A sensible approach to immigration

I frequently get asked about UKIP’s policy on immigration by people who are confused by the media coverage of this issue.


Below is a recent post from the official UKIP website which I hope clarifies the position and once again shows that there is only one of the larger political parties talking sense

Uxbridge street stall Oct 2013 with MS MG and Ilyas


The ridiculous situation Britain is now in with regards to immigration has gone far enough. More than 600,000 unemployed EU migrants are living in the UK. They require the government to step in and plug the gap in order for them to live.

This is a scandalous abuse of taxpayers money. Whilst we in Britain have always and will always welcome those who wish to come and work in our country, we cannot afford to subsidise the lives of those who choose to come and live here. The revelation of this new figure shows that whilst many migrants come to work hard, many aren’t working at all.

UKIP policy presents the perfect remedy to this problem. First of all, migrants coming to Britain would have to have private medical insurance for five years. The National Health Service is not an International Health Service and should be there for those who have paid in.

When it comes to social housing, UKIP believes that those citizens who have parents and grandparents who were born in the local area should have priority. If you and your family have paid into the pot, you should have priority when it comes to services provided by Councils and government.

We would also of course have the type of proper border controls you can only have once Britain leaves the EU. All who wanted to come to the UK would be treated as equals and accepted or refused entry according to their skills and who they are, rather than where they come from.

This sensible, controlled immigration policy is the approach that Britain clearly now needs. Only UKIP can deliver it.


For more details on UKIP’s full set of policies, please visit www.ukip.org


2 comments on “A sensible approach to immigration

  1. to stop immigration is easy get out of EU , asylum seekers they should stay in safer countries like in syria they have jodan turkey, not one from afghanistan come to uk t

  2. Paul says:

    All who wanted to come to the UK would be treated as equals and accepted or refused entry according to their skills and who they are, rather than where they come from.

    Would you be rescinding the privileged status that Irish nationals have in the UK? Would you be putting a massive border fence around the UK border with the Republic of Ireland? Would Irish nationals wanting to live in Northern Ireland (or a Maltese person wanting to live in the UK) have to undergo the same stringent checks that someone from Nigeria would have to?

    If not, favouritism. (I’m not opposed to it, just showing that it’s not literally true that people would be treated as equals.)

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