels not only demand that we give EU citizens access to our country but also to our benefits and health service,increasing the burden on the taxpayer and our overstretched public services in these times of austerity.

Finally, The Labour Party have done very well at the ballot box from immigrant communities, with numerous surveys crediting them with receiving as much as 80% of the vote from those newly enfranchised in our country. The Labour Party spent much of their time in power pandering to various minority groups when they should have been concentrating on integrating these groups in to our society and helping them assimilate in to the wider community.

By constant promotion of ‘multiculturalism’ and condemnation of any who have spoken out against mass immigration as ‘racists’, The Labour Party have alienated many of their core working class voters who they will need to regain power at the next general election. In my opinion, this is not Ed Milliband finally seeing the light on cutting immigration but is merely a crude attempt to win back some of the support that they have undoubtedly lost over the issue. I hope and trust that the electorate will remember who was responsible for this mess in the first place.

David Cameron and The Conservatives on tax avoidance


If Red Ed was trying to make himself look silly this week, he must be mightily upset with Prime Minister David Cameron for stealing his thunder.

When comedian Jimmy Carr was revealed to be using an offshore scheme to avoid paying the full 45% income tax rate on his not inconsiderable earnings, the PM waded in to the row by calling Mr Carr’s arrangements ‘morally repugnant’.

Again, you have to ask yourself the question as to whether this is what Mr Cameron really felt or if he was just grandstanding with a stance he thought would be popular with the voters, especially as the Tories are still seen by many as a party for the ultra rich?

The fallout from his comments have been nothing if not spectacular. It has since been revealed that high profile Conservative donors and supporters such as Sir Philip Green and singer/songwriter Gary Barlow OBE also operate similar schemes, and there have also been allegations that members of Mr Cameron’s own family have not exactly been paying the complete 45% band that their earnings would have you believe they would have to fork out.

Probably the most level headed commentary on this subject that I have seen so far came in the Express from my UKIP colleague, Neil Hamilton (See link below)

Sunday Express – Neil Hamilton

My take on the situation is that Mr Carr has acted within the law but has shown himself to be a hypocrite by criticising people in his comedy act who are using schemes to avoid paying tax in a similar way to himself.

Ken Livingstone suffered a similar fate when his tax affairs came to light during the recent GLA elections – He had referred to bankers who used tax avoidance schemes as ‘bastards who should not be allowed to vote’ a few years back, and was then exposed as using a company loophole to pay tax at a much lower rate than the ordinary Londoners he wanted to represent! Let’s face it, as Neil Hamilton states in his article, we all begrudge paying tax and if there was a legal way of keeping down the amount we pay most of us would take it.

Dealing with immigration and tax avoidance


It is pretty obvious that neither the Prime Minister or the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition has any credibility when it comes to dealing with either of these issues. Indeed, the damning response I have heard on the doorsteps when canvassing in elections is that ‘all politicians are the same, they all lie and tell you what you want to hear but do nothing when they get the chance’.

Whilst Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem all give promises and then change their tune for the chance of a few extra votes (Remember Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg promising to scrap student tuition fees in 2010, picture left?), UKIP policy has remained exactly the same on these subjects for years. It has stayed the same because the party believes that the policies in place, often derided by our political opponents, are the right thing to do for our country irrespective of ‘trendy’ think tanks and political expediency.

None of the old parties will ever get a grip on mass immigration because they all support our membership of the EU. Whilst we stay within this vast bureaucratic organisation, we have no power to stop anybody from the other member states coming to the UK. Talk of ‘renegotiating’ our deal with Brussels is unrealistic – There is no mechanism within the Treaty of Lisbon that Gordon Brown signed whilst Prime Minister to repatriate powers to any of the member states, including those regarding border controls.

Our stance on immigration is clear and common sense – Withdraw from the EU to regain border control, place a 5 year freeze on permanent immigration so we can sort out the backlog of cases that the Border Agency has on their desk and afterwards introduce a points based system along the lines of the Australian model so that only those who can support themselves and benefit society as a whole are admitted.

With regards to tax, the current system is far too complicated. A whole industry has sprung up around exploiting loopholes, with HM Revenue having to expend disproportionate resources to try and prosecute tax evasion (Not avoidance, which is legal) and losing a number of cases because nobody seems to know how such laws should be enforced and what they cover.

UKIP would set a flat rate tax that covers all, with the minimum threshold where tax starts to be paid raised to take the lowest paid workers out of contributions altogether. Where low flat rates have been introduced in other countries, many have seen the overall take increase as avoidance schemes become unnecessary and more money is left in people’s pockets to spend, boosting job creation and local business. This has also encouraged investment from companies who can see the advantages of operating within a low tax economy, again creating opportunities for employment.

Not all political parties are the same, and not all party leaders change their tune to suit their own agendas. UKIP have been consistent even when our message has not been as popular as it is now. On tax, the message is simple – Vote for real change, don’t be left with just loose change.

St George and the Dragons of Ignorance

The following post is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the views and policy of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

During all the doom and gloom of the last couple of years, it has been good to see the upsurge in pride in our country that has been fostered by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and will hopefully continue via this summer’s sporting events.

