Heathrow expansion – A view from the Villages

A message from UKIP Heathrow Villages spokesman, Bryan Tomlinson………

Bryan Tomlinson at conference

Bryan Tomlinson   UKIP Representative for   Heathrow Villages



Dear Heathrow Villagers,

I hope you all had a happy and restful holiday and are all prepared for an exciting 2014.

To start with, I’ve got my fingers crossed that a couple of thousand of you are sick of being used and abused by the old fashioned and failing Westminster political parties and put your trust in your local UKIP neighbours.

Heathrow Villages get a rough deal from everyone and UKIP want to help put things right. The Conservatives and Labour don’t even put up council candidates that live among us so what do they know?


The No 3rd Runway campaign is a people first and politics second issue and even though Tory and Labour HQ are not to be trusted, we at UKIP Hillingdon stand side by side with John McDonnell MP in opposing Heathrow expansion.


We accept his invitation to a Public Meeting Regarding the Airport Commission Interim Report on Thursday 16th January at 7pm to take place at

William Byrd Primary School

Victoria Lane



This campaign is as important as it gets, as Heathrow Villages will be uninhabitable if we have another runway and take off/landing flight path built just south of the M4.

Our friends in Harmondsworth will lose their homes and community but the rest of us won’t be too far behind.


We must stick together so please support the No 3rd Runway Campaign by turning up on Thursday 16th.


UKIP Hillingdon have cancelled plans for a meeting prior to John McDonnell’s to show our support for his sterling efforts and we will be organising a follow up meeting in the near future.


Power to the People and see you soon,

Bryan, UKIP Heathrow Villages.


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