War without bloodshed

The following is a letter sent to a senior member of government, Justice Minister David Gauke, about the ongoing Brexit process

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr Richmond on numerous occasions, a deeply thoughtful and intelligent man who could not be further from the Remain myth of all Brexiteers being uneducated, insular oafs. His direct and revealing communication is well worth a read


Dear Mr Gauke

According to Mao Zedong, ‘Politics is war without bloodshed’. Most of the electorate, justifiably, perceive this  aphorism as a metaphor for Parliament’s acrimonious debates surrounding Brexit. Especially since, amongst all the furore, most MPs are deliberately ignoring that the referendum asked the electorate to decide whether we wish to leave the EU, not whether we wanted ‘a deal’. Moreover, in the absence of negotiating any better future relationship, we would trade with the EU, as we do with most nations, under WTO rules. In other words ‘a deal’.
Previous correspondence stated it unwise to treat the electorate as stupid, even if not very erudite. This impression is conveyed by most Ministers, MPs, Big Business, the Elite, the EU and, not least, the Prime Minister. Such disdain ignores that the cost of MPs salaries, expenses and ‘jollies’ (sorry, fact finding missions!), falls on the electorate.
Contrary to assiduously cultivated opinion, leaving the EU is not about trade, however important. Rather, it concerns Britain’s ability to control its  laws, borders, taxation, security, trade and foreign affairs. In a word, Sovereignty. Nothing in the Oath of Allegiance, sworn by all MPs and Peers to the Crown, cedes any kind of control or Sovereignty to any foreign government or entity. The Withdrawal Agreement, continually promoted by the PM, will ensure Britain becomes a vassal of the EU; and the common rules and regulations of a Customs Union will prevent us formulating trading conditions that suit our interests. Each are breaches of the 1689 Bill of Rights, which, as Minister for Justice, you must know.

The referendum’s majority confirmed the electorate’s wishes to regain complete control of our national affairs, through directly elected and accountable representatives, from the EU Commission. During the campaign, as well as in the major parties 2017 Election Manifestos, it was made clear that the decision would be honoured; further strengthened by the PM’s Mansion House speech. Hence, the reality of  Parliament’s acrimony concerns  how best to stealthily remain within the EU, whilst making it appear that we have left, despite the 2016 Act legislating Article 50. This, dishonest, dishonourable, irresponsible and treacherous breach of pledges and the oath taken to the Crown, poses an existential danger to democracy and the economy. Small wonder most politicians are considered self-serving, out of touch and uninterested in the electorate’s concerns when the careerist, cynical and manipulative political establishment plot to overturn the country’s democratically expressed will.
Isolated in Europe following the German conquest, Churchill, in a world broadcast on 9th February 1941, said ‘we shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire. Neither the sudden shock of battle, nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down. Contrast his indomitable, intrepid spirit, faith and confidence in the British people, with the craven pusillanimity, incompetence and lack of faith displayed by current politicians, civil servants and the establishment, throughout the Brexit negotiations. Lamentably, the government has failed to capitalise on English as the language of International Trade; our highly regarded legal system that ensures property rights and trade security; the outstanding importance of the City’s financial and legal expertise; our role in the Five Eyes Security System, which benefits the EU; our world reach via the Commonwealth; the £95bn trade deficit with the EU, and. last but not least, that Britain is the world’s fifth largest economy and the largest, most capable defence force in the EU.
In 1849, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published his poem, ‘The Building of the Ship’. Writing to Churchill in 1941, Roosevelt, in his own  hand, added this quote from the poem:-
‘… sail on, O Ship of State! 

Sail on, O Union, strong and great!
Humanity with all its fears,
With all the hopes of future years,
Is hanging breathless on thy fate!

Longfellow’s words are a good metaphor for the threat to democracy caused by the combination of pusillanimous, self-serving and craven politicians; Big Business, where crony capitalism ensures cards are stacked to their advantage, inhibiting unfettered operation of free markets; and the Elite’s disdain for the electorate, whilst resolutely pursuing their selfish interests in the EU.  
Unlike Longfellow’s poem, which asserts the strength of the Union against internal threats, our threat is external; created internally by a combination of weakness, lack of faith in the British and utter incompetence. Of the latter, a good example is Tony Blair’s agreement to sacrifice part of the UK’s EU rebate in exchange for changes to the CAP; costing £39bn since 2005. Unsurprisingly, the Mafiosi (EU Commission) failed to honour the agreement. Though the PM, Cabinet and Parliament must know of this breach, naturally it failed to prevent succumbing to a further £39bn ransom, euphemistically described as a ‘divorce settlement’, though there is no legal obligation.
If the government and Parliament continue along the present path and extend Article 50, or by some other nefarious means keep the UK within the EU contrary to promises, the consequences for democracy and the economy could easily be widespread civil disorder. Should this occur, our elected representatives will be responsible. Lack of support for individual freedom, bottom up decision making and free markets are unlikely to be the outcome of the government’s spineless ‘cap in hand’ approach to the EU. We are a proud, resilient, intrepid and resourceful nation, whose elected representatives are largely career politicians over anxious to preserve their status and privileges, even if this contravenes the electorate’s will.
Referendum pledges have to be honoured. Thus, the PM, her supporters, acolytes and remoaners must be removed from office, as deserved, and replaced by a Brexiteer leader and Cabinet who believe in our country. Ministers. MPs and those of the Elite so enamoured of the EU and content to be governed by an unelected, unaccountable corrupt bureaucracy can easily leave Britain. They will not be missed. 
Yours sincerely
J Richmond


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