Cameron panicked in to fresh baloney on immigration

From the website of Gerard Batten MEP

GB 2 7th July 2010
In a blind panic David Cameron is rushing through legislation before 1st January to limit benefits payments to immigrants.

He is only doing this because he is powerless to stop the next influx of migrants fom Romania and Bulgaria when the final restrictions end. He is desperate to be seen to be doing something in the face of the UKIP electoral threat.

But what do his new laws amount to? The Immigration Bill going through Parliament has been pulled from the legislative programme with no date set in 2014 for its return. The reason given is that there is too much legislation before Parliament to get it through before Christmas. The real reason is because of the growing amount of support from MPs for an amendment tabled by Tory back-bencher Michael Mills. Mr Mills amendment proposes extending the restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians beyond 1st January .

This amendment was gathering support from MPs of all parties, who caught like rabbits in the headlights, fear for their seats because of growing public anger at uncontrolled immigration. Mr Cameron could not risk this amendment becoming law because it would put him in breach of EU law, and they are the master now. Therefore it had to be stopped.

Mr Camerons emergency legislation will say that benefits to migrants will be limited for the first three months. That is not very long, but in any case migrants can still claim benefits for those three months at the rate they would be paid in their one country using the form U2 available from the EU website

Theoretically the UK can then reclaim the money paid from the migrants home country. This poses three questions: Why hasn’t the UK Government used this procedure before? If it has, to what extent? And if so, how much money has been repaid?

The whole thing is of course more baloney. Mr Cameron does not know how to handle the UKIP threat and immigration because he has fully surrendered to the EU. They control immigration policy not him. He is desperately trying to find a public relations stunt to divert attention – but no one believes it any more.


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