Labour play the politics of division in Uxbridge

It is no secret that Labour are agitating to get a General Election sooner rather than later, using BREXIT amongst other issues to drive their political agenda rather than actually having anything positive to contribute to a vital time in our country’s history.

To this end, they are selecting candidates to stand up and down the country already with the hope that by sabotaging our country’s future they can take control in Westminster and push the hard left agenda of Corbyn and McDonnell in to Downing Street.

A few weeks ago in Uxbridge, Ali Milani was selected to stand against the Conservative encumbent, Boris Johnson,(left) in what will be a hotly contested constituency if the boundary changes that are proposed become reality. Currently sitting on a majority of five and a half thousand, projections show a majority as thin as 500 if those changes come in to place, with Boris losing four solid Conservative wards , gaining two (Including the small ward of Harefield) but decisively also gaining two solid Labour wards that are in the London Borough of Ealing to create the new ‘Uxbridge & Hillingdon’ constituency.

Since his selection, Milani has had a lot to say – below is his latest piece from ‘Labour list’ with my comments in italics under his musings –


The world today is a very different place to what most of us may have expected just a few years ago. The rise of populism, Brexit and politicians such as Donald Trump means we all live in a distinctly different political and social environment. A little over two weeks ago, I was selected by Labour Party members as the candidate to take on the man who has anointed himself leader of this new right-wing, populist political trend here in the UK – Boris Johnson.

Er, no. Since resigning from the Cabinet, Boris is merely a backbencher and is not a senior figure in the ERG movement within the Conservatives that is headed up by Jacob Rees-Mogg. He is high profile down to his two terms as London Mayor and his love of publicity but to suggest that Boris heads up anything is way off the mark

It was clear from very early on in the selection process in the former Foreign Secretary’s seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip that members in the constituency wanted a local representative. Despite a huge amount of interest from all across the country, the final shortlisted candidates consisted entirely of individuals from within the Hillingdon borough.

Local residents wanted to hear a distinctly local narrative, and I think that comes from years of Boris neglecting his constituency responsibilities in favour of national profile-building. Beyond the occasional photo opportunity, little has been seen of our MP since he first took to office in 2015. As a councillor, I’ve heard time and time again the stories of residents and constituents reaching out to their MP for help only to be met with generic automated responses – if any response comes through at all.

I can’t disagree on Boris’ neglecting his constituents but our UKIP team have been highlighting that since before he was elected in 2015. Funnily enough, you were elected in May this year as a councillor in the Heathrow Villages which is in neighbouring Hayes & Harlington. Since then, you have hardly been seen at all in the ward and have been conspicuous by your absence at high profile events in the community, the latest one earlier this week. If you are getting these responses from residents then you are outside both your ward and constituency doing so – who is trying to build a national profile now? Why are you spending all your time in Uxbridge when you were elected to represent the people of a different ward in a different constituency?

The pain and hurt of an absentee Boris has fuelled much of the anger that saw his majority halved in the last general election. During the selection process, and even more now, I was dedicated to ensuring our campaign locally tells the story of these residents – because I too am one of them.

If you look at the figures, Boris actually slightly increased the number of votes he received in 2017 from his initial election in 2015. His majority was only halved due to two things – firstly, the UKIP vote collapsed from 14% in 2015 to 3.4% in 2017 with those votes going almost exclusively to the Labour candidate. Secondly, the Labour candidate (Vincent Cho) worked extremely hard and came across as a decent, if politically misguided, individual who impressed me with his drive. He was deselected to make way for you, somebody with no life experience outside Student Politics who has received the nomination with personal backing from John McDonnell and the thugs of the Momentum group. It is also interesting that you now claim to be one of the constituents in Uxbridge as you were saying the same thing during the local elections to the people of a different ward in a different constituency – so which is it?

