An open letter to John McDonnell MP

Dear John

I recently received your letter to residents announcing your intention to stand again for the Hayes & Harlington constituency in the General Election.

In your letter, you raise the issues of the NHS and the local housing crisis – Both are extremely important issues and you are quite right to highlight them.

Having read the letter, I would like to raise the following points.

1 – The NHS


You state that you fear a Conservative win at the next General Election will lead to the NHS being privatised and sold off. Whilst I share that fear, you appear to overlook the fact that your party (Labour) in government started the privatisation of the NHS and indeed introduced more privatisation to the service than the Coalition have done since taking power in 2010.

Your use of PFI (Private Funding Initiative) contracts to build new infrastructure has loaded nearly £300 billion of debt on to the service whilst enriching the private investors who have charged the kind of interest rates to the taxpayer that would shame a pay day loans company.

Labour’s introduction of ‘choice and competition’ in to the service in 1999 was highlighted by health campaigner Kailash Chand OBE as part of the start of the transition of the NHS from a public sector to private contracted model, whilst the decision to make GP surgeries self-contained units that bill the central NHS for services has led to shorter opening hours and more administrative red tape. Doctors now spend as much time in practice meetings to manage their surgeries as they do treating patients.

In our constituency, your Labour colleague and GLA member Dr Onkar Sahota met with residents in Heathrow Villages and refused to open a surgery there as it was, in his own words. ‘not viable’ – Meaning that in his opinion having a surgery with less than 2000 patients won’t make his practice profitable enough (I have challenged him on Twitter about this and received an evasive and unsatisfactory reply)

Yet another example of a Labour politician putting profits before the needs of the people of our area.

ambulance image rearLabour in government introduced the private company ATOS Medical to carry out assessments of disability, a company whose role has since been expanded by The Coalition. ATOS have caused untold misery to genuinely disabled people, even passing as ‘fit for work’ people with terminal illnesses – Here is the latest example

I have seen the effects of this first hand within our community and have worked with UKIP colleagues (Including our disabilities spokesman, Star Etheridge) to assist those wrongly persecuted for their medical conditions.

Finally, I find it hard to trust your party with the NHS when it has been in charge of NHS Wales since 1999 and its performance rates consistently below that of NHS England in patient care according to a House of commons library survey. That is to say nothing of the Mid Staffs scandal that happened on the watch of the last Labour government.

Your party have consistently put out leaflets misrepresenting UKIP NHS policy, so let’s clear this up once and for all.

UKIP would keep the NHS free at the point of need for UK citizens (Your Labour colleagues, Lords Winston and Warner, want to charge for GP visits)

We would inject an additional £3 billion in to front line services and axe the Care Quality Commission and Monitor quangoes to be replaced by local health boards made up of medical professionals (This would save money and put our local hospital in the hands of those who understand its unique issues)

We would also stop any further PFI schemes that your party was so keen on in power and encourage local authorities to buy out existing schemes where affordable to minimise the crippling interest rates payable.

Full UKIP health policy can be viewed here which I trust will put an end to your disingenuous leafleting campaign



2 – The Housing Crisis

Campaigning in Essex street view

You say that we need a Labour government to build more council houses.

Under your last government, building of such properties plunged to new lows whilst continuing the sell off of existing property under the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme. Social housing stock fell by 421,000 homes in the Blair/Brown years of 1997-2010.

In addition, your open door immigration policies piled unbearable pressures on to housing stock driving the huge price increases in both the purchase and rental sectors that you bemoan in your letter.

We have also seen the double whammy of people being driven from Central London due to rising prices being forced to move to areas such as Hillingdon, which a recent report shows has had the largest population increase of any London Borough over the last 50 years. It is a basic law of supply and demand that when that demand outstrips supply then prices increase rapidly.

Only by putting local people first in allocation of social and affordable housing and controlling the numbers coming to our area via migration can the supply of new housing keep up with the demand – Labour in government failed in both areas.

UKIP would prioritise those with family links to the borough for affordable housing and introduce a fair, Australian style points system for immigration that would allow the housing crisis to be brought under control. Last year, net migration was 298,000 people, a city the size of Hull – We simply can’t build enough new homes to keep up with the stream of newcomers, let alone deal with the waiting lists already in existence when the population is growing this quickly.


3- Your local candidate

CD Thurrock March 2015

Finally, you say that you are the only candidate that lives in the area. Unlike yourself, I was born and brought up in Hillingdon and have worked here for most of my adult life.

My family had to move to Uxbridge 2 years ago from Hayes because of the prices in the private rentals sector that is a part of the housing crisis. This is not the first time this has happened to us and is a common discussion with other private rental residents as I speak with people on the doorstep.

