Project Fear 2.0

Following the Chequers agreement sell out, the remainers in government and their EU and big business allies are smelling blood in the water.

Whilst EU negotiators are playing hardball, the spin machine is launching in to Project Fear 2.0 in an attempt to either force BREXIT In Name Only (BRINO) or the EU’s preferred mechanism when a vote doesn’t go their way, a further referendum.

The latest scaremongering from Big Business saw Amazon UK head Doug Gurr stating that there could be ‘civil unrest’ within 2 weeks of a no deal BREXIT at a meeting with officials at the government owned country house, Chevening. Does he expect mass hysteria brought on by the inability to order a second hand hoover via his on line platform or is there a deeper reason to this statement?

Bearing in mind that Amazon pay virtually no tax in the UK on their huge profits (Facilitated by EU tax laws that allow them to offshore their profits to a member state with lower rates) it would suit his corporation to remain in the EU where lobbyists for big business make sure that smaller competitors are legislated out of the equation whilst free movement allows for a cheap workforce propped up by taxpayer funded in work benefits. Perhaps the real Armageddon he fears is a small state, entrepreneur friendly, independent UK that will allow competition to thrive – a nightmare scenario for a number of those who are spreading such scare stories about a future UK economy outside of the grip of Brussels.

Airbus had previously issued a warning that they may have to move production from their UK plant overseas as a ‘no deal’ situation could lead to problems with their supply chain. Leaving aside the fact that WTO rules would not allow a punishment regime at the border, the hint that they were looking at China was absurd in the extreme – the EU has no trade deal with China (The excuse they are giving for moving), large amounts of cash would have to be expended to build new production plants and the skilled staff that make the sections of aircraft produced at their facilities here could not be transplanted. When dealing with large sections such as completed wings, the transport costs would also surge due to the increased distance. Could the Airbus headline also be down to the fact that the company receives large subsidies from the EU, subsidies that were recently found in court to illegally breach WTO rules?

As usual, when fantastic stories about the ‘damage’ to Britain from leaving the EU start to surface it is always worth looking deeper and following the money.

Irrespective of a deal or not, the UK can look forward to a bright future as an outward looking, globally trading and independent country once more after March next year – as long as our government have the confidence and the will to make it so. Even the ‘worst case’ scenario of WTO rules would be an improvement on where we are now as eloquently laid out last week by Prof Patrick Minford.

The only fear is fear itself – if the politicians cave in to that fear then we must make them pay at the ballot box and replace them with people who believe in our people, our country and our future.

Anything less would be a dereliction of the instruction received in 2016 from the British electorate

This article was previously syndicated by MBGA News/The Red Pill Factory 


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