The bitter taste of lost opportunity (Or how every family has mad Uncles)

Recently, both myself and UKIP have been subject to on line attacks from my former party, The English Democrats.

The leadership of the ED seem to fail to grasp the fact that the biggest obstacle to England achieving the equality that they claim to want for our country is the existing triumvirate of the Lib-Lab-Con, who they rarely vent their spleen upon. Instead, they constantly attack parties outside the tired old establishment, in my opinion to prop up the egos of their main creditors and to try and establish themselves as the vanguard of the opposition more for personal hubris than our country’s best interests.

When he is not being beaten in to second place in a parish council election in a two horse race by an independent, here is the ED Leeds Chairman Chris Beverley (Paid assistant to BNP MEP Andrew Brons) having a dig at those who have a better chance of making a difference than himself (With commentary from yours truly in bold italics)

Party news update and some personal thoughts

Pic of me taken at last year’s Annual Conference
There’s a lot of very positive stuff going on in the party at the moment. (Uncles is hoping to get another one of his PFI contracts that party policy is against but he ‘specialises’ in, hopefully he will make enough to buy me my Star Trek Romulan uniform this time to match my striking haircut)
Annual Conference
I’m reliably informed that tickets for our annual conference are selling very well (We may sell half of the 50 seat capacity at the pub in St Albans that Charles Vickers has got on the cheap)
 This year’s conference will certainly be significantly better attended than last year’s,(I hope so, we would have struggled to fill a phonebox in Dartford outside Gregg’s) which was itself a great event at which I was given the honour of delivering this speech.   (The guest speakers all pulled out when they googled Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook and found their links to the far right)
It’s hard to believe that it is nearly a year since I gave that speech. How time flies. (I have been totally stuffed in two elections since then)
At that point there was still an intensive (at least by the standards of those involved) internet campaign aimed at destabilising the party as it welcomed new converts like me.(This was a poor effort compared to the internet campaign waged by Steve Uncles over a 5 year period that made the ED completely unelectable – Come in Tory black ops, your job is done) 
I allude to this in my speech. How nice it is that the internet poison mongers were treated with the contempt that they deserve and their campaign was a complete flop.(The ED vote in London halved during the GLA elections and they have failed to have anyone elected since said speech)
Those responsible seem to have disappeared (Sorry,Uncles is still about)(or slithered back to UKIP in one notable case)(Some of us can join a party that’s going places because we have never been members of a proscribed organisation such as the BNP – Talking of which, how is your paymaster Andrew Brons these days?) 
I have never met any of these people as far as I know (Some of us don’t hobnob with Hungarian brownshirts such as Jobbik or star with former BNP rising star and now English Democrats webmaster Mark Collett in Channel 4 documentaries called ‘young,nazi and proud’. Do you still have your sword?) and I know very little about them but Steve Uncles has done a good job of exposing some of personalities involved in articles on the English Passport Blog e.g. here. (Some people really need to do a course in photo shop – Either that, or learn some real writing skills with a pen and not a crayon)
before clicking on the link please be warned that Steve Uncles does not pull his punches when dealing with the enemies of English nationalism! (Apart from when he is asking them to give him £200k to advance their cause on the doorsteps of England) What a pleasure it is to be in a party made up of thoroughly decent Englishmen and women who don’t allow themselves to be manipulated by the kind of individuals in question though. (They are instead being manipulated by an ambulance chasing lawyer with an affable posh manner and no scruples when it comes to trying to advance himself as the new Churchill, when in fact he is the new Chamberlain)It just goes to show how frenetic internet busybodying can give a very false impression of the true situation on the ground. (Uncles has used the internet for years to project the image of a serious political party – Oops!)we should all be very wary of paying too much attention to internet gossip.(Especially that started by the aforementioned Steve Uncles) My rule is that if a person has contributed nothing to the Cause in real life then what they have to say on the internet is pretty worthless.(Step forward most of the national council of The English Democrats  – Woe betide that they may have to deliver a leaflet or canvass for votes!)- And if they hide behind a pseudonym and don’t even reveal their true identity then it goes without saying that no attention should be paid to their pontifications whatsoever.(Please pay no heed to Athelstan,Cassie, Medrussia,Janssen and various other ED supporters from the British Democracy Forum who slander others but go mad if they think their identities are being revealed)

Don’t feed the trolls! (Steve Uncles is fat enough already)

See here to book your tickets if you haven’t already. Let’s make this the best annual conference yet! (That means that maybe half will still be awake after Tilbrook’s Chairmans speech – With the rapidly diminishing numbers year on year, this may just be the one achievement that the ED manage this century!)

Link to Chris Beverley blog the original article

Chris Beverley on the BBC  Beverley – On Hitler and the Holocaust

A party that lost it’s soul

The English Democrats were the first political party I ever joined – I was impressed by the idea that the manifesto promoted English patriotism without any discrimination against my fellow countrymen of different skin colour or religion. That tied in with my idea of ‘civic’ nationalism – The small c in civic representing country,community and culture, rather than the race and religion based doctrines of the likes of the BNP and the National Front.

Eddy Butler (Above) – Former BNP elections specialist who was behind their ‘rights for whites’ campaign and stood for election in Essex recently on an English Democrats ticket

The manifesto also promoted the idea of an English parliament within a federal UK, bringing equality for the English whilst keeping together the most successful partnership of countries that the world has ever seen – Whilst this is still official ED policy (English independence as a policy has been voted down at conference before), the rogue element that is Steven Uncles is constantly blogging on independence from the Union to the extent that those few who have heard of them believe that this is one of their ideals.

Unfortunately, words on a page are only as good as the people who enact them and whilst many of my colleagues shared my views there were those in positions of seniority who were prepared to prostitute these ideals for the idea of a quick boost at the ballot box.  My opposition to the approach to Richard Barnbrook of the BNP to join in London is well documented on the internet, with Steve Uncles first trying to bully me and then trying to bribe me in to accepting him in to a position of influence for the GLA elections earlier this year. I wrote about my reasons for leaving on this site in a blog post on 24th September 2011 entitled ‘ As one chapter ends, another begins’

Above,left of the picture – Simon Deacon has stood in council elections for The English Democrats, and is a former National Front parish councillor who has spoken at national conference.

I have since only mentioned them once on here, the new year’s honours list posting that was done as a bit of fun at the turn of the year – There are many pressing issues in our society that need to be addressed and confronted, and getting involved in undignified slanging matches with high ranking members of a party that is going nowhere is not a good use of an activists time. Unfortunately, as seen by the ranting of Mr Beverley in his post that I have lampooned at the top of this article, that is all that the English Democrats movers and shakers are now good for.

Above – Robin Tilbrook sends a letter to the owner of an internet forum demanding details of a poster, asking said owner to breach The Data Protection Act. A strange position for somebody whose party calls for ‘free speech’

What was once a principled party and a possible vehicle for decent patriots has become the plaything of it’s main creditors, lurching from one pathetic election result to another and polluting the political scene with it’s schoolboy antics.

To those decent patriots remaining within the English Democrats – You have fought hard, but you can’t do any good for your country and community whilst the party is shackled by Robin Tilbrook, Steven Uncles and their new ex-BNP friends

Come and join some of your former colleagues in UKIP to make a REAL difference and get our country back!


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