Labour leader Ed Milliband has been quick to jump on the bandwagon and proclaim his ‘Englishness’ earlier this week on the back of this renewed sense of national pride, although having gone through the speech it is more a collection of soundbytes than a coherent strategy to restore our national identity – But more about that later.

This year is exceptional in the number of events so close together and the Jubilee was a huge and welcome one off event, but it has been noticeable over the last few years of the resurgence in celebrations of England’s national day on 23rd April – St George’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day in March has been a loud party for the Irish community for as long as I can remember, with everybody getting in on the festival atmosphere and having a good time enjoying ‘the craic’ and the Guinness, whilst the Welsh and Scots also celebrate St David and St Andrew in fine style.

Many towns and cities in England put on a St Patrick’s Day parade,including in London where successive Mayors have supported and sponsored what have been a great series of events over the last ten years. With the increased popularity of St George’s Day, I would hope that Boris Johnson may consider doing something similar to celebrate our patron saint in the near future – After all, the GLA has also sponsored events for Vaisakhi, Eid and Diwali in the capital and it would be good to have a day when English culture could be celebrated in the same way.

Unfortunately, and despite Mr Milliband’s cry to arms, there does seem to be an agenda in some quarters to either suppress this national pride or to smear it as something entirely different as I witnessed during a St George’s day event earlier this year.

St George’s Day with March for England

March for England started a St George’s Day parade in Brighton in 2008 (Above), where it was led out by The Gurkhas. Conceived as a family day out to celebrate our patron saint similar to some of the St Patrick’s marches that the Irish organise, the initial two years saw kiddies face painting and a party atmosphere at the pubs that the marchers visited on the day. The events were lightly policed and went off in good order with no problems at all, as can be seen in the picture below from the 2010 march

Unfortunately, there are some in our society who can’t tell the difference between being proud of your country and culture and being a ‘racist’, and started to oppose the march in 2010. Shortly after the picture above was taken,members of an organisation called ‘AntiFA’ assaulted a Police officer and attempted to get to women and children drinking in a pub.  This then led to a bigger Police operation in 2011, when members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and The Socialist Workers Party decided to oppose the March – The difference in Police presence and equipment  can be seen below

I wrote about the atmosphere and the event where I was a guest of March for England on 14th May last year under the title ‘Patriotism – Is it a crime now?’ on this blog.

Despite the Organisers offering to meet with the ‘Anti-Fascist’ protesters (above) to explain what the march was about, they refused to discuss it and also ignored Police requests for talks. In the minds of these people, having a St George flag means that you must be either a member or associated with the BNP or The English Defence League (EDL),or hold racist, homophobic or anti-Islamic attitudes.It begs the question – What is the difference between having a St George flag on our patron saints day or a tricolour on St Pat’s? Both are a celebration of a Patron Saint and a culture, so why must one be demonstrated against whilst the other is to be celebrated?

St George’s Day in Brighton 2012 – The Dragons of Ignorance

This year’s St George’s Day parade was attended by fewer than the previous year – Many felt that they did not want to put their children in to an environment that was hostile as was seen in 2011, which with hindsight was probably not a bad idea.

The UAF, SWP and their cohorts had also been putting posters up around the town claiming that this was an EDL event to drum up support amongst the local community for their counter-protest. Again, March organiser ‘Pompey’ Dave offered to meet with them and address their concerns – His reward was to be branded a ‘Leading Portsmouth football hooligan’ based on an incorrect newspaper story from a few years back (Dave is not even a Portsmouth fan!). You also have to ask yourself if Sussex Police would be liasing with a known football hooligan year after year on not just this event, but others including a recent charity fundraising walk?

I took the photograph above at Brighton train station before the March got going, and as you can see there is a broad cross-section of people attending. It was also noticable that the only flags present apart from one ‘Help for Heroes’ banner were either the Cross of St George or the old English white dragon – This was a request from the organisers to reflect that this was a day for celebration of our country and culture by all and not a demonstration. The UAF were having none of it and posted on the net that March for England were inviting football hooligans and thugs to attend incognito, despite the request being quite clear.

We got a taste of what was to come at the station as some characters approached us whilst we were waiting to move off with a sheet on which was painted ‘We are all imigrants’ (Not a spelling mistake, this was how they had painted it on to the banner as can be seen above,pictured later on in the day). This was accompanied with chants of ‘we don’t want you fascists in our town’. Charming!

When the March did start, we didn’t get too far before being brought to a halt in a street where the pavements were raised above the level of the road that we were proceeding down. The counter protesters had blocked the road off ahead, and we got our first taste of the abusive language and missile throwing that was to follow us to the assembly point at Victoria Gardens and back to the station afterwards.Police officers clambered up on to the railings to try and stop this happening.


We found out afterwards that recycling bins had been emptied and that the protesters had been hurling bottles and other assorted missiles at the Police and their horses at the front of the parade, as can be seen in some of the images.Two Police officers were taken to hospital, and a number of Police horses were injured as was reported later by The Brighton Argus.

