Overcrowded Britain

Yesterday (Saturday 15th September) saw another of our scheduled UKIP street stalls in Uxbridge.

Hillingdon Secretary Martin Shelvey sets up the stall outside The Pavilions Shopping Centre

Amongst the items we distributed was a DVD of a two year old film, ‘Over-Crowded Britain’, which lays bare the truth about mass immigration in to the UK.

Despite it’s age, this DVD is probably even more relevant today than it was when it was produced. We have just seen a petition on the subject reach 100,000 signatures, automatically triggering a debate in The House of Commons – This debate, however, was attended by a pitiful 30 MP’s, showing how high a priority they give to a subject that regularly features in the top three concerns of voters during our canvassing sessions.


Mass immigration at a local level

We have also seen an upturn in the local housing waiting list from 3000 to 9000 in just a year, as quoted by Councillor Janet Duncan during a debate on the ‘Core Strategy’ policy that Hillingdon will adopt as their blueprint on meeting need over the next 10 years. I was involved in that debate, and commented that there is no way the council can plan a strategy when they don’t know how many will be arriving via the ‘open door’ immigration system that we currently employ – My concerns were ignored by the civil servant who was giving the Council case, who kept chanting the mantra that he was going by figures provided by the GLA (Greater London Authority) and therefore his section of the work was ‘sound’.

This level of immigration is putting huge strain on housing,which in turn impacts on schools, transport and the NHS.

Our council have earmarked green belt land at Lake Farm to build a new school, whilst the planned closure of A&E at Ealing Hospital will pile more stress on the already overworked Hillingdon Hospital which will have to deal with more people locally and more coming from surrounding areas at the same time. Access to both sites via road at peak times is already difficult – This extra traffic,in my opinion, could put lives at risk and will also make for an even harder school run in the bottlenecks around Merryman’s corner.

Above – Migrants outside The Harlington Hospice shop in July this year 

Meanwhile, existing local residents are struggling to get their children in to the schools of their choice and are way down the pecking order when it comes to allocation of affordable housing. The massive High Point development in Hayes Town has already seen it’s ‘affordable housing’ element filled by Thames Valley Housing Association, whilst The Gazette reported back in March that almost half of the development buyers were from overseas.

The Old EMI site in Hayes is earmarked for 510 flats in five new blocks rising to 10 stories, whilst yet another block has been approved this week for a further 120 flats in Blyth Road spanning 11 stories. There are also developments at the old NATS site in West Drayton and at RAF Uxbridge. It will be interesting to see if the buyer and affordable housing spreads are in line with what we have seen at High Point – It will also be worrying to see how the council will put in place the extra facilities needed to cope with this huge surge in demand, especially in view of the changes to funding coming in to effect next year from Central Government.


The message of Over-Crowded Britain is clear – If we continue down this road then we are looking at a population of over 70 million in the near future, a figure that we cannot afford to support from both an environmental and financial point of view.

The first stage to taking back control of our borders is withdrawal from the EU – Lobby your MP, write to the press, participate in talk radio shows and let them know in Westminster that mass immigration is an issue that won’t just go away!


8 comments on “Overcrowded Britain

  1. Tom Hall says:

    Overcrowded Britain? No, that should be ‘Overcrowded England’. Compare England’s density of population with those in the other countries in this kingdom.

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      Tom, I totally agree. Whilst the UK as a whole is suffering, England is taking a disproportionate amount of the influx,especially in London and the South East.The government plan is to concrete over most of the south of England with new towns springing up in the south west to take the overflow. We can’t go on like this, but both the coalition government and the Labour ‘opposition’ are burying their heads in the sand.

  2. Eleanor curtis. says:

    I was born n bred in acton/ealing so was my 3 kids. I’ve been on the Locata since it started and still got no were, yet you can put migrants in new homes or ones that are empty. Ealing Council don’t listern to us that have lived in this Borough all our lives. Myself and my 3kids and there kids have now had to go private and in another Council. So SHAME on all Councils that think more of those that have come from other Countrys.

  3. Paul O'Brien says:

    Cliff, the film is a real eye opener, it makes me so angry to know there is a simple solution to solving the problem ( LEAVE THE EU ) regain OUR control of OUR own country ..

    • E Blois says:

      Leaving the UK will do nothing to stop immigration. Both govts allowed immigrants to pour in that had nothing to do with the EU. In fact they lobbied the EU to let East European states join, and as I write they’re lobbying for Turkey ot be allowed to join.

      • Cliff Dixon says:

        Leaving the EU will allow our own elected government to control our borders and regulate the numbers coming here, which no party can do whilst we are part of the Brussels club.

        This needs to be allied to the political will of the government of the time to get a grip on the numbers, which you rightly point out that both Labour and Tory have shown little inclination to do.

        A combination of EU withdrawal and a UKIP government would finally get a grip on the situation.

  4. E Blois says:

    If the UK is overcrowded, why does Farage want to bring in Syrian refgees?

    I think UKIP has ruined its chances. With enough rope, Farage was always likely to hang himself.

    • Cliff Dixon says:

      Farage was talking of 500 Christian families being given temporary refuge, which they can’t find in the nearest countries to them due to the instability of the region and the ongoing persecution of Christians in the middle east. This is hugely different to the mass immigration we are seeing of economic migrants from poorer EU member states.

      The problem is not immigration, the problem is control of the numbers and criteria for admittance. A small amount of controlled migration is not a problem, 500,000 a year is

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