Diane Abbott – The best advert to never vote Labour again?

Diane AbbottYesterday was UN anti-racism day, marked in London by a rally at Westminster that was reportedly attended by over 7000 people.

Amongst the keynote speakers was Labour MP Diane Abbott (left), who used the opportunity to attack UKIP and accuse the party of ‘fostering racism’ (Link below)




Coming from an MP who represents a mainly working class and very ethnically diverse constituency, Ms Abbott either completely misunderstands UKIP’s stance on immigration (which is based on lack of resource and infrastructure) or is worried that those working class voters are hearing the message clearly and she is in danger of losing her up until now ‘safe’ Labour seat.

Indeed, in our branch in Hillingdon, we have members from all ethnic backgrounds and religions who share the party’s concerns about mass, uncontrolled immigration – We simply don’t have the housing, resources and infrastructure to cope with over 200,000 net newcomers to the UK every year and the numbers need to be controlled via an Australian style points system. That is not racism, Ms Abbott, it is pure common sense.


Your constituency of Hackney North & Stoke Newington is amongst the most deprived in London – Rather than accusing UKIP of driving racism, maybe you should speak with some of your own constituents and ask them if they worry how their children are going to get a school place when there are far more people coming to the area, a job when they are having to compete against workers from all over the EU who are being driven here by that organisation’s destruction of their economies, and a place to live when demand is outstripping supply?  (Not that you ever had to worry about a school place for your son, using your position of privilege to send him to private school outside of your constituency shortly after praising the schools there)


This is an issue that confronts all of London’s working class areas, the issues are of space and cut across racial divides – Indeed, you frequently talk of the struggles of black Londoners, many of whom will be disproportionately affected in the unskilled jobs market in your own area by the oversupply generated by the EU open borders policy followed by our government.

Funnily enough, there were demonstrations last year by the RMT Union about what they referred to as ‘social dumping’, the undercutting of their members in the workplace by exploited foreign workers. Labour as a party is supported by the Trade Union movement – So why were you so quiet when they put forward an argument almost identical to the one that UKIP are now bringing to the table? Why are we ‘driving racism’ but the late Bob Crow and his organisation were highlighting a workers rights issue?


Rank Hypocrisy


Racism is to be opposed where ever it raises it’s head – In 21st century England, we live in a multi-racial society and should be prepared to pitch in as one community to make our towns and cities better places to live.


Unfortunately, whilst Ms Abbott claims to be a committed anti-racist campaigner, she seems to have a few issues of her own to contend with. This is a link from Sky News where she was interviewed shortly after tweeting that ‘white people love to divide and rule’

This is not the first time that she has been in hot water over her comments about ‘white people’.

In 1996, she complained about one of her local hospitals employing ‘blonde, blue eyed Finnish girls’ as they ‘had never met a black person before’. Ms Abbott is obviously unaware that the Scandinavian countries have communities other than those blonde, blue eyed girls – Indeed, there has been a mixed race Miss Finland beauty queen before.


She has also been reported as saying that the British ‘invented racism’, and when interviewed during her failed campaign to become Labour leader stated that ‘West Indian mothers will go to the wall for their children’, which she was challenged about on the BBC by Andrew Neil (Below)

In January 2012 Abbott suggested that taxi drivers discriminate on racial grounds tweeting that she was “Dubious of black people claiming they’ve never experienced racism. Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?” – In light of the Andrew Neil interview and his questioning of her extensive use of black cabs, it is obvious that she doesn’t seem to have a problem!

Finally, here is a picture of Ms Abbott campaigning for Labour with a prospective councillor

Margaret Burke with Diane Abbott

The prospective councillor at the time, now elected, is Margaret Burke.

Ms Burke and her then husband ran a neo-Nazi organisation in their locality during the 1980’s, daubing swastikas on local buildings (Local paper report below)



Have you nothing to say about this Diane? I feel sure that both yourself and the Labour party would stop at nothing to make a big fuss if this had been a UKIP member (Although extremists are banned from our party – Former BNP members are proscribed, whereas in the Labour party they are promoted to cabinet positions eg Trevor Maxfield in Rossendale & Darwen)


The Labour stance – If you question mass immigration, you must be a ‘racist’


During their 13 years in government, Labour presided over the biggest wave of immigration ever to hit our shores.


The promotion of multi-culturalism and the sheer numbers have created separate communities within a community, which had largely not happened before.

This not only affects the existing population (Including previous immigrants and their second and third generation families), but has meant that those newcomers have been unable to integrate properly and have been put at a disadvantage. A disproportionate amount of the homeless on our London streets are now from Eastern Europe, lured here by stories of a better life and money, neither of which they have found.


By talking of UKIP’s stance as ‘racist’, Ms Abbott and her other Labour party cohorts are ignoring social issues that affect both our existing population and the newcomers themselves. Immigration in controlled numbers has been good for this country, whilst the mass uncontrolled immigration of the last 15 years has been a disaster. Many former immigrants and their families agree, of all faiths and colours, and are either joining or voting for UKIP.


Maybe she should have a chat with some of our ‘racist’ members, pictured below at last year’s party conference in London, before condemning us in front of a large crowd for political gain. A good, hard look at yourself in the mirror would also not go amiss Ms Abbott


UKIP Hillingdon members at conference












One comment on “Diane Abbott – The best advert to never vote Labour again?

  1. Excellent article.Abbott is a hypocrite and fans the flames of racism.She would never admit that few people in the UK think twice about a person’s skin colour Times have changed and I have heard more racist nonsense from Abbott than ever experienced amongst friends and colleagues.

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