With the march unable to proceed past a makeshift road block, the Police took us down a side road where we found more abuse waiting for us. Bottles of urine were launched from the buildings above, and a wall of missiles could be seen flying in to the middle of the march from a side street. I was at the back of the march at this point, and as we were bunched up by the Officers at the back I could see that we were being herded in to the firing line from the side street that the Police on the left were unsuccessfully trying to stop.

A young girl in front of me was hit in the back of the head by a flying bottle and needed treatment by paramedics whilst a couple of officers tried to shield her from more harm. The gentleman escorting her, who I believe was her father, was given the opportunity to take her out of the march at this point but declined as there was no way of guaranteeing that he would be able to get past the ranks of counter demonstrators without further assaults being made.

Many of the protesters were taking pictures of those on the march, which I know from previous events are passed around and used to ‘identify’ targets for later on if you are still in the local area.

A particularly vile woman in a red jacket was shouting out that “It’s your fault, you shouldn’t bring your kids here you scum” as a justification for the assault. I later found out that she was the one identified by some of the marchers as having thrown the bottle! Fortunately, the young lady was OK and is pictured with a cool pack that the paramedics left for her to take the swelling down.

A number of megaphones were calling out and organising these attacks – Indeed, one behind the march was encouraging people to ‘get more missiles, they are putting the kids in the middle’. When I pointed out to one of the officers that this is an offence under the public order act and he should be arrested, I was advised that they were taking photos and would be making arrests after the event as any show of force at this point could lead to additional violence.Bearing in mind that many of the protesters had their faces covered and could not be identified, I couldn’t help but think that the main perpetrators would get away scot free. 

On Victoria Gardens

The March finally made it to Victoria Gardens, where speeches were to be made as had been done in previous years. The UAF were out in force as can be seen in the photo on the left.

In 2011, a lady whose son lost his life in Afghanistan had made a particularly moving address but this was not to be in 2012. She was in attendance this time and I spoke with her at the start of the March where she advised me that those protesting had made her life ‘hell’ . It begs the question as to what sort of sick moron torments a mother who has lost her son in the service of our country? 


You also have to ask what kind of  ‘anti-fascist’protester would turn out with their face covered and parading a banner like the one in the picture below as seen on the walk down to the green? What has this to do with opposing racism and discrimination in your community?

Worse was to follow as we stood surrounded by our Police escorts. The black clad ‘AntiFA’ activists turned up and started patrolling the Police lines, looking to pick off anybody who was not behind the wall of officers.

The by now familiar taunts of ‘St George wasn’t English’  raining in from the other side of the line were greeted with a spirited chant from those assembled of ‘St George was a foreigner’ followed by a wag down the front starting up a chorus of ‘We’re not racists anymore!’ which was greeted by bemused looks from the assembled UAF before they reverted to a monotone ‘racists off our streets’.

We were then advised that the speeches were cancelled due to security considerations, and that we would be escorted back to the National Rail station where we should leave Brighton. In previous years, arrangements have been made with local pubs to carry on the day but with around 400-500 protesters intent on getting at the 120 or so on the march this time around that would not have been practical.It would also have been difficult to slip away for a quiet pint along the front with the amount of protesters on the look out for stragglers who they could pick off from the mass of photo’s they were taking, although I understand some did manage to carry on afterwards.


The Police brought vans across, and we were escorted out of the park behind the line of vehicles to stop the demonstrators getting to us once again. (Above) Unfortunately, the respite didn’t last for long and we were harried all the way back to the station by the motley collection of ‘anti-fascists’ with more missiles thrown.

Just before we went under the railway bridge, one particularly loathsome individual surged towards us with an Irish tricolour and started chanting, “IRA, IRA ” – I hope his ‘enlightened’ friends are happy with him for praising paramilitaries and for using the flag of the Republic in an inappropriate way at a celebration of England’s patron saint.

Unfortunately, it was typical of the bigotry and intolerance we had seen on the day from people who claim to oppose such things!

The patriots of March for England had once again shown restraint in the face of serious provocation from this motley assortment, and I am happy to say that there was none of the racist chanting that the UAF claimed that there would be at the event  – Indeed, I have witnessed MFE working alongside people of many different races, religions and colours when covering their organisation for the blog so would have been far more surprised if there had been any! One idiot who nobody seemed to know threw a Nazi salute at the protesters and was swiftly and robustly dealt with by stewards and ejected from the march – It may have been a sarcastic reply to the taunting, but this kind of thing gets shown zero tolerance at events I have attended as a guest. A pity that AntiFA don’t show the same attitude as can be seen from the photo above.

A further viewpoint on the day was written by my friend ‘Esmerelda Weatherwax’ and can be viewed via the following link

MFE Brighton 2012 – Esmerelda Weatherwax

St George – A figure to unite and celebrate

It never ceases to amaze me that these so-called ‘anti-fascist’ protesters chant that ‘St George wasn’t even English’ at the marchers every year.

We are all aware of the Legend, and that our patron saint hails from overseas. Indeed, St George is the patron saint of many countries and regions around the world and as such could be held up as an example of how one man is a unifying figure to rally round and celebrate irrespective of your background.

