Mass Immigration – It’s just not cricket!

The following post was contributed by long term UKIP member and friend , Ilyas Hussein (below)

Iliyas in Ickenham

I am a member of a county cricket club. It was easy enough to become a member – I filled out a form, agreed to the rules and regulations, signed and paid my fee.

Being a member is straight forward enough; I follow the rules on behaviour which includes respecting the rights of my fellow members, even if I don’t like them!

There are privileges for members over and above visitors, like priority access to tickets or private events.

If there is a problem for the club or myself, there is a grievance process. If the issue is serious it can be raised at a members meeting with a vote to deal with it. Ultimately, if my behaviour is unacceptable, I could be fined or even expelled from the cricket club.


No one complains about the privileges of the membership compared to those of the visitors.


Britain should be like a club. Everyone should be welcome to visit – Some of our facilities are free, others will require a fee. Visitors may apply for ‘membership’, for those additional benefits, which means agreeing to follow the rules.


EU laws prevent us from running a pragmatic and sensible immigration policy. We are obliged by EU laws to allow an unlimited number of people from the EU in to our country. There are no restrictions, we cannot apply any rules and we cannot exclude anyone for unacceptable behaviour.


As a result British ‘Members’ have no better rights than foreign ‘Visitors’. Visitors now fill schools, hospitals and job vacancies.


This creates, and feeds, the national and racial tensions in our society today, causing problems for everyone.


We in UKIP would like to regain control of our borders and access to ‘The Club’ – To do that, we must leave the EU


Ilyas Uxbridge Mar 2014

Above – Ilyas on the street stall in Uxbridge, March 2014


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