UKIP Campaigning in Hillingdon – Part One

Regular visitors to English Patriot will have noticed that new posts have been somewhat lacking recently.

This has been due to the ramping up of UKIP campaigning in Hillingdon over the last 5 or 6 weeks in preparation for the London Assembly and mayoral elections this coming Thursday, May 3rd.

Current polling is looking very good, with Survation showing us ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Greens across most of London and likely to get 2 seats on the Assembly via the ‘top up’ list part of the vote (This is the third voting slip you will see on Thursday, where you vote for the party you wish to represent you in London).

Our Mayoral Candidate, Lawrence Webb (Below left), is also showing strongly and is worthy of a look when placing your cross in the ballot booth.

You actually have 2 votes on who becomes mayor – If less than 50% of the vote goes to one candidate on your ‘first choice’ on the ballot paper, then the second choice votes come in to play for the 2 candidates who got the largest share of the first preference votes. Because of this,you can use your first choice vote for the person you really want to represent you, whilst using the second choice as a ‘fall back’ position if you are concerned about a particular candidate getting elected who you know would be a disaster (eg – If you really don’t want Ken, then you can give your first choice to the UKIP candidate but your second choice to the person you think stands the best chance of keeping him out if Lawrence does not get in the top two).


UKIP are campaigning with the tagline ‘A Fresh Choice for London’ – Particularly apt when you consider that Labour, Lib-Dem’s, Conservatives and Greens have all put up the same faces for the Mayoralty as they did last time in 2008 (Although the Green’s would probably claim that this is just recycling in action!) Below is a quick overview of what we have been doing in Hillingdon with images from the various parts of the borough where we have been out and about.


Uxbridge – March 17th

Our first street stall of the campaign saw activists from across West London joining in to distribute nearly a thousand leaflets to shoppers outside the Pavilions Centre. Signatures were obtained for the ‘Save Lake Farm’ petition, and several people asked for further information on membership.


Ruislip Manor – March 24th

Hillingdon Branch were joined by members of ‘Young Independence’ and neighbouring Ealing as the stall pitched up outside the Underground station



Again, a large amount of leaflets were distributed with the main topics of conversation this time being the HS2 rail link. UKIP is opposed to the scheme at both a national and local level, whereas the old establishment parties are complaining locally but pushing ahead at a national level. Indeed, current Mayor Boris Johnson has ‘No to HS2’ on his election leaflets,but will not back Hillingdon Council’s legal challenge to the government over the controversial rail link.


Yiewsley & West Drayton – March 31st


We were joined by ‘Wilma the UKIP dog’ for our foray in to the Southern half of the Borough. Again, we found considerable support for our stand against destruction of the Green Belt and putting the residents of Hillingdon first in allocation of jobs and housing. Former councillor Geoff Courtenay provided some additional side boards to highlight these local issues as part of the London wide campaign.

More than 700 leaflets were given out in a 4 hour session and extensive canvassing of local small businesses accompanied the stall.


Hayes Town – 7th April


A great turnout from the branch saw us hit the streets in Hayes Town. Leafletters and canvassers were positioned both sides of the street with two on the stall, whilst others canvassed the small businesses up and down the High Street.

The Conservatives turned up shortly after us with their GLA candidate and current Deputy Mayor Richard Barnes for a few hours of canvassing, their team is shown in the picture above and includes Conservative Future rising star Peter Smallwood. Some friendly banter was indulged in and Peter tried to explain why Boris is a good bet as a second preference mayoral vote to some of those who visited our stall,including local cabbie Brian who indulged in a spirited debate with the young man!

More signatures were garnered for the ‘Save Lake Farm’ petition and nearly a thousand leaflets handed out, including some of the new  Helen Knight candidate leaflets and A5 flyers advertising Nigel Farage’s upcoming visit to Ickenham to talk about the HS2 rail link


To Be Continued………








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