Many countries have a patron saint who is not from their homeland, but still celebrate their life and have them as a focal point for national celebrations. St Patrick is a case in point – Whisper it low in Dublin, but he was actually an Englishman!

To my mind, this makes St George an ideal figure to represent a national day in England where we can all get together and celebrate the things that make our culture and country unique, a day where the kind of pride we have in who we are can be expressed in the same way as we saw last week during the Jubilee celebrations. The flag of St George is an inclusive flag as seen by his popularity around the world, not the badge of extremists as the likes of the UAF would have you believe .

Slaying the Dragons of ignorance

It appears that there are some who view being proud of your country as being some kind of affliction, that having such pride is tantamount to being some sort of swivel eyed fascist lunatic. The picture above from the 2012 St George event in Brighton makes it quite clear that in the eyes of the likes of the UAF and the SWP, ‘patriotism breeds racism’.

Unfortunately, this kind of ridiculous rhetoric seems to have many sympathisers in the corridors of power in this country. Green party leader Caroline Lucas MP was out with the UAF during the Brighton event, and has even had the brass neck to complain about the Police handling of the demonstrators, despite their violent acts towards both the women and children on the march and the Police themselves.

Her Green party colleague and Brighton councillor, Ben Duncan(left), has been vocal in his support for an anarchist group called ‘Smash EDO’ whose numbers include UAF members and who have staged violent protests against a military contractor in the town. Cllr Duncan is the cabinet member for community safety, and was reported by the BBC on 1st May as having tweeted that he ‘only smoked cannabis whilst murdering,raping and looting’, for which he has since apologised.

Whilst the rest of the country was celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last week, Smash EDO were staging a demonstration against a war with Iran and the EDO factory, whilst other ‘left wing’ groups also staged a UK Uncut march through Brighton on the Saturday (2nd June).

The UAF staged a ‘stuff the jubilee’ party in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on 4th June as reported on Sky News, yet they claim that this is their ‘democratic right to free speech’ that they would deny to others.

Which brings me back to why I feel that Labour leader Ed Milliband is purely paying lip service to the idea of Englishness and patriotism.  Below is a link to the list of signatories to the UAF founding statement on their website

 UAF Founding statement signatories

Look at how many MP’s are on this list from his party – Indeed, look at how many there are from all the parliamentary parties, including Prime Minister David Cameron!

How can any of them honestly hold their head up and make a speech such as Mr Milliband did earlier this week when this organisation claims that patriotism is racism? How does Mr Cameron have the nerve to go on national TV praising our Queen when members of this organisation that he is a signatory to are having a ‘stuff the jubilee’ party on the streets of England?

Indeed, new UAF Vice-Chairman Azad Ali (above) is the community affairs co-ordinator of the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) , a group dedicated to enforcing it’s own interpretation of Islamic law on to the democracies of Europe.He was quoted as justifying the killing of British troops and then unsuccessfully sued the newspaper who printed the story, has praised Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki and was filmed by undercover reporters from the Channel 4 Despatches programme saying, “Democracy, if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia then of course no-one agrees with that” .

How does this square with the patriotism that Mr Milliband speaks of, when a senior member of an organisation that such Labour party luminaries as Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn and Diane Abbott are happy to have their name linked to would like to impose an alternative legal system above our own laws and democratic rights?

The way ahead

My idea of patriotism revolves around culture, country and community. We have seen recently how not just the English but all of our commonwealth cousins have come together to celebrate a joyous occasion in our country’s history. We are all part of the tapestry that is 21st century England irrespective of our backgrounds, and such events help to bind us together as a truly united nation.

I was fortunate enough to mingle with the crowds in London during the Flotilla on 3rd June and it brought home to me just how much we have to be proud of in England, a fact not lost on the multitudes who turned out from all corners of the world.In the face of onslaughts on our way of life from the twin evils of the EU and extremist terrorism, it is good to celebrate who we are and to be reminded of what we have achieved as a nation.

 To continue to achieve as a country, we need to work together and have a feeling of belonging. A national day to celebrate this without the divisiveness of the likes of the UAF and their ilk would be a start, where the English people of all colours and faiths can gather under our flag and proudly say ‘We are a part of this community and we stand together, more alike and united than we are different’.

It has been brilliant to stand together under our flag for the last fortnight without any of the negative connotations put about by those who would destroy such feelings of belonging – Let us hope that this is a turning point where all the people of England, be they black or white and of whatever religion, can stand together and say, “This is our country, this is our community, and we want to take it back from the extremists and those who disrespect it”

A big thank you to Mickey English and Esmerelda for additional photgraphs used in this piece, and to Lawson Narse for the St George artwork.

Save our pubs!

This week is British Pub Week, celebrating what used to be the focal point (and pint!) of our local area.


Many hostelries in our area have disappeared over the course of the last 20 years including such well known venues as The Chiltern View, The Cowley Brick (My first local),The Ram, The Anchor in West Drayton and, more recently, The Swan in West Drayton and the Heath Tavern in Hillingdon.


The Issues


Over the last few years the pub industry has come under attack by both labour and Coalition Governments. Pubs have been closing at an alarming rate: at it’s peak, 52 per week. This trend has now slowed to a still unacceptable 25 pubs per week.

