Welcome to the energy policies of the madhouse

The following is a guest post from UKIP Harrow chairman and candidate in the upcoming Harrow-on-the-Hill council by-election, Jeremy Zeid. (In picture, right)


Harrow by election with Jeremy ZI’m amazed that Glen Hearnden the Labour candidate for Harrow on the Hill is ”shocked” at the latest hikes in energy prices.

We have volatile wholesale prices which no amount of political posturing can affect, and 12% of our Bills are made up of Red Ed Miliband’s “Green” taxes and Gordon Brown’s “Climate Change Levy”.

We have the “Green” subsidies for “renewables”, paid to windfarm owners when there is no wind, too much wind and insufficient demand, paying them NOT to generate power and when they are generating, paying more than the market unit cost. We are paying over the odds for “feed in” tariffs for solar panels, acres of them in fields and on roofs, that don’t work at night.

The EU “Carbon Floor” pricing and “Large Combustion Plant Directive” have resulted in viable Power Stations closing, leaving us vulnerable to brownouts, blackouts and Grid instability. “Carbon Trading Permits” and “Carbon Credits” put up bills with Al Gore and the climate charlatans getting extremely rich, while the “Greens” and z-list know-nothing “celebs” tell lies.

The EU is currently attempting to stop the UK exploiting our own resources, fracking, citing “Global Warming”, a safe process that would guarantee Britain energy security, while Germany and France ignore them.

The Climate Madness is such, that Drax Power Station in Yorkshire, the biggest and most efficient coal fired station in Europe, is being converted at a cost of £700million (added to our bills) to burn WOOD, harvested from 4600acres of “sustainable” American forest. Cut down, processed into useable form, shipped over the Atlantic and into special humidity controlled storage to prevent spontaneous combustion, before being burned. We are told that this is “carbon neutral”. CODSWALLOP.

Which brings me on to “windfall taxes” invented by financial genius Gordon Brown, the Saviour of the World, and that Tory dipstick John Major wants to resurrect: These state rip-offs resulted in money being diverted from new power plant, gas storage and energy exploration and passed on to the consumer, lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

The lack of investment in adequate gas storage renders us vulnerable to price fluctuations and being held to ransom by suppliers with only about 2 weeks supply available. Home produced gas is exported for lack of storage, while gas tankers sit off the coast waiting for world prices to rise, before docking. France and Germany have MONTHS of gas in storage, and no “windfall taxes”.

We need new Nuclear Plants, but Gordon Brown flogged Westinghouse our last Nuke Builder, to the Japanese and “invested” the proceeds on electoral bribes. We are now in thrall to the grossly inefficient French state owned EDF who for a piffling £16 BILLION will build two new European PWR reactors at Hinckley Point, a design mired in problems and cost overruns, without a single properly working example.

Here is a question. How come Bangladesh are about to get two new safe Nukes built for £2 Billion partly funded by a loan or £500M from the Russians?

Meanwhile Ed Davey the LibLoon in charge of the Department for Energy and Climate Change, baldly states that “the cost of the new Nukes will “not be borne by the taxpayer” and yet this wally who thinks that we are all idiots, has just signed an agreement that EDF will be able charge at twice the normal rate per unit. So who will be paying that bill, the Martians??

How do I know so much about this? I used to work for the then Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) computing and stats dept. at Bankside. For truthful information on Britains energy needs and the Great Global Warming Scam, look no further than UKIP’s Roger Helmer MEP. As for Glen Hearnden, if he is prepared to patronise you with simplistic regurgitated soundbytes and selective data to divert attention from his party’s utter failure in Harrow, he should be dismissed accordingly as should his whole incompetent party.

Jeremy Zeid, Chairman UKIP Harrow

UKIP Candidate for Harrow on the Hill



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