Standing in next year’s general election

The following post is taken from the website of UKIP Hillingdon and announces my candidacy for the Hayes & Harlington seat at next year’s general election

Introducing your Parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General election

3rd runway consultation CDCliff Dixon is the Chairman of  UKIP Hillingdon branch and the ward representative for Charville

Cliff is a lifelong resident of the borough, born in Hillingdon, and has lived in both Hayes and Uxbridge.

Now in his mid-forties and married with two adult stepchildren, he joined the branch in 2011, being elected chairman the following year.

A communications professional with over 20 years experience, he is a familiar site in Hayes after stints running The Phone Shop in Hayes End Drive and Starline on the Uxbridge Road, as well as occasionally propping up the bar at The Wishing Well in Hayes End and indulging in some ear-splitting karaoke!


Cliff says, ” I got involved in politics after seeing the way my family and friends have been treated over housing in the borough, and how my stepchildren struggled through an overburdened and increasingly tick box education system, leaving them with uncertain futures.

UKIP understand the problems because we are a party made up of normal people from all backgrounds who have, or have had, jobs in the real world – There is little to choose between the front benches of the other parties now in both the backgrounds of their candidates and their policies. I have lived here all my life, worked in the world outside of the Westminster bubble and have not been parachuted in by either a central party machine or on a trade union ticket.


On stage in Harlington chairing a meeting on Heathrow expansion

Our current MP has been in place since 1997 and means well – However, if you look at Hayes now and back then, the difference is stark and not for the better. For 13 years of that tenure, we had a Labour government in charge so claims that the gradual decay of parts of the constituency are entirely down to the Conservatives don’t hold up under scrutiny.

In the words of our newly elected UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, it is time for change – A change that we won’t see from the old establishment parties. If you believe that Hayes and our country have a future that can be brighter than it’s past, please consider voting for UKIP in 2015 and becoming a part of the revolution in British politics”


                                         Out with the team in Heathrow Villages

Cliff’s priorities for Hayes & Harlington

1 – We need an overhaul of social housing allocation and encouragement of development on brownfield, not green belt, sites

2 – Oppose a 3rd runway at Heathrow – No closure, no expansion – Preserve both jobs and the environment. Scrap HS2, removing the threat of a ‘Heathrow spur’ and freeing up money for improved commuter transport, both road and rail

3 – Fight for the establishment of a points based immigration system similar to the Australian model – All should be treated fairly and equally, whilst quality and quantity can be controlled. This ends the discrimination against skilled workers from the Commonwealth in favour of EU nationals and levels the playing field.

Lake Farm protest Nov 13 CD with banners

Working alongside the current MP and local councillors to oppose green belt destruction

4 – Keeping the NHS free at the point of need for UK residents, no charging for GP’s. Ensure that all immigrants have private health care insurance until they have paid in to the pot for 5 years, freeing up additional cash for front line services.No more costly PFI schemes

5 – Re-establishing grammar schools, giving opportunity to local children on ability and not the ability to pay. Remove tuition fees for students in key subjects and introduce apprenticeship qualifications for those will skills in practical rather than academic areas

6 – Honouring the military covenant and giving returning servicemen priority in social housing and health care

7 – Promote a unifying British culture which is open and inclusive to all who wish to identify with our values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background – We are one community, not many. The law of the land to apply to all equally, irrespective of ethnicity, gender or religion

8 – Push for additional funding for the Police and remove the UK from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

…….Plus, of course, getting us out of The European Union! …….



 Party conference in 2013 in London with Hillingdon Branch members

For the full UKIP manifesto as it happens, please visit and click on ‘our policies’




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