40,000 jobs have been lost already, and 10,000-15,000 more are going each year. The beer and pub sector sustains over 950,000 jobs in the UK.  My new political home, UKIP, believes that pubs are vital to local communities and the country as a whole.


A Policy to Help our Pubs


To help stop the decline of pubs such as The Heath (left), the following proposals have been put forward –


* Scrap the alcohol duty escalator, which automatically raises prices 2% above inflation.


* Significantly reduce duty on real ales below 5% ABV (Alcohol by volume)


* Set VAT at 5% for the hospitality industry (Morning Advertiser’s Thrive on 5 campaign)


* Allow pubs to have separate, well ventilated smoking rooms if they wish (Remember the ‘saloon’ and public’ bars in pubs in the 70’s and 80’s?)


* Stop supermarkets selling alcohol at less than cost price (including duty)


* Return licensing responsibilities from council to magistrates for consistent licensing


* Reduce costs of licensing for live music and entertainment in pubs


* Review the restrictive contracts between pub companies and tenants


* Review planning laws to enable pubs to diversify as local shops, post offices etc.


If you wish to support your local pub, please visit www.savethepub.co.uk and sign the petition – Let’s stop pubs like The Cowley Brick (right) disappearing from our communities


Wootton Bassett – A Fond Farewell

I recently received the following article from my English Democrats colleague Ben Weald, who attended the last of the repatriation services in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Wootton Bassett – A Fond Farewell


On Wednesday afternoon after I finished work (31/08/2011), I decided I was going to pay a visit to Wootton Bassett, as the community was holding a special service because repatriations were no longer going to come through the town.

I had never been to the town to see a repatriation as I had always been at work or had other things going on when they happened, and I wanted to pay my respects to the wonderful people who time and again had taken to the streets to pay their respects to the soldiers who had been killed, and their families – They had honoured them each and every time without being asked.

Two and a half hours after leaving Enfield, my sat nav told me I had arrived at my destination. I slowly drove through to see a small crowd of people and the flag pole with the flag which was to be lowered later and the press pack.

Walking through the town passing many shops with Union flags in the windows and people milling around, there was a certain anticipation of what was to happen (This was at 5.30pm)

The flag stood proudly at the top of the pole in front of Wootton Bassett Post Office – To the left was Bassett Books and to the right an estate agents.

As the time moved closer, more and more people turned up – Many bikers were around and wearing their biker gear with poppies and ‘lest we forget’ messages on. The black and white building that has been televised so often was used to park bikes under and is actually a museum, although of what it does not say.

The British Legion were there in full force mingling with people along with the Police, the RAF and Town Cryers in full dress.

Just after 7pm the Mayor started to ask people to keep the road clear(There were now around 3000 plus people in attendance). Cream coloured order of events were handed around so people could follow the service – Everyone was expecting something special and they were not disappointed.

The service was due to start at 7.57pm – The time of sunset – and as it drew closer, the roads were closed and people moved forward. By this time around five thousand people were now in the area.

People were talking, dogs were barking and then suddenly….You heard a bell, and silence fell very quickly.The second bell tolled a few seconds later, and people just listened – I heard a person sob and couples put their arms around each other for comfort, the bell continued to toll and then the Mayor spoke, thanked people for coming and praised the soldiers who had passed through.

The Legion stood around, flags raised high (I counted at least sixty flags) and a hymn was sung. To the sound of what I was pretty sure was a lone bugle, the flag was lowered against the night sky now red in the distance as the sun faded – An awesome sight that a photo could not do justice to and nothing I could ever equal in words.

Once the flag was down, the vicar took it away with his escort where he was to lay it on the altar at the chapel overnight.

The Mayor then thanked people for coming and it was followed by a spontaneous round of applause. Some people turned to walk away (I was one), but as I did a lone voice shouted out for three cheers for the people of Wootton Bassett – We all cheered.

The Wootton Bassett fairytale was now over (If you could call it that), the soldiers who come home now will fly in via Brize Norton and a less public route, the government’s way of trying to make the war and what happens less public.

If you ever get the chance to go to Wootton Bassett then go along – The town is small but very lovely and probably as humble now as it was before it became world famous.

Thank you,Wootton Bassett

Soaking wet in London!

An interesting weekend was had in London this weekend alongside other branch members and English associations.

On Saturday, I was invited to speak at The British Patriots Society march which started at Westminster and ended up in Waterloo Square via Downing Street and The Mall. The weather was more in keeping with monsoon season in Asia, but a hard core of patriots lined up and protested against the EU, increased foreign aid and the government’s betrayal of the Military Covenant.

There were speeches on the day from a number of figures and groups within the patriotic movement, but unfortunately we had no sound system or scripts due to the driving rain!

I have attached a number of images from the event, and below is the speech I had prepared prior to the paper turning to a pulp in my waterlogged carryall! (On the positive side, a large number of signatures were gathered and survived the rain for the EU Referendum Campaign – Bridget and her helpers use a better quality of card to make sure that their campaign is not derailed!)

