GLA Candidate Helen Knight in her own words

On May 3rd, Helen Knight (Left) will be standing for the Ealing & Hillingdon constituency in the GLA (Greater London Assembly) elections. Here is her mission statement…..


I am an ordinary working Londoner who joined UKIP after being disillusioned by the main parties.  I live in Ruislip and decided to run as the GLA candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon because UKIP offer a Fresh Choice for London .  If elected to the London Assembly I intend to put pressure on the Mayor to oppose HS2.  The Mayor has an influence on all major planning matters affecting London .  I believe that local residents as well as Londoners as a whole deserve to have a voice of opposition to HS2 on the Assembly.  Currently the 3 main parties support HS2 in one form or another, whereas UKIP doesn’t.

I worry about the effects that uncontrolled EU immigration has on our youngsters trying to find jobs, as well as the pressure immigration places on schools, transport and hospitals.  I would make sure the issue of mass immigration is not avoided. 
I am about to become a mum and I want my baby to grow up in a safe and secure city, the London Assembly needs people like me who aren’t afraid to demand zero tolerances on crime.  I am standing as a candidate as I want the best for my family as does everyone else in London, whatever their background.

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