But our fight here will have an impact that stretches beyond the borders of our constituency, because Boris Johnson has come to epitomise a new axis of leaders around the world. He is part of a new global trend of actors who think not in terms of right and wrong, but instead see the world through the prism of power and political gain. We need only to look to his early yo-yoing on Brexit or his promise a fight against Heathrow expansion before skipping the vote.

Boris did indeed come late to the BREXIT cause and I have often speculated that this was out of positional jockeying rather than belief – however, his resignation from the cabinet over the issue shows that at least he has the decency to back the decision he made. As for using the Heathrow Expansion debate to score political points, I have been involved in the struggle since 2011 and have not once seen you turn up at any of the events, action days or meetings on the subject despite your use of it on your literature during the local elections. Indeed, as part of the student committee at Brunel you oversaw an honourary doctorate being given to John Holland-Kaye, the CEO of Heathrow , who is on a large bonus to deliver a third runway. The Heathrow issue is above politics and affects people’s lives in the Villages in a myriad of ways – as a result, we have seen Politicians from all parties stand together to oppose it and I have even shared platforms with John McDonnell and Ray Puddifoot (Council leader) who have both shown consistent and principled opposition to the project. You have been noticeable by your absence, an absence made even more worrying by your position as a councillor in the ward most affected. Who is playing for political gain again?

These actors brazenly reject facts, promote speculation as truth, consciously and consistently using incendiary, racist language to further their agenda. It is now up to us to stop him.

Ah, racist language. Excuse me if I don’t take seriously a man who is on record for making anti Semitic comments who, when I pulled you up for it on social media, blocked me and accused me of being ‘Islamophobic’. 

In what will undoubtedly be one of the most high-profile races of the next general election, my life, journey and candidacy presents the antithesis to Boris. I believe it is no accident that our Labour members have chosen in me: a local, young, BAME and Muslim resident as well as a community activist. They believe, as I do, that together this campaign can be the fight back against the incendiary and divisive brand of Boris politics. We can start to amplify our local voice here in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

A ‘Local Activist’. So let’s have a look at what you have been ‘active’ on. Ah yes, student politics – not the real things that matter to everyday people like housing,education, law and order or BREXIT. I understand you have wangled your way since your election on to an NHS Committee (Love those allowances) and have been pulled up for turning up looking like you just got out of bed.

Your NUS vice president days were filled with controversy – alongside a highly public outburst of anti Semitism for which you were made to apologise, there have been investigations in to the campaign you ran and a lady who stood against you pulled out of the race after being assaulted on campus. Your support for the divisive and now deposed NUS President Malia Bouattia is a matter of record. 

In the last few weeks, there have been further assaults on campus during the latest rounds of elections. Here we see you with Ranjeet Rathore, the Students Union President

Here is a complaint that has been submitted after a scuffle where a student confronted his campaign team who were bullying people in to voting for the full list of candidates via their phones that was put forward by the Brunel ISoC group. Indeed, they are running the campaign along religious lines rather than on policies – what was that about incendiary and divisive politics again?










Brunel ISoC have also been accused of setting up stalls right next to polling booths with ‘Vote Ranjeet’ leaflets, the only group allowed to do so and obviously an attempt to further influence that would not be allowed under electoral law at normal public elections.

In the selection campaign, I spoke to residents of all ages and backgrounds about what being a local resident meant to them. We have a strong tradition of committed local activists in our borough, and I saw throughout the campaign that our diversity is a source of strength – not an area of weakness to be weaponised for a political purpose.

Ah, the ‘diversity is our strength’ line. Amongst Milani’s campaign supporters/activists is another NUS officer, Ilyas Nagdee. His Twitter feed is a joy to behold. When asked what makes him sad, he held up a piece of paper saying ‘whiteness’ (Picture below). He also opposes the Government’s Prevent anti- terror strategy and has posted how race is relevant to climate change, sharing platforms with Black Lives Matter on the subject. It would appear to both Milani and Nagdee that diversity is only a strength when you are part of a favoured minority group. 