A Call to Common Sense


I would like to thank Sara and the BPS for inviting me to speak here today. For those who have heard me speak before, my ED colleague Ben Weald will be passing amongst you with competitively priced earplugs with all money raised going to my retirement plan.


It is good to see so many fellow patriots turning out to protest the injustices that are being foisted upon us by both the British Government of the last 15 years, and by our new unelected masters in Brussels.

Jacqui has just spoken eloquently about the disgraceful way our armed forces have been treated in recent times, and how she has lost so much because of the Political classes showing disrespect to the military covenant. This is not a new phenomenon – I was fortunate enough to speak with an old soldier called Jim Greasley before he passed away a couple of years back, and even at the end of the last war the government of the day refused to give him his back pay for the five years he spent in a German POW camp – The proud old soldier gave his medals back in disgust.


Jim’s generation gave the best years of their lives fighting to give us a future free from tyranny and oppression – Many of you here will have had family members who served with distinction alongside such men. I grew up in awe of my grandfather, a slightly built man from Kent who served under Montgomery at El Alamein, saw action at the charnel house of Monte Cassino in Italy and was amongst the first wave of British soldiers on the ground at the liberation of Belsen-Bergen, the nightmares of which followed him for the rest of his life.

They gave so much to give us our freedom, yet does our government remember and honour their sacrifices? Do the honourable members of Parliament think about those who have given so much in the past, and those who keep on giving in the present, when they cut back on the funding and the equipment for those in the front line?

Here are some stark figures that make for bleak reading at a time when our forces are engaged on two fronts, in Afghanistan and in Libya –

The initial cuts announced to the armed forces in this year’s spending review were a total of £9 billion. We have lost our last operational front line aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal, and her iconic Harrier strike jets – If she had still been operational, she would have paid for herself in the savings in the Libyan operation over the cost of deployment of the RAF fast jet force that have had to do the job. We have lost our Nimrod reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft, 40% of our tanks and the navy has lost a further 4 frigates and destroyers. The Army now has less than 100,000 soldiers, and we were informed last month that the historic Coldstream Guards regiment with over 300 years of history is to be disbanded.

Squaddies on the front line in Afghanistan will be coming home to redundancy notices and an uncertain future – many will be suffering stress related illnesses, and statistics show that there are a disproportionate number of ex-servicemen living rough on the streets. Prime Minister David Cameron says that the cupboard is bare, and in the current financial climate savings have to be made and unpleasant cuts have to be imposed to tackle the massive debt that the country finds itself in.


Now balance these cuts alongside the following spending increases –

Overseas Aid in 2011 will be £8.7 billion, which will rise under Government policy to £12.4 billion by 2014. There has been a 40% increase in foreign aid to Afghanistan, despite much of the money by the government’s own admission ‘going missing’. Some has ended up in the hands of Afghan warlords according to the press, who will be using it to arm their people against our own troops on the ground.

Corruption is endemic.

India will continue to receive foreign aid, despite having her own aircraft carriers which we apparently can no longer afford, her own space programme that we definitely can’t afford, a defence budget of £25 billion and an overseas aid programme of her own!

David Cameron has pledged £650 million of our money to develop schools in Pakistan, a country that has just increased its defence spending by £1.5 billion per year. May I suggest that this money might be better spent on our own schools, where a recent report has shown that one third of pupils leaving primary school have sub-standard levels in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic?

Uganda received around £100 million in aid this year, and despite widespread poverty the country’s President, Yoweri Museveni, has spent £25 million on a new Gulfstream Jet.

I could go on with this ridiculous state of affairs, but I think we all get the picture.

It is a bleak canvas of our armed forces being given more to do and less resources and manpower to do it with, whilst our government gives away our money to fund African dictators, corrupt third world governments and countries such as India and China who really are doing very well thank you without the need for English taxpayer’s handouts.

So, would stopping this foreign aid programme get us back on track? Well, it would be a start…But, unfortunately, there is a big elephant in the room, one with a blue flag and yellow stars on it that keeps on taking as well. It is our old friend, the EU.

Sold to the English people as ‘The Common Market’ by Ted Heath in the 70’s, the so called free trading area then morphed from the European Economic Community, or EEC, to the European Community or EC, and now to the European Union, or EU.

Our foreign aid bill of £8.7 billion is peanuts to this unelected and undemocratic European super-quango, and to add insult to injury nobody under the age of 54 in this country has ever had a say on anything to do with it. Even those over 54 were mis-sold what they were dropped in to by Mr Heath – If it had been an insurance policy, you would have had someone with a cheesy grin on satellite TV by now offering to take on your case on a no-win no-fee basis for blatant misrepresentation of what you had signed up for!

Cameron puts in cuts for £7 billion to the welfare bill as an austerity measure – Just as Ireland needs a bail out of £7 billion to keep its economy going because of the disastrous Euro currency that is crippling the country’s industry. “Not to worry, because of our special ties that £7bn will be given as a loan until you are back on your feet” says Mr Cameron. Never mind that our disabled are being means tested by a French company, ATOS Medical, and savagely treated to make those savings, we are all friends in the European community.