Because I am a family man and my wife also works, we are a low priority for the Council and the steady drain on finances to pay increasing rents mean we have no chance of saving enough for a deposit to buy our own home.

This was one of the reasons why I became politically active and am standing for UKIP in this election – It is time that Hayes had representation from somebody with real links to the area and who understands the issues rather than from somebody parachuted in on a Trade Union ticket from Liverpool who is more interested in advancing his political dogma than listening to the problems of the community in his adopted home.

Only UKIP have a coherent and credible vision for Hayes and the policies and belief to carry it out.


Kind Regards


Cliff Dixon

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate – Hayes & Harlington Constituency







3 comments on “An open letter to John McDonnell MP

  1. Paul Symons says:

    Brilliant letter.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. paul says:

    a couple of things Mr Dixon. firstly I think you will find its common knowledge that :

    a)you have adult step children so the council has no obligation to house you.
    b)you are no spring chicken, you havnt been married for a long time,so why didn’t you (or your wife)have a property when you married? you cant blame Mr McDonnell for your inability to save, or maybe your family have a bad rent record?
    c)you have friends ,by your own admission in a vile right wing organisation, as seen on the internet, so why would anyone trust you?

    I really cannot be bothered to get into the detail of your letter simply because I am assuming that it was written by one of the ukip bods in central office for fairweather candidates who flit from party to party in the hope that they get their 5 minutes of fame.
    Which party will it be next for you?

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      To answer your points in order –

      A – The council has no obligation to house me.

      I know that, nor do I expect them to – What I do not expect is to be outbid on my existing private rented accommodation at the end of a 12 month contract by the council to house ‘category A on need’ clients using taxpayers money in the form of housing benefit, especially when those people have no links to the area and have never paid in to the system.

      B – My wife was living in private rented accommodation when we met, I moved in and took over payment of said rent. I myself had been in private rental as my parents moved away when they retired – I was in my early 20’s and because of the price of property in the area, I did not have enough of a deposit available to purchase my own home. With rental prices in Hillingdon, once you are in private rentals on a single income you have no hope of saving enough for a house, even when you are in a well paid job as I am. This is a common story I hear on the doorstep and is also a reason why average age of first time buyers now is nearly 40, with many families having to stay together in overcrowded housing because they cannot afford to buy or save enough for the kids to move out. John McDonnell has mentioned the housing crisis on his leaflet, but Labour via their affordable housing sell off and immigration policies have made the situation worse.

      C – ‘Far right’ links

      I spoke with Colin Cortbus about this at the 2013 UKIP Conference and put him right – Notice no follow up story? The picture was taken at the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at Grosvenor Square, where many organisations were present, as were David Cameron and Prince Charles. The flag is one of March for England, not the EDL (As Cortbus states in the piece) and the EDL member in the photo was in front of me kneeling so I did not see who it was until after the photo was taken. I also have pictures of myself that day with members of Muslims 4 Peace and the Pakistani & Bangladeshi Christians, as well as my friend Potkin from the Iranian Greens.

      Ben Weald was a member and candidate for The English Democrats, who I was a member of at the time (The event was before I joined UKIP in late 2011)

      In contrast, McDonnell has publicly shown support for the IRA and is asking people to donate to an Islamist charity, Interpal, on his website – See what Stand for Peace have to say about them –

      I wrote the piece with no involvement from Head Office (Although, as per party protocol, I ran it past the press office prior to release). Prior to joining UKIP, I have only ever been a member of one political party – The English Democrats. I left them shortly after the 9/11 demo in protest at their open recruitment of former senior BNP figures such as Eddy Butler and Mark Collett. I had previously stopped the recruitment of Richard Barnbrook in a very public manner, which was mentioned by Searchlight magazine as can be seen in the following link

      I have zero tolerance for bigoted attitudes and am glad to convey that UKIP have a blanket ban on ex members of the BNP joining our party – Unlike Labour, who have a number now in place as councillors such as Margaret Burke and Trevor Maxfield.

      I notice that Mr McDonnell not only remains in the party but has never spoken out against the recruitment of such people – Indeed, he supported the leadership challenge of Diane Abbott, who openly campaigned with Ms Burke to get her elected in Milton Keynes despite her neo-Nazi past with the November 9th society.

      I have no intention of joining any other political party, as none represent my personal views at this time. However, I stand by my resignation from The English Democrats on a point of principle – Unlike many in politics these days, that resignation was putting my money where my mouth is by standing up to the unacceptable attitudes of the ‘far right’.

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