Survey of British attitudes to migration at odds with the political bubble

A report has indicated that most Britons believe immigration has been a negative, British values are not being protected and life was better when they were growing up than it is now.

But rather than being based on a poll from papers such as The Daily Mail/Daily Express or thinktanks such as MigrationWatch, this report was delivered by Demos, a left leaning organisation headed up by a former aide to Nick Clegg and much favoured by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Amongst the key findings, 71% thought that communities where migrants had settled were more divided (Rising to 78% polled in areas that had experienced recent mass migration), 44% thought immigration had been negative versus 43% who thought it had been beneficial and 55% said that the Government is not doing enough to protect British values.

When asked whether those British values should be given priority over Multiculturalism, 47% said yes versus 36% for no – Tellingly, a whopping 63% said that life was better when they were growing up compared to just 21% who prefer today.

The Poll, carried out amongst a sample of Sky subscribers, was not all doom and gloom though – the majority remained optimistic about our country’s future and did not want to turn the clock back, a response in contrast to that of a similar poll carried out amongst French and German citizens who stated they would prefer to revert to the nation of their youth. Compare that with the perceived wisdom amongst Remain campaigners that the 52% Leave result was only delivered because those voting for BREXIT were backward looking and insular, unlike their continental cousins!

That a ‘left leaning’ organisation would deliver results so at odds with what politicians of that persuasion constantly tell us is ‘acceptable thought’ shows how out of touch our establishment is with the real opinions of Britons across the country of all backgrounds – indeed, on British values the political breakdown shows that 43% of Labour voters think that the Government is not doing enough on the subject against the overall figure of 55%, a sizeable chunk of their support base. When you consider that in London, figures for the GLA elections in 2016 showed that only 1 in 4 of those who voted for Labour were classed as White English then it becomes apparent that the demand for a return to the basic values of our country crosses racial and religious divides.

More to the point, these results back up what many on the ‘political right’ have been saying for years – the way to unite the country is to replace mass, uncontrolled migration with a points based system that treats individuals on merit and controls numbers whilst promoting the British values and rule of law that recognises the rights of the individual irrespective of race, religion or gender/sexuality.

Whether the dogmatic Politicians of Labour and the LibDems or the ‘progressives’ amongst the Conservatives will take heed of these results remains to be seen – I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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