Then Greece gets in to trouble and needs a bail out….Then Portugal…and now Spain and Italy are teetering on the brink. Not to worry, says Cameron, we are not in the Euro currency so the IMF can do the bailing out – Except he fails to mention that the IMF is underwritten by a certain country just off the West coast of France, that happens to have it’s own currency and it’s own massive debt mountain that is supposed to be getting paid off by cuts and tax increases levied on it’s citizens.

That is on top of the nearly £50 million per day in direct taxation going out of the UK to the EU, and a total bill of around £65 billion per year according to informed sources such as The Taxpayer’s Alliance. That £65 billion could make a lot of difference here at home.

What’s more, the people at the top of the EU are not even elected by the people they claim to represent. They dictate policy whilst our highly paid MEP’s only get the chance to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – No suggestions, no policies, and no input from the people we voted for to represent OUR views. If they say ‘no’ – Well, Mr Van Rumpuoy, the unelected President of Europe, and his EU ‘Politburo’ just tell them to vote again until they get it right, just as they did to Ireland when they said ‘No’ to The Lisbon Treaty which transferred their sovereignty to Brussels.

Of this inner ‘Politburo’ just one member comes from the British Isles – Baroness Cathy Ashton, a woman who has never faced an election by the public in her life, so is perfectly suited to the EU way of doing things.

Time and again, the EU dictates to it’s member states and demands more of our tax money to drive on with it’s extravagant schemes. Whilst we see cuts at home, the Brussels bureaucracy have increased their spending and their allowances yet again despite the hardships being felt across the continent.

Is this the ‘freedom’ that our Grandparent’s generation in the armed forces fought for?

Is this the freedom that our sons and daughters sign up to the forces to protect?

Is this the kind of ‘freedom’ that the people of England want?

More to the point, what are we going to do about it?

Today, all of you here have made the first step. By your attendance at this rally, you have sent a signal to Westminster and Brussels that the English people have had enough.

We have had enough of the undemocratic interference of the EU in the affairs of our land.

We have had enough of subsidising other countries whilst our young, our sick, and our elderly are facing an uncertain future due to lack of funding.

We have had enough of our heroes being short changed and treated as second class citizens.

You have made a start – But this is only a start. When you leave here today, remember why you came. Take it further. Write to your MP, write to your local papers, write to the national press. Find like minded individuals in your area and encourage them to join you in your activity.

Get involved with the EU Referendum Campaign or Nikki Sinclaire’s Referendum petition to ensure your say on our membership of the EU, details and forms of which are available here today.

Start pressure groups to bring your grievances to the local authorities, and let your councillors, MP’s and MEP’s know that without action they can no longer count on your support at the ballot box. There is nothing that a career politician hates more than the thought that he might lose office and have to get a real job alongside the rest of us!

Some have decided to take the fight on by getting involved in the political arena – The big 3 parties care not for the worries of us normal people as shown by their consistent disregard of opinion polls that show the majority wanting a referendum on our EU membership. You are seeing today some of the alternative parties which may have an influence on our futures, if you wish to explore the political route then I would recommend finding the active patriotic party in your area and pitch in to make a difference at a local level.

Our grandparents generation fought to give us the freedom to air our views. Today, we exercise the right that they gave us through their struggle against tyranny.

Go back to your part of this green and pleasant land and prepare to defend it with the spoken word, the written word, the protest march and via the ballot box.

Spread the message to all who will listen, and become a thorn in the side of the establishment who will not.

We are the people of England, a free and proud people for a thousand years. By your efforts and your struggle, we will remain a free and proud people for another thousand.

Thank You

The views posted in this article are those of the author and are not necessarily represntative of the policy of The English Democrats Party

Patriotism – Is it a crime now?

Since the Devolution Act gave Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland their own assemblies and parliament, there has appeared to be a resurgence in England of national identity. For example, when England won the world cup at Wembley in 1966, the terraces were awash with Union Jacks – Fast forward to the 21st Century, and the Cross of St George is far more prominent than the British  Union Flag at sporting events across the board.

Our Patron Saints Day

I recently attended the March For England annual parade in Brighton to mark St George’s Day.There seems to have been renewed interest in celebrating our patron saints day, with calls from many to make it a bank holiday in the same way that the Irish and Scots get bank holidays to celebrate their saints and national identity.

This is the fourth year that MFE have arranged a day out in Brighton to mark the occasion – Previous years have seen kids face painting, food in the pub at the end of the parade, and a good family atmosphere around the event.

In the four years that ‘Pompey Dave’, the organiser, has run this parade there have never been any arrests amongst the patriots celebrating St George, and a great deal of money has been raised for charities – This year, over £1000 was raised for a forces charity.

The Politically Correct brigade miss the point


Above is a picture of the 2010 parade – As you can see, the event was lightly policed and people of all ages came along to enjoy a day out. MFE organised the route and times with the local constabulary, and everything went off like clockwork as usual. However, at the end of the event there were some instances of abuse and intimidation aimed at the MFE contingent by local members of left wing groups such as AntiFA and The UAF (Unite against fascism), who seem to think that waving our flag is akin to being a football hooligan or a racist. You have to ask yourself – Would they be throwing these kind of insults at Scotsmen waving a saltire on St Andrew’s day, or an Irishman with his tricolour on St Patricks?

