Pro BREXIT weekend of action

Organised by The People’s Charter Foundation, the weekend of Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January saw demonstrations to back our withdrawal from the European Union in Cardiff, Nottingham and London.



First up was Nottingham, where the headline speaker was Bill Etheridge MEP

Prominent Brexiteer Martin Costello also spoke, this time about how the EU affects British jobs

Finally, local UKIP candidate Fran Loi (Who stood against arch remainer Anna Soubry last year) gave his take on the events since the Referendum



The Welsh capital saw a turn out of counter protesters from remain who attempted to shut down the debate and get the event cancelled – they failed

People’s Charter Foundation Director Luke Nash-Jones called out the ironically named ‘Stand up to Racism’ campaigners who were heckling the event.

He went on to lambast the remainers and the regressive left in an impassioned pro democracy speech (Below)



The final event was in Westminster, opposite 10 Downing Street under the statue of Montgomery. The headline speaker was the impressive Independent MEP, Steven Woolfe (Below)

A hard act to follow – unfortunately, that was my job whilst suffering the tail end of a dose of Aussie flu. It seemed to go down well

Further speeches followed from Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello who had managed to pack in all 3 events over the weekend. An unexpected appearance was then made by UKIP NEC member Elizabeth Jones to close the event before the demonstration marched past No 10 and on to Parliament Square


Further events are in the planning stage as the Brexiteers re-engage to stop the sell out of the people’s will at the Referendum. The English Patriot website will endeavour to keep you up to date as these protests evolve


My thanks to The People’s Charter and MBGA News for the videos above covering the events – you can follow them both at–2htHw






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