A reply to Cllr Janet Gardner



In the Uxbridge Gazette on 23rd November, Cllr Gardner wrote in to the letters page with a piece called ‘Remembrance and our town’s solidarity’. I reproduce the letter below –

I would like to thank PC Emma Reed and her Police colleagues for organising yet again an event in Hayes for the community that live in Hayes and to again prove to the narrow minded critics of Hayes that rather than be a fragmented town as is often claimed, we are in fact ‘in solidarity’.

The event was conducted on the frontage of the Social Centre in Botwell Lane with prayers said by some of the local clergy and a PCSO, the local faith centres were represented by members of their congregations – Christians,Muslims,Buddhists,Sikhs,atheists, all observed the two minute silence.

Over 100 people attended the event, some with their little children,in remembrance of those who have died and are still dying in wars all over the world, and of course with emphasis on those who are affected by wars, many of who live alongside us in the community that is Hayes. Something we all tend to forget.

Children from the local school attended and I am sure some have family members who know first hand the horrendous effect of war.

So again I would like to thank the local Police teams and Emma especially for their ability to make many of the cynics realise that people who live in Hayes are all part of one community and not just many diverse groups living in isolation.

Firstly, can I express my whole hearted agreement that we are all one community – indeed, I have said as much on leaflets we have put out across Hayes. My grandfather served in the Western Desert and Italy during World War 2 and fought alongside Australians, Sikhs and Gurkhas to rid us of the Nazi menace – brave men all.

But a number of things about her letter have caused me to write this reply.


Remembrance is an event that reminds us of the ties that bind us all together, especially as so many Commonwealth citizens and those from occupied Europe gave their lives fighting for the freedom that we enjoy today. However, to then use the event to snipe at ‘cynics’ because we do not agree with her frequently asserted view that there are no problems in Hayes is using an event that transcends political divide to promote her own narrow and flawed viewpoint.

It is also extremely ironic that a Labour Councillor talks of remembrance bringing us together when her own party,and Ms Gardner herself, have accused me of being a ‘far right extremist’ for attending remembrance ceremonies based on the presence of the flag of our country – a slur that has led to her party being reported for breaches of the Representation of the People’s Act during elections and Ms Gardner to the standards committee for repeating the malicious gossip on the very same letters page.

She may also like to have a word with her MP, John McDonnell, who was an open advocate of the IRA when they were blowing up both British servicemen and English civilians at the height of ‘the troubles’ when he could have supported the perfectly legitimate idea of a United Ireland via the non-violent SDLP. (Both McDonnell and Corbyn also opposed the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to the Province – obviously advocates of Eamon De Valera rather than the more pragmatic and historically remembered Michael Collins)

UKIP embrace the principle of one community and one law for all irrespective of race, religion, gender or country of origin as has frequently been stated. Unfortunately, Labour’s adherence to the failed idea of ‘Multiculturalism’ has created many problems that now need to be addressed. When issues regarding Hayes have been brought up on the letters page of The Gazette such as dirty streets, increase in violent crime and integration problems. Ms Gardner has sniped back at those raising them as scaremongerers or trouble makers and when confronted with the facts has then retreated and let others assert that she is being ‘picked on for political gain’.

Let’s look at her party’s record on the issues –

Gender Equality

Labour have run a number of gender segregated meetings across the country to advance their political aims.

When confronted about this, John McDonnell blocked me from all of his social media pages rather than answering.

Labour have ‘all women’ shortlists for certain positions and candidates – suggesting that they don’t believe that women can compete with men on merit. UKIP have no such shortlists and in 2014 we had seven female MEP’s elected after selection at hustings by our members.

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) has become common in our local area as reported on by The Gazette – yet only UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle has brought this up with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

The Labour Party have been notoriously quiet

Treating all members of our community equally

The Hayes Garden Village Residents Association worked for all residents in their area – it has now become defunct after Labour Councillor Lynn Allen tried to force her own agenda and priorities on the members of the committee.


When local Interfaith worker Guru Jai Kali refused to stop his work amongst all members of our community in favour of those promoted by Cllr Gardner, Cllr Allen and Cllr Khursheed, the local Labour Councillors tried to stop his activities by saying he was promoting vagrancy and littering in the area.

Whilst some of his methods are unorthodox, he has done a lot of good with the elderly and homeless in our area and recently distributed warm clothing to the over 60’s to see them through the Winter.

Because he would not be told who he could and could not help, a campaign to shut down his operation was pushed by the aforementioned councillors and endorsed by John McDonnell when he refused to help him during the 2010 General Election Campaign.

When it was promoted by the local Labour Party that an elder of a local faith group should be admitted to the residents committee of another Residents Association, the suggestion that all faith groups should have representation for balance was dismissed out of hand.

Stopping extremism in Hayes

National newspapers have exposed three IS terrorists in Syria and Iraq who originate in Hayes – reliable sources have suggested that the real number spread between Hayes and Southall is in three figures.

Yet Labour MP John McDonnell has promoted ‘charity’ group Interpal at public meetings in the area despite provable links to Islamist terror groups.Indeed, he voted in favour of pushing the USA to take them off of the proscribed list in the House of Commons despite video evidence from the BBC Panorama programme that they promote anti-Semitism and have stated that suicide bombing is ‘noble’ in classrooms of five year olds.

He has arranged marches through Hayes under the moniker ‘Hayes4Gaza’ that were supported by the anarchist Socialist Workers Party and put pressure on shops not to stock goods from Israel – despite his use of an iPhone packed with Israeli tech.

McDonnell has also attended events organised by Cage, an organisation that is under investigation at numerous Universities for blocking the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy aimed at stopping the rise of an extremist ideology. A Cage Director is quoted as stating that ‘Jihad is an important concept and in some cases is a price worth paying’ whilst the organisation has also praised Jihadi John as ‘A beautiful young man’

McDonnell has also associated himself with radical Imam Sulaiman Ghani who is on record as stating that Ahmadi Muslims are ‘Qadiani’ (A derogatory term), regards them as apostates worthy of persecution and also believes women are inferior. The Ahmadi community is well integrated in Hayes and has made a very positive contribution to our society – with Cllr Gardner talking of ‘cynics’ disrupting our ‘solidarity’, I suggest she looks in her own back yard before criticising others.

Finally, if Cllr Gardner really wants to tackle division then I suggest she looks inside her own party with the well cataloged incidences of anti Semitism ( She may get a seat in the Lords if she does it correctly) and the ex BNP members who would not be allowed in to UKIP under our constitution. I have heard not a whisper from either Ms Allen or Mr McDonnell over Labour cabinet member for Rossendale & Darwen, Trevor Maxfield, a former BNP organiser who was pictured at numerous events with the now defunct England First party who had a policy of repatriation for anybody with a different skin colour. But then adding councillors to their roster in a marginal ward seems to trump any issues they may have with genuine far right extremists and that sums up the Labour Party in a nutshell.

Political advancement comes before a united community if it is in Labour’s interests – if you disagree, then you must be divisive, a troublemaker or a ‘waycist’. BREXIT and the Trump victory in the US shows that people are becoming sick of this type of patronising and partisan politics. Maybe if Cllr Gardner focused on the issues, listened to people with genuine concerns and actually got out there and spoke with real people rather than her political allies in the ‘bubble’, she could make a positive difference for Hayes.

I won’t hold my breath.


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