Government should cut money for EU not shut tube ticket offices.

Tube train imageFollowing the announcement of 24 hour running at weekends on parts of the London Underground network, Transport for London have now stated that they will be closing ticket offices across the network with a loss of nearly a thousand jobs.


Below is the response from our London UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten, to the news –


It is outrageous that Transport for London plans to close every ticket office on the London tube system.

People often need to speak to another human being in order to buy the right ticket

If you buy the wrong one by mistake from a machine they you are treated like a criminal at the other end of your journey and fined for making an honest mistake.

We are constantly looking for ways to cut cost and maximise profit at the expense of ordinary people and yet Government wastes vast amounts of money.

This week in the European Parliament it voted to approve a budget of almost one trillion euros for the next budget period (2014 to 2010). Britain’s contribution to that budget is going up because of Tony Blair’s disastrous decision to surrender some of our rebate in 2006.  Apparently we cannot afford staff and ticket offices but we can give benefits and council houses to people from foreign countries who have never paid a penny in taxes.

If we can waste billions every year on the EU why can we not help subsidise public transport if need be?

We need to get our spending priorities right first before cutting back on essentials.



CD in Yiewsley with GB

For more information on Gerard Batten MEP, please visit his website at




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