Enoch, I am a British Indian

The much anticipated book from Sarinder Joshua Daroch is now available to order (See below)


I received the below message earlier, which I am happy to reproduce here.



The much awaited book, ‘Enoch I am a British Indian’ is now available to order from the publisher directly. 

The book will be appearing on Amazon in the next few weeks, however that sales channel will be primarily for the general public. I have sent a number of emails relating to the nature of this book so I am sure most of you will be familiar with it by now,  the cost of the book is £8.99.
PUBLISHER DETAILS: The Choir Press, 01452 500016. The very first copies will be ready by mid next week and will be sent out around Thursday or Friday. 
Please read the information outlined below to to ascertain what the book is about and the nature of its content.
Thank you
Sarinder Joshua Duroch

Gravesend Author Sarinder Joshua Duroch has written his new book, ‘Enoch I am a British Indian’ has just been released and is available to order from the publisher, The Choir Press is based in Gloucester, 01452 500016. The book will become available on Amazon in the next few weeks. In the meantime the publisher will fulfill orders. 


This book has captured international attention, and questions many issues surrounding our EU membership and makes comparisons with Commonwealth immigration and the present EU open door immigration that Britain currently has to endure.


The book examines the failure of multiculturalism and focuses on a unified, patriotic culture as a more positive method of social integration that encompasses a greater sense of belonging to the United Kingdom through an increase in patriotic attitudes, thus creating more cohesion and national pride among our communities.


The author, Sarinder Joshua Duroch focuses on Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers of Blood speech of the sixties and looks at the impact that it has relating to present day immigration, he analyses segments of the speech and relates it to his socialisation process here in Britain. As a British national from Glasgow, Duroch looks at the sectarian divide among indigenous communities and also relates issues like caste discrimination that was imported into the UK from the Indian subcontinent, he examines practices, which are not conducive to the British way of life and makes comparisons between social contrasts that pose a hindrance to social integration.


The book re-ignites the immigration debate in the UK and focuses upon the trends of immigration that have had such a huge impact on the UK. He reaches a common bond with Enoch Powell on certain issues, in particular on the issue of British sovereignty and the EU.


Duroch also looks at the dilution of ethnicity and nationality that has been created by multiculturalism, thus causing confusion to the sense of national belonging among third and fourth generation British nationals.


Personal identity, patriotism and nationalism are highlighted by Duroch, as a British Indian with his vision for Britain and Enoch Powell’s vision for Britain.

2 comments on “Enoch, I am a British Indian

  1. Viorel says:

    The British culture is a strong part of the European culture ! Many new-arrived Eastern Europeans are people with Indian ancestors (same with the author). They are Bulgarian and Romanian gypsies! The xenophobia of the author is terrible funny !


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