UKIP – A one man show?

Whilst our leafleting today, I listened in to the David Mellor & Ken Livingstone show on LBC.

photo(25)A section of the show dealt with the rise of UKIP and the usual media stereotypes were rolled out, typified by Mellor’s comments that voting UKIP would get Labour elected and the usual derision of the party as a ‘one man band’. Those of us within the party know that nothing could be further from the truth and that the TV and radio stations always ask for Nigel for the ratings he brings, rather than giving coverage to the many other UKIP spokesmen who could give a good account of themselves explaining what the party is about.

The ‘one man band’ comments got me to thinking – “Who would make up a UKIP cabinet if we got in to power ?” The below list is not definitive and is only my personal opinion (I apologise for anybody left off as this was done on the hoof and after some Christmas cheer!) but shows that UKIP are most definitely not a one man band and have a strength in depth that more than stands up to the ‘establishment’ parties –

UKIP Cabinet – A wealth of talent

Prime Minister – Nigel Farage MEP

Deputy Prime Minister – Douglas Carswell MP

Douglas Carswell

Secretary of State – Patrick O’Flynn MEP

Chancellor of the Exchequer – Steven Woolfe MEP

Home secretary – Gerard Batten MEP


Secretary of State for Foreign & Community Affairs – William Dartmouth MEP

Justice & Lord Chancellor – Jane Collins MEP

Defence – Mike Hookem MEP

Business, Innovation & Skills – Mark Hughes PPC

Work & Pensions – Louise Bours MEP


Health – Diane James MEP

Community & Local Govt – Suzanne Evans PPC

Suzanne Evans

Education – Paul Nuttall MEP

International Development – James  Carver MEP

Energy & Climate Change – Roger Helmer MEP


Transport – Jill Seymour MEP

Scotland – David Coburn MEP

Wales – Nathan Gill MEP

Northern Ireland – David McNarry MLA

Culture, Media & Sport – Peter Whittle PPC

peter whittle

Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – Stuart Agnew MEP

Secretary to the Treasury – Tim Congdon CBE

Then there are other talented members of the party who could fit in to roles where they could make a difference, such as Ray Finch MEP, Tim Aker MEP, Jonathan Arnott MEP, Cllr Lawrence Webb, Mark Reckless MP and Amjad Bashir MEP to name but a few.


A one man party? That is what the discredited members of the Lib-Lab-Con would have you believe, but the list above shows the reality – The reality of a party made up of people from all backgrounds and many talents who will work to put our country back where it belongs, as a global trading nation with a passion for democracy and the wellbeing of all of it’s citizens.


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