The UKIP Manifesto for the 2012 London Assembly Elections

With just under 3 weeks to go to polling day, a reminder below of the Manifesto that UKIP are putting forward for the Capital – A Fresh Choice, with Fresh ideas, for London!


Our manifesto for a better London


Up to half a million jobs are under threat following the capitulation of the Conservative/Lib-Dem’s to the EU, which is trying to close down The City.

London is the financial capital of the world: Don’t let it be sold out to pay for Eurozone bail-outs.

London’s financial services industries pay our pensions, build our hospitals, heat our schools and provide jobs for three nillion Londoners. We must defend them!




Salary freeze for all departmental heads in City Hall




*Create more jobs for Londoners by saying ‘No’ to open-door immigration

*Cut rates for local businesses employing local people.

*Fight EU red tape strangling London businesses


Law & Order


*Zero tolerance on gangs,knife crime and anti-social behaviour.Offend on Saturday, face court on Monday.

*Change operating procedures in the Met to support an easy system for people to effect Citizen’s Arrests for vagrancy, drunkenness, vandalism, weapons, low level disorder, thieving, shoplifting etc to help improve Met clear up rates.




* Scrap the congestion charge cameras

*Fight HS2

*20 minutes free parking across London

*Free Saturday night and all-day Sunday parking

*70 minute multiple bus journey tickets

*Beat the cheats, use redundant Congestion Charge cameras to spot uninsured and untaxed cars on London streets

*Make all new Taxis VAT exempt.Crack down on illegal mini cabs across the Capital.

*Allow taxis to use Olympic VIP lanes

*Redevelop Manston Airport in Kent as international hub serving London via upgraded existing rail to Victoria.




*Cut council waiting lists in half by filling empty properties from a central register and prioritising the needs of long-term Londoners.

*Cut VAT on the refurbishment of existing buildings

Environment, Planning & Development


*No more fines for bin ‘offences’

*Cashback incentives for good recycling

*Local referenda on key developments


Arts & Culture


*Stop spending public money on public sculpture when pensioners can’t afford heating

*Impose a levy of 25p on all overseas visitors to raise money for the restoration of Big Ben





* Priority for Londoners-Whatever their ethnic origin-For jobs and housing, over migrants and asylum seekers.

*Until the government gets a grip on our borders, put a cap on the numbers of immigrants allowed to settle in London




*Give landlords the power to decide if they want smoking rooms in pubs and clubs

 *5% VAT on beer and cider


Only UKIP will defend and prioritise Londoners’ jobs. Vote for ‘The Fresh Choice for London’ on May 3rd.










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