Green and Pleasant Land – In The North Only

The following letter was published in this week’s Gazette from our Townfield UKIP ward spokesman, Bernard Fagan. It is worth contrasting the reality faced by a local resident such as ‘Barney’ with the gushing praise for our ‘vibrant’ area on the website of the Aylesbury councillor and Milton Keynes resident who the Conservatives are parachuting in to the seat for next year’s General Election

Lake Farm sign

I was intrigued in your lead article by Zoe Drewett by the comments therein attributed to Councillor Bianco (Top of tree for many of our green spaces, Gazette, September 17)

My fascination with this article stems from the very obvious unequal distribution of the award winning sites throughout the borough.


If my calculations have not failed me, the north of the borough collected seven awards whereas the south of the borough collected just two.


I feel that it is no coincidence that the vast majority of the present Hillingdon Council Cabinet represent wards in these aesthetically pleasing sites within their region, whereas in the south of the borough in areas such as Hayes we have streets and open spaces littered with spit and garbage.


This is a situation that the present council cabinet seem to support, even encourage, having seized a huge chunk of Lake Farm by the most dubious of means to build a school that will hold offspring of those who are the main offenders, thus ensuring that this negative cycle continues

Lake Farm protest Nov 13 CD and Ilyas with banner


Hillingdon Council should be there to serve all parts of our borough, but there seems to be a ‘North-South divide’ that is encouraged as pointed out by Barney’s letter.

Hayes deserves better treatment than it is currently receiving – Remember that when voting in the General Election next year and put your cross against the UKIP candidate






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