The UAF decided this year that they did not want the parade, and tried to get it called off. The MFE organisers invited the UAF along to meet with them and the Police to explain what the event was about, and to plan the routes  – The UAF declined to attend, and refused to co-operate with the Police at any stage. They made it clear that they would be out in force to ‘counter protest’ and that they saw the event as being some sort of ‘racist and fascist gathering’. The difference in Police presence and attire can be seen in the picture below of the 2011 parade

We met up in  The Railway Bell pub opposite Brighton national rail station, and a police line was stretched across the street between the pub and the UAF on the other side of the road. Even at this early stage, abusive language was being hurled in our direction – Hardly what you would expect from people who are concerned with stamping out fascism and racism in our society.

The parade moved off late after the Police had to move on some UAF who had spread out across one of the roads on the route in an attempt to block the march. (see below)

With this protest split up, groups of  UAF shadowed the march hurling insults and, in some cases, missiles at the parade. – I was hit in the back with an egg just before we got to our destination in Victoria Gardens where we were to be addressed by a lady who lost her son in Afghanistan.

One particularly loud youngster pointed at me and shouted ‘homophobe’ – I enquired back that if she was so worried about discrimination against our gay population, why was she protesting at a St George’s parade rather than in Tower Hamlets where one of my gay friends has had threats and leaflets pushed through his door?  “Fascist!”, she yelled back at me – I take it that she is not studying debating skills at University, then!

Another UAF intellectual started shouting in my direction that “St George wasn’t even English” – I replied back that we are all well aware of that, and as he is patron saint of many countries wouldn’t he agree that St George is a great role model for an integrated and multi-racial society? Cue another torrent of profanity and abuse.

By the end of the parade, once again no MFE members had been arrested. There were eight arrests amongst the UAF counter demonstrators, including one man who threw himself through the Police cordon at Victoria Gardens and started spitting at members of MFE

The Erosion of our values through political correctness




This photograph (above) was taken in London last year, and shows Islamic Extremists burning flags in London. Contrast that with the earlier picture of the 2010 MFE St George event, where families can be seen enjoying a day out.

Despite this, the politically correct brigade will throw all sorts of accusations at you merely for being proud of your country, but woe betide anyone who criticises the likes of Anjem Choudhary and his followers when they create scenes like this. Don’t the UAF realise that by constantly bleating about ‘Islamophobia’, they are promoting extremist behaviour above our own culture whilst driving a wedge between decent,law abding Muslims and the rest of our population?

Don’t they realise that by condoning the behaviour of extremist elements in our society and stopping the authorities from cracking down on them, they are actually fuelling recruitment for the far right groups that they oppose?

Their ridiculous behaviour and refusal to discuss and debate on any issues actually exacerbates the problems that they claim to want to sort out. Unfortunately, many of our leading politicians and trade unionists are signatories to the UAF founding statement, giving the thuggish behaviour described above a veneer of respectability that it does not deserve.

The politically correct fear of offending minorities


Many of you will have been horrified by the sight of poppies being burned last Remembrance Day by the extremist group, Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), whilst they chanted for death to our soldiers . I have yet to speak with any of my friends amongst the Asian English community who was not disgusted with what they saw –  Yet only two of the MAC were arrested, and only one of them was actually fined for what they did (A paltry £50), despite this being a highly provocative act and one that was very likely to incite violence and fuel religious intolerance.

Contrast this with the recent case of a man in Cumbria burning The Koran – He got seventy days in prison. Whilst I would never condone the burning of any religious book, where is the consistency in the ruling? Why are our courts so scared of punishing these fanatics? None of the ‘minorities’ I have spoken to would have been offended by a much more severe punishment for the members of the MAC!

Then we had the case earlier this week of English Defence League (EDL) Leader ‘Tommy Robinson’. Mr Robinson was in court in Hammersmith on a public order offence charge that related to him grabbing a black Islamic battle flag from one of the MAC during the aforementioned ‘poppy burning’ incident.

He had previously been charged for assaulting a Police officer, but when that case collapsed he was then charged with the Section 5 Public Order offence.

Finding against him, the magistrates imposed a £315 fine – Yet Emdadur Choudhry, the poppy burner, got just a £50 fine on a similar section 5 and has shown no remorse for what he has done! He has also been quoted in the press as saying that he will pay his £50 fine out of his benefits payments!

Society gone mad


It appears clear that years of political correctness have now led to the ridiculous situations described above.

Celebrate your patron saint and fly your flag with pride – Expect to be abused and branded a ‘racist’ or fascist.

Abuse the men and women who laid down their lives to ensure your freedoms – Well, you have the right to free speech that they died for whilst disrespecting their memories.

In my opinion, this is the PC society gone mad. We are all members of the English Community, we should all be treated with equal respect – One country, one people and one law to cover all. This crazy pandering to minority views is creating division where none needs to exist, and is counter productive. It is time for common sense, a return to English values and a return of pride in our country.