A message to the people of Hayes

Hayes, Heathrow Villages and West Drayton can be wonderful places.

I remember when Hayes FC played at Church Road, when we had EMI, Nestles and Fairey Aviation supplying good jobs, when we had a community spirit and hope.

It is time for a change and to throw off twenty years of a Labour MP who cares more about political ideology than a unified and successful local community.

This General Election has been called because the Prime Minster says she needs a solid mandate to make sure that our exit from the EU (BREXIT) is carried out correctly.

The reality is very different – we only got the EU Referendum because of the electoral threat of UKIP and the majority of Conservative MP’s (The PM included) backed the remain side in the campaign.

We have seen the Government delay the triggering of our notice to leave when it could have been done the day after the referendum and are now looking at an election before we know what they propose, with BREXIT secretary David Davis saying that free movement will continue for years, Mrs May herself wanting to keep the European Arrest Warrant (A breach of our basic rights going back as far as Magna Carta) , prevarication over severance payments and rumours of negotiation over our fishing grounds.

The government know that this is unacceptable to the people and are making a cynical political decision to get an increased majority at Westminster so they can push through a fudge that keeps their backers in the big multinational corporations happy whilst denying the will of the people.

In Hayes, Our Labour MP backed remain whilst nearly 60% of us voted to Leave. Interviewed by SKY TV’s Sophy Ridge after the event, he claimed we were ‘scared’ and afraid of ‘the other’ when the vast majority of people I spoke with during the referendum were enthused by the opportunity to take back control of our democracy and destiny, engaging with the wider world and Commonwealth  as an outward looking, globally trading and free nation.

He backs uncontrolled migration that puts pressure on housing, schools and the NHS – whilst we have veterans sleeping rough and local people losing their homes, he runs vigils demanding fast processing for illegal immigrants at Harmondsworth detention centre.

This same uncontrolled migration drives down wages at the lower end of the jobs market and exploits the migrants themselves – a point highlighted by the RMT Union who John McDonnell represents at Westminster yet ignores on the issue.

UKIP would introduce a fair, ethical, points based migration system that treats people on merit, not country of origin, cutting the numbers and allowing entry for those who will benefit our community.

John McDonnell opposes grammar schools that give bright youngsters from poor backgrounds the chance to get on despite both himself and his party leader enjoying the benefits themselves.

UKIP support grammar schools but equally importantly want vocational schools and apprenticeships in place for those with talents in areas other than the academic. We would remove tuition fees on students who are majoring in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine – the skills that our country needs to thrive in the modern world.

With the threat of global terrorism on the rise, John McDonnell wants MI5 scrapped and the Police disarmed, pandering to groups that hinder tackling this issue such as CAGE and Interpal.

In an increasingly dangerous world, he supports further cuts to our already overstretched armed forces and ignores the plight of our forces veterans whilst cosying up to Republican terrorist groups.

In contrast, UKIP would invest in our armed forces and give our veterans the help and respect they deserve.

We will promote an inclusive British identity irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexuality.

We would empower the Police and security services to do their job, free from political correctness , putting the needs of our community ahead of divisive identity politics and the ‘human rights’ of criminals and terrorists.

UKIP will remove the red tape that holds back our small businesses, the drivers of our economic growth and success, allowing them to create the new jobs that our community needs – John McDonnell wants us to stay a member of the EU ‘Single Market’, putting our businesses in a straightjacket when less than 15% trade with EU member states. (7 out of the 10 largest exporters to EU states have no trade deal at all)

We would ensure that the NHS remains free at the point of need and in public hands, cutting the managers that were increased massively under Labour and putting those savings in to the front line. We would stop further PFI schemes that were introduced by Labour and have mired the service in debt.

John McDonnell supported foreign aid increases – we would cut foreign aid and re invest that money in our own communities, ensuring that the remaining aid is concentrated on clean water programmes, inoculation against disease and disaster relief, real term increases in those areas.

A vote for Labour will see the further decline of our area that has happened under 20 years of John McDonnell, 13 of those years under a Labour government he was a part of.

A vote for the Conservatives gives them a free hand to deliver the type of BREXIT that nobody wants or voted for and the ability to continue their programme of cuts for the ordinary citizen whilst their corporate paymasters continue to get richer.

A vote for UKIP will allow us to continue to drive the agenda and put pressure on the government to deliver the real BREXIT that 17.4 million people voted for. Only UKIP have the vision and desire to deliver the independent, free country that you chose on 23rd June last year.

Cliff Dixon

Parliamentary Candidate for Hayes & Harlington – UK Independence Party (UKIP)


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