UKIP’s popularity explained by ‘The Establishment’

With UKIP’s electoral success last month at both local and EU level, the establishment parties have been trying to find the reasons behind the meteoric rise of the party – Answers that their own occupation of the ‘Westminster Bubble’ finds them completely unable to either comprehend or address.

The latest blundering answer came in today’s Sunday Telegraph from Labour MP Chuka Umunna (pictured), which I have linked to below

Chuka Ummuna

Once I had stopped laughing, I actually started to feel a touch annoyed which prompted my email to Mr Umunna which I have reproduced below


My email to Chuka Umunna MP

Dear Chuka

Firstly, I am sure you will be surprised to receive this message as according to your piece in The Telegraph as a UKIP voter I am unlikely to be able to use email.

I am also having to send this email to you manually as the link on the contact section of your website does not work – Unlike the contact pages on both my personal and local branch websites, which between them attract over 200,000 hits per month.

You have also alluded in the story that UKIP supporters are unlikely to be able to adequately surf the internet – Strangely enough, the house newspaper of the left wing of British Politics (The Guardian) recently ran the following piece about UKIP engagement on line

In this piece, they have pointed out that not only do UKIP have more followers on Facebook than The Labour Party, 84% of those followers engage with the party on line against just 39% of the Labour followers.

Once again, we find a Labour politician lapsing in to casual smear mode when you really can’t answer why UKIP are becoming so popular, especially amongst aspirational working and lower middle class voters.

I am working class, whereas increasingly your MP’s are not (You yourself are a millionaire ex-lawyer) – The reality is that I would not vote for your party because I can find my own information on the internet and have first hand experience of how disconnected from the real world many of your elected representatives are.

You dismiss people in your Telegraph article who should be a part of your voter base by alluding to our stupidity, just as Gordon Brown referred to Labour voter Gillian Duffy as a ‘bigoted woman’ because she asked a question about immigration.

Meanwhile, in government, your party started the privatisation of the NHS (Including hiring ATOS Medical to assess the disabled), starved our armed forces of funding whilst committing them to overseas conflicts, created numerous quangoes to provide employment for your friends at taxpayers expense, incubated the conditions for the financial collapse by reckless de-regulation of the sector, stoked the housing crisis by presiding over a dearth of housebuilding whilst throwing open our borders to unprecedented levels of immigration and sold our sovereignty through the back door by signing us up to The Lisbon Treaty.

The job of an MP is to listen to their constituents and represent their hopes and fears in the chamber at Westminster – By your broad and unfounded generalisation in this article, you have shown yourself to be out of touch with the views of a large section of our community and our country. Myself and many others like me will be further encouraged to make sure that you answer for this at the ballot box.


EDP pictures 028


Next year, when we have a General Election and you decide who gets to sit at the building pictured above, ask yourself who would best represent you and your family – Then remember if the casual disregard and ignorance the Honourable Member for Streatham shows to large swathes of our community as highlighted in this post should be rewarded with another five years on the green benches.


One comment on “UKIP’s popularity explained by ‘The Establishment’

  1. I, a Ukip supporter, with computer skills, would retort to Chuka Ummuna, that many kcomputer-literate Ukip-voters prefer to deal with real people than automatons such as himself. That’s why I voted for Ukip and will do so in the general election.

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