Anti-Social behaviour – Is it really in decline?

According to page 23 of Pravda (Sorry, I mean the Council’s glossy magazine,Hillingdon People), ‘Levels of anti-social behaviour are falling in Hillingdon’. This assertion is based on ‘research undertaken with residents in the borough’

This begs the question – With whom, and where in the Borough, was this research carried out? A six month dispersal order was recently imposed in Yeading between Willow Tree Lane and Maple Road, and in September 8th’s Gazette, another dispersal order was reported for Hayes Town. Now, in today’s Gazette, it is reported that yet another dispersal order is to come in to effect in Columbia Avenue, between Eastcote and Ruislip Manor.

This hardly seems to tally  with the council’s official line – After all, if anti-social behaviour is in decline, why the need for so many new dispersal areas? Indeed, as some members of the local community have commented to me, the dispersal area’s don’t actually achieve anything, as the behaviour is just shunted further down the road to the next area.

So what is the solution? Blatantly obvious, I would have thought – More uniformed Police Officers back on the beat, rather than in the station filling in paperwork,and more activities for our young people to participate in thus taking them off the streets.

Whether our council will adopt this common sense attitude, especially with the anticipated cuts in public spending coming up, remains to be seen.

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