Milani has also set up the ‘Labour Muslim network’ earlier this year. On 19th October, they ran an event at Oxford University entitled ‘ What does it mean to be British, Black and Muslim in Oxford’ where it was addressed by Hassan Sabrie and Cllr Shaista Aziz. Ms Aziz is a journalist who has worked for The Guardian amongst others (Including Al Jazeera and CNN) and in a piece written in 2002 entitled ‘How I became a Terror Tourist’ spoke of her visit to the Gaza Strip. It is a useful insight in to her mindset, with words such as ‘Shaheed’ used in the piece (Translated – ‘Martyr’), link below

It is also interesting to note that the event was only open to Muslims or people who identify as Muslim in the 18-30 age bracket. If LMN were truly interested in getting to the root of issues of discrimination then surely they would have opened the event to all so that others could get a better understanding of the problems involved rather than dividing down religious and age lines?  

Again, his ‘strength in diversity’ is highly selective.

Over the summer, we saw Johnson’s comments regarding the Burka provoke fresh protest in Uxbridge and inspire impassioned speeches in our council chambers. After years of ‘representation’ by an MP who regularly uses divisive and wholly offensive language, many here in our borough questioned whether they belong in our community. This selection race and my life experiences have taught me that if anyone doesn’t belong here, it is Boris.

Standard Labour gesture politics here. The Council do not have the authority to deselect an MP and a feature of the council chamber make up since the May elections has been Labour grandstanding on national issues that are not within the remit of a local council whilst ignoring the issues that are. 

It is also hypocritical of Milani to call out Boris over ‘divisive’ language when he has consistently attacked the Jewish community under the usual Momentum ‘anti Zionism’ cloak. Perhaps he would also like to comment on his colleague Mr Nagdi’s comments about the white English community that I reported above? Will they ‘belong’ in a constituency represented by a man whose associates use language like this about families with generations of history in Uxbridge, people such as myself? 

We must prove to our MP that communities in the area he is elected to represent are ready and willing to bring people together. We have to believe again in the politics of hope – and, if we do, the rest of the country will follow.

Your actions speak louder than words Mr Milani. They are far more divisive than anything our absent current MP has said. 

Having seen your Momentum colleagues and their fellow travellers such as SUTR spit on veterans in Whitehall, hospitalise a 70 year old Jewish lady, support terror organisations and their funders such as Interpal and demonise women who stand up to protest about the rape gangs up and down the country, you are a part of the problem rather than the solution. 

The politics of hope are on their way in the reclamation of our country from the corrupt and undemocratic EU (Which you support) and in the shape of communities coming together around common themes, values and aspirations. Labour are the party of division and fear to feed their regressive left political agenda – we will not allow you to win at the ballot box and leave our area and community open to the spread of your poisonous beliefs and narratives. 

Bring on the Election – UKIP will mount a vigorous and upbeat campaign representing ALL in our community irrespective of race, religion , gender or sexuality to make sure that Milani and his ilk never darken the door of Westminster










(The original Labour List piece can be viewed here –  )


3 comments on “Labour play the politics of division in Uxbridge

  1. bryanukipheathrowvillages says:

    John MarxDonnell is racist for not giving up his seat to a BAME candidate.
    Labour are leading Ali up a blind alley in Uxbridge. He’s got more chance of receiving a Christmas card from the Pogonophobic Society than he has of winning against Boris.

  2. Duncan McFarlane says:

    Seems to be UKIP and this blog playing the politics of division. If you read the “How I became a terror tourist” post referred to in it you find the person writing it was actually a volunteer paramedic with the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza and that “terror tourist” is an Israeli government and military propaganda term used to try to paint anyone doing any charity work in Gaza to help civilians there as a terrorist.

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      You simply have to read between the lines Duncan and see what the writer has done since. Labour in our area pander to special interest groups to gain votes, that group varies depending on the numbers at the time. They never look at the needs of the community as a whole, integrated unit – just as a series of separate communities, playing the numbers to keep control of an area they have let down time and again. That is replicated up and down the country.

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