UKIP response to the ‘deal’ proposed by Michael Fabricant MP

Re-posted from an email sent by Jonathan Arnott, UKIP General Secretary, earlier tonight –

You will, of course, have seen the news that Michael Fabricant suggested a ‘deal’ between the Conservatives and UKIP.  The Party has been quick to distance itself from any such suggestion, and Gawain Towler in the UKIP Press Office has briefly outlined the Party’s thinking:

1) No deal is on the table

2) The deal offered by Fabricant seems to be for Nigel Farage to get a Cabinet post, and UKIP can go hang.  Nigel Farage will not be bought.

3) UKIP is a broad church and up to 30% of our members come from Labour background.

4) UKIP have no problems with ordinary members and activists – Tories, or members of other parties ¬ who share our desire for the repatriation of democracy from Brussels to the UK.

5) David Cameron has shown himself to be entirely untrustworthy, particularly over his behaviour on Saturday when he provided a retraction followed by a retraction of a retraction, and finally another retraction of his claims that UKIP are ‘racists mostly’. At the present he claims some of us are racists.  He has been slippery on the EU issue on many occasions in the past (that cast iron guarantee).  We cannot trust him, and we would be letting down our members and supporters if we did so. This we will not do.

6) UKIP will be fighting all Westminster seats at the next General Election.

7) Those who, in the past, we have stood down against must make a decision. Do they support their leader’s position, on Europe, on UKIP and on a whole range of other issues?  Or do they support this country?  If so they have to consider their position.

The English Patriot Comment – UKIP are here to serve the interests and well being of the people of England and the UK. Our country and our people ALWAYS come first. We will not sacrifice these principles to pander to the needs of the political elite and their desire to maintain their elitist and cosseted lifestyles. NO deals – NO compromise!


6 comments on “UKIP response to the ‘deal’ proposed by Michael Fabricant MP

  1. Old Albion says:

    As much as i want to support UKIP, and were there an election tomorrow, i would vote for them.
    I’m still waiting to hear what they intend to do about devolution and the democratic defecit affecting England.

  2. Groucho says:

    As much as I sympathise with Old Albion regarding English issues, they are secondary to the increased activity from the EU and the submerging of nation states, left unchecked the EU will ensure there is no England to be concerned about, only one party is currently big enough to make the clowns in charge sit up and worry a little, well most of them, their leadership are tucking into dessert on expenses, a treble deficit of Eton mess

  3. Independent England says:

    I agree with you Old Albion. I voted UKIP at the last General Elction because I thought they were in favour of an English Parliament. If Groucho is speaking for UKIP then it seems that UKIP will be no better than the Tories ie. we haven’t got time to resolve the English Question because we have more important things to do. Followed by a well aimed kick into the long grass! My vote lost!

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      UKIP have an English Parliament policy already in place as part of the manifesto, which can be viewed at . It currently states that only English MP’s should vote on English matters, ie devolved policy such as health and education, in the same way as the Scots, Welsh and NI assemblies vote on those issues without English involvement. However, this policy is under review as many of us do not believe it goes far enough in addressing the democratic deficit.

      Paul Nuttall’s ‘Union for the future’ paper has been viewed and debated and is being fine tuned at present before being re-presented to the members.Both Paul and Nigel Farage were on national TV earlier this year discussing it, Paul on Channel 4 and Nigel on the BBC. However, even if this policy is implemented it would be a phyrric victory for England if we are still in the EU – After all, it is the EU that currently dictates new law in England and not the British Parliament at Westminster on most issues.

      Withdrawal from the EU must be our no 1 priority, but I agree that the ‘West Lothian question’ needs to be addressed properly. The UKIP 1997 group campaigns within the party for a proper solution to this issue and I would urge any concerned English patriots who want to see equality for England to join the party and get involved. The current policy partially addresses the issue and goes further than any of the old 3 establishment parties are prepared to do, whilst those smaller parties campaigning on English parliament issues do not have the organisation or members to truly make it a reality. Only UKIP can deliver on this and it needs members who will put the issue in to the mainstream.

  4. Edward Blois says:

    Michael Fabricant is no friend of British patriots. He wants us in NAFTA. That would be worse than the EU.

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